225 evinrude (ficht) check engine light 225 evinrude (ficht) check engine light
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    225 evinrude (ficht) check engine light
from ranger danger (  
5/15/2001 9:24:00 AM


 Only does it when you crank it wot. ease it up on pad does fine, cram it down check engine light comes on. ease in to it when running does fine..but if your running about 4000 grand and hammer it the check engine light comes on. set out in rain for few days, figured that may be the problem. even the warning horn sounds like it has water in it. thanks! good luck and lets go fishin!

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   fitch from John (  5/15/2001 11:30:00 AM
  If you go to the following web site (its the Stratos owners board) and post this question I am sure you will get a qualified answer. There are some very knowledgeable people on this board. They have more than once given me some very good info. http://pub25.ezboard.com/fstratosownersfml

   I had that problem from BucknBass (  5/15/2001 1:17:00 PM
 on my '95 Evinrude 175. Mine's not a Fict but many people on this board told me it was a fuel restriction and they were right. The anti-siphon valve had gotten stuck. When I popped it out, the problem went away. Your problem could be something as simple as that.

   check eng.. from bassgator (  5/15/2001 1:24:00 PM
 You need to take it to a dealer and have it checked out I have a 200 fict that did this and next time i went out the slow system would come on holding at low rpm could restart and go on at about half open. Was a bad tps switch. it tells computer how much fuel you are giving it.Scott

   fuel restriction from TXstratos201 (  5/15/2001 1:33:00 PM
 BucknBass is right.... go look for the fuel restriction. (I post over on the Stratos board too, by the way). I just posted some things to look for in #46957. Since you say the boat is OK at other than high throttle, I strongly suspect a fuel restriction.

   Warning light from Jim (  5/15/2001 1:34:00 PM
 Mine did the same thing. It was a fuel restriction. Could also be a bad sensor. Have it checked, you could lean out the engine & thats bad.

   sensors from seahorse (  5/15/2001 6:50:00 PM
 The 225 FICHT does not have a vacuum sensor for fuel restriction, only the carbed V6's do.

The check engine lite could mean a lot of things, most likely it is an out of adjustment throttle position sensor or possibly a voltage problem. The dealer's laptop will tell what it is, how many times it happened, and when it happened.



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