How much water in bilge is normal. How much water in bilge is normal.
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    How much water in bilge is normal.
from jimb (  
4/24/2001 12:59:00 PM


 I bought a used 1986 Bayliner Trophy 17' "bass" boat. It is my first. How much water in the bilge is normal? I have to use the bilge pump several times a day. Is there a leak in the hoses? Water does not run out when on the trailer.

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   water in bilge from Salt Craw (  4/24/2001 1:08:00 PM
  Should be able to fish all day and not have any. Probley have a slow leak around the plug, a pump,or in a hose or clamp. Check everything over good you will eventually find it.

   Well, could be alot of things from Craig S (  4/24/2001 1:13:00 PM
 With the boat on the trailer, put in the drain plug and run some water into the bilge with a garden hose, look for leaks. Next, after draining the bilge, close your live well valves and fill them with the hose, look for water in the bilge, and leaks in the hoses, pumps and other live well plumbing.Make sure you fill them to the overflow, sometimes they come off and will leak into the bilge. Does alot of water slosh over the transom when you stop? That could be it, too. Sometimes you just have to eliminate things until you find the culprit. Good Luck

   water from chris (  4/24/2001 2:49:00 PM
 Its more than likely the livewell or a loose hose. If the plug had a leak around it, you will be able to see the difference in the gel coat. hairline cracks or any type of outter hull leaks will show up quite easily. Take the advice of the above post. You will eventually solve the water infultration...

   Water in Bilge...... from Saugerman  4/24/2001 4:32:00 PM
 Make sure the silicone around the bolts that fasten your motor to your transom is good. I just recently bought a used boat and I had alot of water in my bilge also. I looked into my bilge area immediately after I launched my boat and I found the leak. When I got home, I took the bolts out, removed the old silicone, replaced it with new, and presto... leak fixed!

   How much ice is in your drink cooler? from Art  4/24/2001 6:49:00 PM
 When it melts it may drain into you bilge. A cheap fix......none needed! Oh well just a guess.

   water in bridge from JoeNM (  4/24/2001 7:41:00 PM
 You might also check your water intake for your livewells. Sometimes on older boats they don't close completely and you may need new cables.

   Livewells from Greg (  4/25/2001 1:03:00 PM
 Mine had a leak around the livewell, you might check the silicone seal around the livewell.



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