1995 Gambler 209 1995 Gambler 209
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    1995 Gambler 209
from Bob O (  
7/11/2000 6:07:00 PM


 Well guys I've been a fly on the wall long enough, I currently own a 1985 Hydra-sports VL-475 (17.5'), I've had this boat for 10yrs now and I'm now ready to move up the ladder to a bigger, badder boat, Well here it goes. I found a 1995 Gambler 209 with a 225 Merc EFI w/heads & reeds reworked, SVS & Spinelli prop. lowrance X70 on the bow, Global Map 2000, CMC jackplate, Sea Star steering. Evenrude 74# trolling motor(1) yr old & A Gambler cover. The owner told me he'll throw in the old trolling motor and clean up the props, all for $14,900. My wife and I are looking at this boat tomorrow. Well what do you guys think. Good deal? I checked the max loan amount with our credit union and found the price is right in line with their books. I guess I can get around $4,000 for the 475 w/GT150 (33hrs on rebuild).

Thanks for reading Tight lines Bob O

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   Sounds pretty good to me from Basswipe  7/11/2000 7:21:00 PM
 If the boat and motor are in good shape, it sounds like alot of boat for 15K. Good luck

Check out the motor REAL well. Did the guy say how fast the boat ran??

   speed from Bob O (  7/11/2000 8:04:00 PM
 The guy said 88-90mph, and my outboard guy WILL check out the motor.
   It sounds good,,it might get 80 mph if you're lucky.I doubt 90 very much. from Bobby R. (  7/11/2000 9:42:00 PM
   Gambler from Scott Gilmore (  7/11/2000 10:38:00 PM
 Bob, yea sure have the motor & the entire boat checked out. If everything's OK I think that's a REAL good deal on a great boat ! . I've owned two Gamblers & have only good things to say about them ( ride , quality, handling, great rough water boat). PLUS Gamblers are very rare in Mich. & the resale would be great if you decide to sell. Buy it & you'll stand out on the lake not to mention a huge fishing platform. A new one would be at least 36K. Good luck & see you on the lake. Scott
   ditto on the speed comment... from jimmyb  7/12/2000 8:29:00 AM
 that seems a bit high... could be from an "optimistic" speedometer.

sounds like a nice boat for the money! it is amazing what you can buy used!

   Picture from BassAholic (  7/12/2000 3:56:00 PM
  I have seen this boat on the boattrader site. Nice Boat!! Copy the address from below to your browser.




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