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    Help Applying Decals
from Trav (  
2/8/2000 8:02:00 PM


 Need some advice on applying new decals to my boat. Someone once told me soapy water in a sprayer, sprayed on surface, slide decal into place then "squeegied" off works well. Need to apply to fiberglass and glass surfaces. Anybody have another or better way or will this work? Thanks, Trav

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   Trav; the soap & water will work well............. from Al (  2/8/2000 8:08:00 PM
 Just take a small spray bottle add a little soap to it; won't need much. Spray it on the area that you want to apply the decal. This will let you move the decal around to get it perfectly positioned, and will let you move all of the bubbles out from under the decal. Any really small bubbles that are left don't worry about. When the decal/water dry out, and the first time the sun warms it up, the small bubbles will have totally disappeared. You could use a credit card or something else plastic or nylon with a nice smooth edge to smooth out the bubbles while applying the decals.
   Decals from To, (  2/8/2000 8:09:00 PM
 You can't beat using soapy water, if they are vinyl decals you can dip them is soapy water. Be sure the surface is clean before applying. Use the soapy water liberally. You can slide them around, just be sure they are where you want them when the soapy water dries.
   Third time is charm..... from John in Tennessee  2/8/2000 8:16:00 PM
 Once they are on that way they stay on.....A sign painter told me abut it years ago. I get a bowl of warm water and use dish soap. Slop it on heavy and use a credit card for a squegie. Now I am talking about the peel and stick kind...
   Applying Decals from Kmack (  2/8/2000 9:01:00 PM
 If you have the kind where all letters are on the same piece of paper here is another suggestion. There should be some excess paper above the letter and if you run a full length strip of masking tape on the paper above the letters you can stick that to the boat. Now you can cut the paper between the letters up to the masking tape, fold up to the tape, remove the backing from the sticky side of each letter by itself, and squeegie the letter down starting from the top. The tape at the top maintains the letter spacing and height for you. This method doesn't require any soapy water etc. but it might not hurt to use it too. I went to a sign co. and watched a pro put the graphics on a van in about 30 minutes using this technique. I tried it for my registration numbers and it works great.
   Another Trick from Fastcast (  2/9/2000 12:42:00 AM
 If you have decals with......transfer tape on top, vinyl letters sandwiched in the middle and backing paper.....then this method works great and is called the "center hinge"........Before you take the backing paper off the decal position it where you want it. Use two small pieces of tape at opposite corners to hold it temporarily. Now step back again, take another look and make sure it's lined up right...looks good?.... When you get that done next you will want to pull off about a foot or two of tape and lay it vertically over the center of the decal so that it looks like a cross. Then fold one side over, peel the backing paper back to the "center hinge" and cut it off. Squeegee that side down. Now peel up your center hinge tape, then peel backing off the other side and squeegee it down. Peel off transfer tape. Done. This method should give better adhesion since there will be no soapy film between the adhesive and your boat. If you use the wet application all you need is a FEW drops of soap in a spray bottle. Be sure to prep the area first!!....Kmack's method works great also. Use which ever method is more suitable to the contour of your boat.
   Sunshine from Blackbird's Remanufactored Outboards  2/9/2000 6:47:00 AM
 What ever you do with them decals dont do it in the SUN.I did that once ,what a disaster.If all of them bubbles were full of helium my whole boat would had a lift off.Windex works ok like the soap thing,I never seem to have a empty spray bottle to mix the soap in.----The Powerhead
   Decal application from Lee Parsons (  2/9/2000 8:34:00 AM
 Using soapy water mix is the way we applie them in the body shop I used to have, It worked best for our needs. It was faster than the other methods and the decals held just fine. I don't recommend using Windex for this, it will work but deteriorates the adheasive more.

We always used a mix of about a pint of water to a table spoon of dish soap. Put it in a spray bottle and when you spray it on the surface, you want it to reasemble a lite dew. Be sure to squegy the water and air bubbles out. If you end up with a bubble trapped and it doesn't flatten out after a few days in the sun, you can take a pen and poke a few holes in it. The water will eveporate our and the decal will settle down.

   Decals from Quicksilver (  2/9/2000 11:59:00 AM
 I've done the soapy water thing in the past with thin decals. I've got a new set of those fancy Ranger decals for my boat and they have the 3M foam sticky on the back. Will the soapy water trick work with that stuff?



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