Lifting boat off trailer to work on hull... Lifting boat off trailer to work on hull...
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    Lifting boat off trailer to work on hull...
from Jon C. (  
2/4/2001 4:11:00 PM


 I'm pulling the boat out of storage in a week to do some gel coat work on the hull before the ice goes away. What is the best way to lift the boat off the trailer to work on the pad? It needs to be totally secure once lifted off. I won't be able to move the trailer out from under the boat as it will be in my garage, but need to be able to apply gel-cote and sand on the surface area where the bunks normally contact the hull. I have visions of appendages trapped between the hull and the bunks for hours at a time(I live alone). Any thoughts?<% if strcomp("gerryb",inname,1)= 0 then %>

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Jon C.
Jon C
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   Lifting boat from Thinwater  2/4/2001 4:49:00 PM
 I have in the past used an engine hoist, you can rent them. Make sure you get one rated for a ton or more. I have replaced the carpeting on bunks this way.
   Did it once from Bob Davis  2/4/2001 5:05:00 PM
 Jon, I did this once with my old boat, an SS-1 Skeeter Fisherman, in my garage. Of course safety must be stressed but sounds like you are thinking about it in advance. Mine was a fairly light 16 ft. boat with a 40 hp motor. I am telling you so you can judge the weight and compare it to your sitution. I bought some coated 3/8" steel cable and a come-along. Ran a 2x6 piece of lumber across about 5 or so ceiling joists. Ran the steel cable through the bow eye and ran the come-along from the 2x6 in the ceiling. Double clamped the cable with those huge clamps. I was able to then lift the bow with the come-along. I used a floor jack and a piece of 2x12 covered in carpeting to lift the rear of the boat at the flat pad just forward of the drain plug. The trailer was then free and clear and I moved the trailer out. Before I got under the boat however, I place 3 jackstands with blocks of wood on top at the rear of the boat and 1 at the keel. I'm not suggesting that you do this, but it worked for me. If I had to spend a lot of time under it, I would maybe use some more 2x8's or so and some cinder blocks as an added safety. Bob
   Lifting boat from Rex (  2/4/2001 5:25:00 PM
 I used two 2 1/2 ton bottle jacks with some 2x6's. Find a flat spot at the rear of the boat and put a bottle jack with some 2x6's (to spread the stress)on each side of the boat and then slowwly I repeat slowly jack each one up an inch at a time until it is high enough for you to work on. I used 2x6's cut to about 16-18 inches. I then used some jack stands to further brace the boat so as to not have the boat be unsafe. Good luck and I hope you keep all of your appendages intact. Rex
   I thought about the engine hoist, but... from Jon C. (  2/4/2001 5:40:00 PM
 I'm concerned about the stress on the transom. The only place I can pick up the boat would be the two U-bolts on the jackplate and I'm not sure they are designed to handle that kind of weight. Bob, your idea might have worked, but my townhome has a finished garage so there are no joyces I can access to support the weight.
   Foam padding.... from McBass (  2/4/2001 6:12:00 PM
 I've done it as well, but I used cinder blocks, wood, and the foam padding that is used to pack auto glass. Go to your nearest auto glass shop and rumage through the old boxes - the stuff makes an excellent barrier between any support and the gel. The boat I lifted was a big-pig ProCraft. I was hit-and-run by a drunk driver. Punched the trailer right in the centre of the left rear wheel - not a scratch on the boat.
   Use trailer to jack it up from Bill Knight (  2/4/2001 6:29:00 PM
 With a lot of concrete blocks and an 8 ft length of at least a 4x4, crank trailer stand jack all way down. Stack blocks under each corner of boat at stern. use wood to make stacks just right height. Crank toung jack all way up. this will drop rear of trailer away from boat stern. Put a stack of blocks at boat front out from the eye on each side, wide enough for the trailer wheels to fit between them. Put long 4x4 across block stacks and under eye. Use wood again to get it right height. Lower toung jack enough to suspend bow and pull trailer out. I use this to work on trailer but I would sure shore up boat some more somehow before I got under it. Bill
   Lifting eyes from Thinwater  2/5/2001 7:18:00 AM
 Jon Don't worry about using the eyes to lift the boat. One of the dealers in my area has a 2 ton electric hoist suspended by 4 telephone poles. Thats how he unloads all his boats, 1 cable that goes between the hoist and the 2 stern eyes and 1 that goes around the bow through the bow eye. I forgot to tell you once you get it up there it IS a good idea to block it up.



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