Mercury ProMax 225? Mercury ProMax 225?
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    Mercury ProMax 225?
from Fl.angler  
3/1/2001 8:12:00 AM


 I have an opportunity to get a great deal on a 2000 Blazer with a 2000 Mercury ProMax 225hp motor. This is a bad ass looking setup. I personally haven't heard alot about these motors, and was wondering if anyone out there has. Good or bad, I can take it! Let me know something.

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   Promax....... from buckethead (  3/1/2001 9:54:00 AM
 FlAngler, The Merc Promax is a very reliable motor. It will turn 6500 to 6750 rpms where your consumer motor turns 5500 rpms. There was a recall last year on these motors depending on the year where the motors were running hot and melting pistons. The recall was to retard the timing, install colder plugs, and richen up the ECU.

I know guys that have been running the promax for 5 years without a problem. I have spoke to Mercury about the recall and I was told the reason for most of the promax problems were: Low grade fuel, poor maintenance in terms of keeping the water pump changed, and poor grade oil. I got one of these motors on a Bullet in Sept. 99 and have not had any issue at all.

These motors are designed to run on lighter boats, they do NOT carry a load very well. In other words this motor would not be good on an Ranger. It will however carry a moderate fishing load well on a light boat such as the Bullet, Allison, Blazer, ect.

I would suggest a compression check and also look the lower unit over very well. The promax typically comes with a sporstmaster or torquemaster gearcase. The Sportsmaster will have a pointed nose and allows you to raise the motor higher for less drag. The Sporsmaster is a good gearcase for non blowout speeds (less than 80 mph on that boat).

Hope this helps..

   Clarification... from buckethead (  3/1/2001 10:03:00 AM
 Just to clarify what I mean by not carry a load very well. The 225 promax makes its horsepower in the upper RPM band. It does not have allot of low end torque.

   Also, I meant to say torquemaster is good for non blow out speeds! from buckethead (  3/1/2001 11:31:00 AM
 Sorry, this is what i get for posting in a hurry....

Empty Buckethead today!

   Jump on it! from MattC (  3/1/2001 1:30:00 PM
 They had some problems with the 97-99 model motors but it has been corrected. The formulation of our gasoline has probably been the culprit in the majority of failures. I have a '96 model and it has had the dog mess run out of it. I never had any trouble until last year when the gas changed. You will be safe buying a 2000 model. It will have the updated ECU that makes it run richer in the midrange, plus the newer Pro Max uses ART pistons, which is a lot higher quality. I've heard it's the same piston Yamaha uses and how many piston related failures have you heard of from them?

   2000 ProMax from Bob (  3/1/2001 4:03:00 PM
 I have a 2000 ProMax on a Stroker and it is fast. I have however had problems. With only 25 hour on the engine, it detonated piton #4. This was due to the ECU not working correctly. It had nothing to do with bad gas, poor grade of oil, or the water pump. Merc did stand behind the warranty and put a new power head on with a rebuilt ECU, new plugs, change in timing, and a change from 89 octane to 92 octane gas. To my surprise the dealer also added the double oil to the gas at no charge.

As this happened late in the season, I have only put about 5 hours on the engine. It runs great now and I hope it last as long as my previous engine, a Suzuki that had no problems for 14 Years.

   I appreciate it fellas! from Fl.angler  3/1/2001 4:52:00 PM
 I think that your comments have helped me make up my mind, I'm in! Thanks again, and have a great fishing season.

   gas it Flangler... from RedAllison (  3/2/2001 11:32:00 AM
 The 225 ProMax is THE biggest selling and most used high performance outboard in history. You see a late model high perf hull (bass or otherwise) and chances are unless its a true triple digit buff or gearhead who likes to build his own rocket, youll see a duece ana quawta ProMax on her tail. True the earlier models suffered from ECU probs (mid range lean condition that burned pistons) but that has since been cleared up and to make as much power as these motors do and at such high RPMs youll be hard pressed to beat them. If you had them on a high flier like an Allison, STV, Hydrostream etc you would know that you can disconnect the oil injection and turn these motors OVER 7k with no problem. They are that strong. My bone stock 99 ProMax 225 SS was dynoed at 244 at the propshaft. Even 10 years ago this kind of power at everday start, run, fish/play levels was unheard of from a reliable and smooth idling fishin motor. As for the Sportmaster, your Blazer is right there on the line as to what hull needs the Sportmaster and what hull doesnt. If you run typically light to moderate loads and have a hydraulic plate then you might want to go with the Sport. If you like to carry 2 cases of beer, every piece of tackle and you and your bro in law Earl weigh 300#s a piece then you will be happier with the Torquemaster. Either way you are still gonna be smokin the gramps in the Rangertoonskeets that abound on every waterway in the country. Welcome to the world of doin it faster, RA



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