Who manufactures Procraft boats?? Who manufactures Procraft boats??
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    Who manufactures Procraft boats??
from Loomisman (  
1/15/2000 2:57:00 AM


 Thanks in advance for your help...

Loomisman τΏτ

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   Not meant to be... from John in Tennessee  1/15/2000 3:33:00 AM
 a smarta** answer but by Procraft...They are in Murfresboro Tn just down the road from me.
   Thanks John. I couldn't find them in NADA...NMSG from Loomisman (  1/15/2000 3:43:00 AM
   I found it.. home office is in Springfield Mo...NMSG from Loomisman (  1/15/2000 3:57:00 AM
   Procraft from tpick (  1/15/2000 4:01:00 AM
 Brunswick makes Procraft and Astro boats.
   Procraft from keith (  1/15/2000 6:54:00 AM
 Not anymore guys. Procraft and Astro was bought by Tracker marine last year. I heard that when this happened all of the employees that built Procraft and Astro found work elsewhere. I know for a fact that the regional sales director for Astro and Procraft left when this happened. He is now working for Stratos. Be careful. Procraft and Astro use to build a very good quality boat, but they may not be built to the same standards anymore. After all, Tracker owns them now. Astro no longer has a bassboat line either.
   Keith is correct from Randy (  1/15/2000 7:27:00 AM
 Procraft and Astro were purchased by Tracker. They are found on this website. www.themarinegroup.com Astro is no longer a bassboat line. Fish-n-ski models only. Procraft is the bassboat line.
   Yea, Right Keith from Jim (  1/15/2000 7:37:00 AM
 I lived in Murfreesboro for 4 years not too long ago and was just there over Christmas and believe me the majority of employees are where they have always been. I guess Tracker Marine made the quality so poor that they decided to offer a lifetime warranty on the SuperPro model and a a 10 year warranty on all the other models (pro series). When that company was owned by Brunswick the best warranty you could get was 5 years. Comments like Keith's are how stupid rumors get created on this board. Regards, Jim
   I guess thats why Shaw Grigsby went from Team Astro to Team Procraft from Ken Dog (  1/15/2000 11:08:00 AM
 no msg
   procraft crap from some body (  1/15/2000 1:50:00 PM
 Procraft and Astro suck so it dont mater

buy a SKEETER and then you will have a real bass boat

   Procraft from Dave (  1/15/2000 2:07:00 PM
 Believe me guys anytime you guys wanna come to east tn. and take a ride in one of the smoothest riding boats ever built come on over and i'll give you a ride in a 2000 20'10" super pro with merc's 250xb on the rear and then make your opinions. and to be honest speed ain't to shabby either 84 gps with 50 gal of fuel!!! while we're being honest here the only reason all the boat manufacturers are going with lifetime warranties is because one started it and now they all have to follow suit or be left behind. for that as bad as i hate to admit it we can thank mr. earl bentz. we may or may not like tritons but we're all going to benefit for his company getting this warranty started.
   Hey sombody (skeeterbug) from John (  1/15/2000 5:02:00 PM
 Why don't you put your name on your reply instead of "somebody"? Everyone can see that your isp is the same as your post on Skeeter/300. If you don't like Procraft boats thats alright, but don't be act like that.
   I Must Say I Sure Do Love Mine! from TopCat (  1/15/2000 5:41:00 PM
 I wish they had offered that transferable lifetime warranty on mine. I did have a minor hull cap seperation at the transom. A couple of hundred fixed it permanantly though.

I am pretty sure that these boat folks are looking at many of the posts on many different boards keeping in silent touch with their customers. I for one have been and continue to be very intollerant of hull warranties like ProCraft used to offer! 5 year non transferable, hey even the big Tritoon is only offering 10 year to a transfered boat. That type of hull warranty is nothing but bogus! BIG TIME BOGUS! Most of the boats being sold today new will only be held for two or three years and the pros will only have that boat for a few months! What a way to get out of backing your own shoddy workmanship eh? But as was mentioned above it's getting better. We pay very large sums of money for these rigs and if they come apart even after ten years of use we can't just fork out the dollars to replace the hull on a whim.

I have two different ProCraft boats a 15.5 footer and a DP180. 85 and 94 model years. Both purchased second hand from good owners. I am very satisified with the overall quality of the boats. Have had few problems or complaints that I could not find in any other boat built today.

As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on the transfer of wonership to Tracker marine, but the year after indicators are indeed looking positive. They have lost some personel and a few dealers too. But the reasons are a varied as are personalities. To loos a sales person, hell there a dime a dozen and move around on their own anyway. From the looks of it the new person is doing a better job anyway. Some jobs need freshness, and sales guys are one of those positions!

The ride is very solid in both of my procrafts. You get the secure feeling that the water will break but that the boat will hold together and they do. I have also been in water that has scared the dickens out of me. Could not see anything but water in the bottom of the swells! That's too big of water for a bass boat. But it took it in as much style as was possible at the time. If the new guy continue to build them in this same manner, they will remain on my short list when I go to purchase another boat.

   Procraft is a solid boat. from AggieCecil (  1/15/2000 6:18:00 PM
 I have a 94 Procraft V180B. It is a very solid boat. I have fished tournaments out of it in every kind of weather and have always been very happy with it's performance. I don't think you can find a better boat in the 18 foot class. I do however have it for sale - now that I live this close to the coast I am buying a boat that will do double duty in saltwater. My procraft is in great shape and I'll be glad to e-mail info to anyone interested.
   procraft from Bernie (  1/15/2000 10:50:00 PM
 Talk to procraft Dealers and they say procraft and bruswick marine bought tracker. Anyway procraft makes a good boat. Its like any other boat if you take care of it it will last forever.
   Pro-crap....?? from Riverat (  1/16/2000 3:13:00 AM
 Dave, not to enter the 'P$$i#$g-contest, BUT,..To end -it all.. why don't you bring your rig up to the Great-Lakes region,(BIG-Water), for a week or two, & make your opinion from there!!????



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