What is the best rough water bass boat???????????? What is the best rough water bass boat????????????
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    What is the best rough water bass boat????????????
from Tony P (  
8/24/2000 4:12:00 AM


 I have heard that Champion is the best ride on the water. Is this true if not what is? Thanks

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   As the owner of a 193 Elite I can say it is very true !!!!!! from Don Neidig  8/24/2000 6:45:00 AM

   Depends..... from Dave Carter  8/24/2000 6:49:00 AM
 I've never been real impressed with ChampioN rough water rides, in the really big stuff, but they are famous for their rough water ride, so it's probably just me. But, the new BassCats have THE BEST rough water ride of any boat I've ever ridden in on Lake St. Clair, so in my opinion they have the best bass boat rough water ride. My Triton also has a great rough water ride. But, there are many that say Gambler, Cobra and others also have great rough water reputations. My suggestion is to pick a couple that you're interested in, and test drive them in the roughest conditions you can find. And remember that driver skill is a key ingredient in how well a bass boat rides in the really rough stuff.


   rough water from C (  8/24/2000 7:02:00 AM
 A lot will depend on the driver of the boat, and you need to compare the speed that you are going. If I run the same speed as others in my Champion I can have a very smooth ride. But since you can run faster in the rough stuff than other boats, it may appear to be an equal/worse ride. That is until you compare speed.

I also agree that BassCat makes a very good rough water boat. Others such as Triton, Gambler, etc I have not been in much so can't really comment on.

Pick a few brands and sizes and drive them. Much of it will depend on how you drive it, and your comfort.

   Best Ride on the water.... from Bronco Horvath (  8/24/2000 7:11:00 AM
 Well, sorry guys... for anyone that has owned a Hydra-Sport (the 20 foot version, LS205) in the past, well they know that in rough water, they are hard to beat. I'm not saying that there aren't any other boats out there, because I've heard that Gambler's, Champions and Bass Cat's are good in rough water. All I know, is up here in Eastern Ontario, it's pretty rough, and my 1996 LS205 blows by all the other boats in our circuit in rough water. I have a new Johnson 225 HO on it, and it runs in the mid 70's (GPS) with the various props I use for different conditions. My partner has a bad back, and he won't run in another boat. I really don't know why OMC stopped making the bass boat series in Hydra Sport. I won't get rid of mine, because I haven't found a comparable rough ride and good speed hull like my LS205. I've been looking at Bass Cat, but I want to ride in one before I replace mine.

Good fishing


   Best rough water boat....... from BassCat (  8/24/2000 7:50:00 AM
 BassCat, without question. I have been in them all and have owned Ranger's in the past but BassCat beats them easily. I traded my Ranger in on a BassCat Jaguar in Nov. 1999 and there is no comparison. This boat out performs the Ranger in all conditions. A remarkable dry ride.

   Rough Water from George (  8/24/2000 8:59:00 AM
 I'll agree with our friend up in Canada. I have a 1997 Hydra-Sport 185DC, 18.5 foot, and this boat has an excellent rough water ride also. It is a shame that OMC discontinued their line of bass boats.

   Best rough water boat from Dave Haynie  8/24/2000 9:43:00 AM
 Cobra, hands down!

   No contest... from Shadow (  8/24/2000 9:55:00 AM
 The Storm 22 will have the best ride in rough water... Look at the prospective hulls deadrise... And shape where the bow meets the wave... The Storm has a very well designed leading edge to slice rather than slam...

   Boats from Thunderstorm (  8/24/2000 10:09:00 AM
 Tony, the hands down rough water boat is the storm 21 & 22. on okeechobee they have been known for there rough water ride some 20 years. i have riden in and passed every boat above in rough water while they are beating themselves up i ride in comfort. granted the trim tabs are a big help in the rough stuff but the deep v is why storm boats are known for there rough water ride and all the decks & boxes are glassed to the hull making a uni-hull, not screwed to the floor like most, also see the bass & walleye report on them it also says that the rough water ride is the best out of all the bass boats they have ever tested. storm is building a new proto type, it is the 21 but with 2k improvements.

   Rough water boats from Scumfrog  8/24/2000 10:50:00 AM
 If you are just asking in general and wanting to compare the same foot bass boat between companies then I think you have to say that Champion,Storm,and Basscat are the top three. Some will say Triton and Ranger but they can be a wet ride at times. If you are asking the best rough water boat period without comparing foot to foot,then the 223Champion or the 22 foot Storm are the tops as far as I am concerned. I would also go on to say, that there are probably 8-10 20 foot bass boats on the market today that have a pretty darn good rough water ride. Once you get over 3-4 foot waves nothing is going to be real comfortable even the 22 foot boats.

   My 2 cents worth from JohnM  8/24/2000 11:01:00 AM
 #1 I agree the driver makes a huge difference in ride quality. I now own a Champion but have owned Ranger's and others in the past. I've never been in the Storm but if it's known to be a good boat on the big "O" it's got to be a good one. When I first got my Champion a couple of people rode with me and had the same comments on how it really was no better than others they had been in. So on a Tournment of Champions event on Ky lake I asked one of the factory reps to give me some pointers, that advise made a HUGE improvement. With the Deep V designs you can trim that V down and let it slice through the waves w/o a big loss in speed. Just like with a really fast boat you need seat time in rough water to develop the feel for driving in rough water in that particular boat. To sum it all up folks who ride with me now love the ride and most comment on how solid it feels in the rough stuff. The ultimate rough water bass boatis going to be one of the 22 footers out there. The boat desing is just one factor to a good rough water ride, Champion and BassCat have earned the rough water reputation through years of perfecting this type of hull couple that with a driver that has some seat time in rough water and you've got a great ride!

   rough ride from Homer (  8/24/2000 11:08:00 AM
 Just so you know a Storm is a copy of an ALLISON GT-20,that Aliison quit building around 1977

   Cobra from DC  8/24/2000 11:28:00 AM
 I am not sure about the best large rough water boat, but I think my Cobra 190 would be hard to beat in the 19 feet and under category. My boat seems to handle rough water better than many of the longer boats out there. I would think the 20 foot Cobra would be tops in the 20 footer category.

   x from x (  8/24/2000 2:52:00 PM

   Bronco Horvath I can get you that ride. from Smallmouth (  8/24/2000 2:59:00 PM

I am not sure what part of Canada you live but if you are within a few hours of Detroit I think I can get you a ride in a Basscat. If you are intrested please e-mail me at: cruncher@cruncherbaits.com


   Matter of Opinion.... from djd (  8/24/2000 3:10:00 PM
 I personally run a Cobra 201DC on Erie, St. Clair, Detroit River, Saginaw Bay, etc. I think it has a good rough water ride, a little wet, but much softer than my old Stratos or my partners Triton.

In the Great Lakes area, a lot of people swear by Champions and BassCats. I'll make no comment on those boats as I have never experienced "rough water" in either brand. I also know there are a lot of folk who fish Stratos boats in the Michigan REDMAN division.

What does this all mean? The driver contributes a large influence on the "ride" of the boat in "rough water". Each hull design needs a different speed/trim/etc for the various water conditions. An experienced driver knows how far they can push their boat under these conditions.

One more thing, putting all idiots aside. When the water gets rough on St. Clair, Erie, or Saginaw Bay during a tournament, its always the Cobras, Champions, and BassCats that make it to their spots first.

   Javelin 19 & 20'ers from John (  8/24/2000 3:31:00 PM
 Fast Hull and a Great Rough Water ride! Hard to beat for the price.

   Rough water from fuzzy (  8/24/2000 4:14:00 PM
 Just for you Cobra guys, there good ride is owed to the guy who designed CHAMPION, it is a copy.

   Fuzzy? from Lance Munoz (  8/24/2000 4:56:00 PM
 Copy?, John Storie did desing the hull. I'm pretty sure there have been some changes since the original desing. However I don't think that qualifies the Cobra as a Champ "copy". At least my definition of copy and yours may vary. To me the Blazers sure look alot like a Bullet and even the Nitros sure carry a strong resemblance to a Skeeter. I guess my point is how does a man that desingned both hulls copy himself? Anyway my 201S does have a heck of a rough water ride that I am sure of. Lance

   Once Again, B&WB Article from JimR  8/24/2000 6:32:00 PM
 I know no one likes B&WB Mag unless it supports their opinion but their recent article on the Bass Cat Jaguar discusses BC's rough water ride (June issue pg 27). The article stated the hull was designed to go over waves not cut through them; therefore, the ride got a "Little Bumpy" and they were just talking about 18 inch wakes. Better check out the article. They also said the Jaguar was a fantastic overall rig. Regards, Jim

   blazer=bullet from Twa (  8/24/2000 7:48:00 PM
 blazer is a direct hull copy of a bullet . not on the same par in weight or hull construction though.

   I agree that the operator contributes most of the ride. from Scott W (  8/24/2000 9:44:00 PM
 A few years ago on KY lake I learned alot about rough water running. We were fishing the last Mac and Mac tournament. The wind was unGodly so me being the intelligent man that I am decided to run to Barkley lake 25 miles oneway from Kenlake to my destination (the further you go the more they bite, right). The wind was right down the lake so there wasn't much escaping it while running. I thought we'd never make it to Barkley and when we finally made it my partner said he probably wouldn't fish another windy tournament again. But on the way back I all of a sudden got it, almost perfect timing and proper trim mean the world to a smoother ride. Believe me I could have been in a 223 Champ at the beginning of the tournament and made it look bad. But I got the hang of it. The driver has alot to do with the ride of the boat.

   Charger from Brian (  8/24/2000 10:39:00 PM
 Had a Charger 495 for three years. It's a 20'4" boat. Fantastic rough water ride. It has a unique shape to the keel in the forward one third of the boat-- this really parts the water and softens the ride. Very dry also. Biggest water I experienced w/ it was Kentucky Lake in March-- strong north wind plus barge wakes-- no sweat. Good fishing. Brian

   Ranger 522dvx from DonA  8/24/2000 11:00:00 PM
 Great boat on lake erie

   Storie boats from DC  8/25/2000 8:48:00 AM
 Hey Fuzzy, John Storie has designed some great rough water boats, and I think his first was Champion a long time ago. How long has that been? I am sure there have been some changes to the Champs over the years. To say my Cobra is a copy of the old Champs is inaccurate. Put the two boats side by side and you will find differences in the two. And they seem to run a bit different in the water.

   Fuzzy from Noname (  8/25/2000 9:18:00 AM
 Fuzzy, Yes Cobra sure is a copy. A copy of a 482 RANGER hull. Not a Champion though, been there done that live there.

   bass boat from Steve (  8/26/2000 1:07:00 AM

   Thanks for the info fellers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Tony P (  8/26/2000 1:11:00 AM



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