How much air in Goodyear Marathon trailer tires? How much air in Goodyear Marathon trailer tires?
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    How much air in Goodyear Marathon trailer tires?
from BucknBass (  
3/31/2001 12:04:00 PM


 I have a Champion tandem axle trailer with Goodyear Marathon's on it. The tires say max 50lbs of air pressure but is that what I should run or should it be less?

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   You want to run them at 50 lbs. COLD........... from Al S.  3/31/2001 12:14:00 PM
 Meaning they should be set at 50 lbs. before you start running. (They will probably increase 4-5 lbs. once they get fully warmed up after say 10 miles or so.) With car/truck tires you should go by the manufacturer's recommendation that's usually found on your door or in your manual. With trailer tires you should set at the maximum. They will run the coolest and track the best set at the maximum. Take care........

   Wrong! from Brian (  3/31/2001 9:14:00 PM
 Do not put 50lbs. of air in those tires, they are not designed for that, that is the Max. pressure and you'll wear out the middle of the tire quicker, it will generate more heat, and will work your trailers suspension to it's max. 35 lbs. is more than enough for this application. I have been working on vehicles for quite a number of years and I know what I'm talking about! Good Fishing!

   Pressure from robs519 (  3/31/2001 9:36:00 PM
 My Ranger Tandem trailer with Marathons has a sticker on it with a warning to maintain at least 50lbs of air pressure. Probably would be asking for sidewall damage with less than 50. I use a good pressure gage and put them right on 50lbs.

   Tire Pressure from Flip (  3/31/2001 9:41:00 PM
 RUN THEM AT 50 pounds. Any less will cause sidewall failure and excessive heat build up. If you runn them at 35 all your doing is making Goodyear richer. Pluss you take a chance of ditching your rig.

   ) No Msg from John in Tennessee  3/31/2001 9:50:00 PM

   50 psi from Steve P. (  3/31/2001 9:53:00 PM
  Don't run them at 35 psi!! Remember, with any tire, truck, car, or trailer, you can never go wrong by putting in the MAX PSI that is on the side of the tire. That's why it is there.

   marathon tires from sparky (  3/31/2001 9:55:00 PM
 I agree with everyone but Brian- sorry Brian, but on a boat trailer you do want to run at max cold pressure or your tires won't last too long - I found out the hard way!

   Uh oh! from Local Anglers  3/31/2001 10:05:00 PM
  Hey Guys, I've been running 44lbs. for a year and they look ok. Is this ok?

   "LocalAnglers" from're ok at 44 lbs........... from Al S.  3/31/2001 10:14:00 PM
 You shouldn't have a problem at that, but I definitely wouldn't go any lower. 50# would really be better. Brian from California: I agree on car/truck tires; you would rarely put the maximum that's stamped on the tire sidewall and run that pressure, but in the case of trailer tires you should run at the maximum cold pressure. Like the guys are saying, they're designed to run at that pressure and you won't wear out the centers, (like you would if you were to do it with car/truck tires).

   Local from Steve P. (  3/31/2001 10:20:00 PM
  You didn't mention BOAT RAMP!!! OOPS!! wrong board!! Sorry!! I wouldn't worry about that, just keep it close to the max. I run 33 psi in my 35psi max Marathons(load range B) and I'm sure it's the same with your tires too. Oh, for guys with smaller boats like mine(17ft Xpress), don't make the mistake of jumping up a rating when replacing your tires. What I mean is, if your trailer came with "B" range tires, don't go to "C" range tires, especially if you tow down rough roads. Why? Because a "C" tire with 50psi in it is like a rock with a light weight boat. I found this out the hard way with my first set of replacement tires. Stickmarsh will make you wish you had those "B" tires in a hurry!!! Just trying to keep someone out there from making the same mistake I did.

   50# for seven years and from Tomcat (  4/1/2001 12:29:00 AM
 wearing even all the way across. Still have half tread. Keep'em at 50# cold. And balanced!

   Max Pressure for Max load. from FrankW (  4/1/2001 7:06:00 AM
 The maxium pressure on the side of the tire is designated to carry the maximum load of the tire based on its load rating mentioned by Steve P. The load rating of the tire is generaly marked on the tire and states the load range of the tire. If the weight of your boat and trailer is any where close to the maximum load rating of the tire, you should be at the max recommended tire pressure. As to truck tires, the plackard in the vehicle states the tire pressure to achieve the best ride. If you put a yard of gravel in the back of a pickup you better be at the max pressure recommende for your tires not what the placard states. Frank

   Nothing but 50 lbs.....................sorry Brian try again from Mikex19 (  4/1/2001 8:20:00 AM
 read the tires outside label.I have always used these tires w/ great results @ 50 lbs.

   I have a Question on Marathon Tires? from Jigging Jim (  4/1/2001 2:06:00 PM
 I have never run them but when I do replace my old tires I'm thinking of trying them.Are they a steelbelted tire?

   Okay, okay from Brian (  4/1/2001 8:09:00 PM
 Boy did I get hounded on that response. I suppose the majority rules. I have a lighter boat with single axle and my dealer is the person who told me to run 35. I guess everyone must be right for the heavier rig to use 50. Best of luck.

   My 2 cents from Dave Johns (  4/1/2001 9:30:00 PM
 Try this, run a chalk line across the tire and run it up and down the road. If the chalk mark wears evenly across the tire then your were you need to be. If the chalk mark wears in the center adjust the pressure down and if it wears more to the outside add more PSI's. Dave Johns



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