What syle of boat for freshwater bass'n and saltwater marsh fishing? What syle of boat for freshwater bass'n and saltwater marsh fishing?
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    What syle of boat for freshwater bass'n and saltwater marsh fishing?
from Cajun Mike (  
3/26/2000 8:16:00 PM


 Anyone using a "Flats" syle boat for saltwater marsh fishing? I am looking for boat advise from those who fish freshwater (bass) and saltwater marsh (trout, reds, etc.) I got back into fishing 5 years ago and bought a 16' Carolina Skiff, (glass flat) with a 30 HP tiller handle Suzuki. I have been fishing exclusively in the Spillway and Lake Verret areas of South Louisiana for bass. I want to move up to a larger boat and also want to do some saltwater marsh fishing along the Louisiana gulf coast. I have looked at every thing available and can not decide between an approx 18' bass boat (many to choose from), a 18 to 19 ft. bay boat (I like the Blazer 186 w/150 HP and the Pathfinder 1806 w/115HP) or a 17 to 18 ft. Flats type boats used heavily in Florida. Back Country (now owned by Champion) and Hewes/Maverick flats boats are nice but a little pricy. I also like the Scout 177 Sport Fish model. These "flats" boats have a bass type hull with a deep entry "V" but with less deadrise for more shallow running. (8 to 10 inch draft) They have no carpet and lots of storage. It seems like these would be great for saltwater marsh fishing as I have no interest in going off shore. I am just looking for the best boat (not too large) for freshwater bass'n and slatwater marsh fishing. What is the down side of bass fishing from a bay boat or saltwater marsh fishing from a bass boat? Anyone out there using a "flats" style boat? Thanks... Mike

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   salt from Ricky  3/26/2000 8:58:00 PM
 Take a look at the Champion Bass and Bay. It looks like a bass boat, but has no carpet all the decks are textured glass like a flats boat, it is ready for salt, or a bass tourament. Tight lines. Ricky
   Fresh/Salt from Ken Dog  3/26/2000 9:06:00 PM
 The guy I bought my current boat from sold it because he had just bought a new one. I have fished from it a couple of times. Its a Predator bay boat 17' with a 115 Merc. Its a nice layout. You won't get the same speed out of this as you would a 17' bass boat because there is more hull in the water with a bay/bass. Nice size front casting deck, back casting deck, center console, livewell, built in icechest under the driver's seat. Plenty of storage, rod holders, you name it. About the only think you won't find on this boat that you would on the bass boat is rod lockers, which can be nice. But, this is still a real nice boat to fish from. Works really well for bass because of its easy-to-handle size and good for salt with the shallow draft. He gets about 45mph with a full tank, but he said he got it up to 53 once by himself and it was about too much for him. Great boats, and it only cost him something like 16k. How them fish biting in the Basin?

Ken Dog

   Bay boat from Hawgman (  3/26/2000 10:52:00 PM
 I bought a 20 ft. bay boat (Challenger) with a 150hp Mercury Offshore about two years ago. I primarily fish freshwater but I have fished the Keys with this boat so I know it handles skinny water pretty well. The boat is very stable but does have a few minor drawbacks for bass fishing. First, I wish it had more dry storage. I have front and rear casting platforms but only have dry storage up front and under the console. The boat has got all sorts of bait tanks, livewells, fish boxes, and even a built-in ice chest. I don't care how much storage a boat has I always seem to fill it. Second, since the boat has higher sides than a traditional bass boat it gets blown around the lake. Holding the boat on your favorite fishing hole is something of a chore in a high wind. On the plus side, the boat is very stable, comfortable to drive, and handles rough water pretty well. All things considered, I'd definitely buy another bay boat if something happened to the one I have.
   IMHO the ultimate salt water/ freshwater boat is from Twa (  3/27/2000 8:22:00 PM
 the storm boat check them out at stormboats.com



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