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    Astro glass boat
from Hawgtamer (  
1/10/2001 11:26:00 PM


  Can anyone tell me what happened to astroglass boats? Have they gone out of buisiness? All you boat bashers stay away from this question.

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   astroglass from K-dog (  1/11/2001 2:03:00 AM
 I have an 88 astroglass 178v. When I called Tennessee to get a new windshield, they told me that astroglass turned into astro. Forgot what year this happened though. I was still able to get the windshield and even boat decals. K-dog

   Astroglass from Snaggs (  1/11/2001 4:37:00 AM
 Ive beeen in some boats in my life, but the only astroglass ive been in was a damm good boat. ``````````` stable, good storage for a bass boat, good ride and not to shy on the speed. with some work it would be damm good in the speed department. and kick butt in the storage and stable dept.

   Hey K-dog from Hawgtamer (  1/11/2001 10:09:00 AM
 Thanks for letting me know something. Can't even find on internet what happened to them. I have an 88 178 v too. Just never see'em anywhere around here, I can remember when the first one came to Idaho. I knew the guy that owned it. That's the only other one that I've seen. Most people see my boat and don't even know what it is, around here. Thanks again K-dog

   Snaggs from Hawgtamer (  1/11/2001 10:11:00 AM
 Thanks for the input bud.

   Astro- procraft, astroglass from butch (  1/11/2001 11:31:00 AM
 Astro glass became Astro around 88 to 90 .The astro ,procraft lines were sister lines until a year or so ago . I was told they Dropped the Astro in a fishing line and was only going to have the Procraft for bass boats. They both were owned by Brunswick corps.

   There's more...... from JLively  1/11/2001 6:56:00 PM
 Astroglass did indeed get bought out by Brunswick back in 89. They became Astro. Procraft and Astro were sister companies but the boat lines were different. The Astro leaned more toward speed, the Procraft toward ride. As of 2000, there are no more Astro bassboats, just bowriders.


   Hey Snaggs from Nightmare (  1/11/2001 8:30:00 PM
 Don't know where you got the idea they were fast. My '88 164 weighs in at 1980#. ugh. It'll go but wieght is a major horsepower robber. Can't complain for a 16' on storage and has been good to me. Ain't exactly what you call a rough water boat but you work what you got. It does provide a nice stable platform to fish from.

Hey K-dog, you got a number? How long ago you get that windshield from 'em. Never figured I would/could ever find one without custom make.

Lively sounds right. Newest one I've ever seen is an '89 and that was just lately.

   AstroGlass from Taco (  2/14/2002 12:01:00 PM
 K-dog.....Where did you get the decals from..I know that Shaddix Marine, here in Atlanta, Ga., can get the winshields at ($70.00 a pop). I also own an 1988 178V.



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