how often should you change your lower unit oil? how often should you change your lower unit oil?
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    how often should you change your lower unit oil?
from WV Slugo King (  
3/7/2001 2:08:00 PM


 how often should you change your lower unit oil in your outboard motor?

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   oil change from rich reid (  3/7/2001 3:17:00 PM
 I change mine at the end each season, and then at the beginning of each season. I don't put on a whole lot of hours. Less than a hundred in a good year. I have heard that oil in a marine engine builds up acid after a few months. This was in reference to motor oil in a 4 stroke motor but it could be the same in your lower unit so just in case twice a year is good especially since it is so easy to do and costs very little.

Good Fishing and God Bless

   Once at end of season from PropR (  3/7/2001 4:21:00 PM
 I change mine at the end of the season. I just a minute ago called Bill's Marine, A Ranger dealer down the street and he said just once a year at the end of the season.

   L/U oil change from basscatt  3/7/2001 4:28:00 PM
 I change mine at the end of each season, but I check it every 2 or 3 trips.

It is very important to look at the condition of the old fluid, and check the drain-plug magnet for metal particles.

If the old oil is the color of dark honey, and no metal on the magnet, the lower unit is in good shape.

If the oil is real dark or black, and smells burned, or if the oil is milky, very light, or white in color, water has contaminated the oil. Any of these conditions indicate a problem.

It doesn't take much time to turn a small "maintenance" repair ticket into a major rebuild job.

Hope this helps.

   Lower Unit Oil from Keoweeman (  3/7/2001 6:43:00 PM
 I change my lower unit oil twice a season. Once around July and then at the end of the season. I use synthetic. $8.00 for a quart and even less at Wall Mart. For 10 minutes of work,this is very cheap protection for a very expensive investment.

   Changing the gearcase oil. from Thunder Runner (  3/7/2001 7:52:00 PM
 The idea behind changing your oil at the end of the season is so that if there was any water in there, you get it out before the freeze. If you change it at the beginning of the season also you are dumping new oil.

I like to change mine at the end of the season then again in four months. Twice a year at least. If you are fortunate enough to have weekends off and a lot of vacation time go for three times a year.

I am a Klotz Synthetic fan. Not cheap, but a heck of a lot cheaper then the gears and case.

I would also buy a bunch of the O ring washers too. Just so you have them on hand. You may not need to change them every time, but if have them and you need one you will use it and not chance the old worn out one.


   Lower Unit Oil from Greg (  3/8/2001 4:01:00 AM
 I change the engine oil, filter and the lower unit oil every 50 hours of operation. As you know, in order to service the lower unit, (of a MerCruiser), the boat must be removed from the water which adds to the expense. But when you consider the cost of a Bravo 3 drive, and maintaining the extended warranty on the drive train, the benefits out weight the cost. While the boat is out of the water, I get a chance to have the drive cleaned and recoated with clearcoat antifouling paint if necessary, and the pivot points greased. In addition, by performing this service in the middle of the season I can catch a potential problem with the drive before it develops into a major issue. Preventive maintenance in this area can save you a lot of money down the road! REMEMBER!---A boat is a "hole in the water" into which we pour money. But there is nothing like "boat ownership".----Just my opinion. ---Greg.



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