2 batteries hooked parallel for 12 volt trolling motor 2 batteries hooked parallel for 12 volt trolling motor
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    2 batteries hooked parallel for 12 volt trolling motor
from Jim (  
3/29/2001 12:57:00 PM


 Is it alright to hook 2 batteries up parallel for a 12 volt trolling motor. I've heard some guys say they've had bad luck with this. Has anyone been satisfied with this type of hookup?

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   Parallel circuit from John (  3/29/2001 1:08:00 PM
 Two batteries will give you longer staying power but one battery will always be drained more than the other. This is because current always takes the path of least resistance. Also, the lower the voltage, the higher the current draw. This means your batteries won't last as long in a 12V hook-up as opposed to a 24V hook-up. WHen two battteries are cennected in parallel and one is being drained more than the other, it will start pulling from the better battery. This will eventually lead to both batteries going bad sooner. I recommend wiring your batteries with a switch in between so that you will use one battery at a time. WHen it starts to wear down, switch to the other battery. Make sure you use a switch and wiring that can handle the current draw of a trolling motor.

   Two batteries in parallel from geki (  3/29/2001 1:47:00 PM
 I put that setup in my boat. When batteries were new, worked fine. Once batteries got a few months old, one was a little weaker, and would drain the stronger battery while sitting at home. I now disconnect a lead from one battery when I get back from fishing, no more problems.

   parallel circuit from basscatt  3/29/2001 3:13:00 PM
 Jim, I have a 56 lb. 12 volt T/M, here is what I did.

I run 3 batteries, 1 strictly for the gas motor, 2 for the trolling motor and all the accessories.

I have both (group 31) batteries connected to a Perco battery switch that allows the use of #1 or #2 or "both" or "off". I run it in the "both" position.

I haven't noticed any problems. No "noise" in the electronics, never a lack of power, even night fishing with running lights, black lights, pumps, video sonar, LCD sonar, and heavy use of the trolling motor.

Hope this helps.

   Batteries from topwater2 (  3/29/2001 5:58:00 PM
 I am running two golf cart batteries in my rig. The batteries are wired in series (6 Plus 6 = 12volts) and are used for the trolling motor, starting motor,livewell and other acessories. I fish both in freshwater and coastal tidal creeks and have fished up to three days, fighting a tidal current, with out recharging They require a little more attention when recharging and may be a little heavier than a single 12v but I believe they will produce twice the run time. This will be the fourth season for them.

   Go with the parallel from FrankW (  3/29/2001 6:29:00 PM
 If you wire two 105 amp hour batteries in series you will have a total of 105 amp hours available to do work with. If you wire two 105 amp hour batteries in parallel you will have a total of 210 amp hours available to do work with. If you use a good float charger like a Guest with a charge lead for each battery you will have no problem with the parallel setup. You can also go with a switch as suggested but why bother. Frank



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