What are the top 5 fastest Bassboats What are the top 5 fastest Bassboats
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    What are the top 5 fastest Bassboats
from jim (  
6/12/2001 1:11:00 AM


 I heard it was #1 Alison #2 Bullet #3 Blazer #4 Gambler #5 Stroker Is This Correct? Thank You Jim

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   boats from Jody185 (  6/12/2001 3:01:00 AM
  add skeeter to your list! this should make a few eyes pop out.LOL

   Add Norriscraft from Tim P  6/12/2001 5:15:00 AM
 Scratch the Blazer and replace it with Norriscraft and you will be pretty close. My only comment on the order is I don't think the Stroker would be last. I hope the Skeeter comment by Jody185 was supposed to be a joke.

   In no particular order..... from Jim Weller (  6/12/2001 5:18:00 AM
 Bullet, Norriscraft, Stroker, Allison for the top 4. The fifth I suppose could be Gambler, but that might be up for grabs.

   As long as you rigged them..... from Bullitt  6/12/2001 7:48:00 AM
 with comparable horsepower of course it would be Allison as the fastest with Bullet and Stroker following then Norriscraft and Gambler.Blazer is fast...but just doesn't measure up in quality and speed like the above mentioned,but it has potential.

   Just Curious from Sms (  6/12/2001 7:52:00 AM
 Over the past 10 years, only one of those has held a world speed record. Stratos and Javelin have both held records before Allison,a couple years ago, claimed most of them. But from a stock standpoint, your list is pretty close.

   Norriscraft from L.c. (  6/12/2001 8:31:00 AM
 Allison,Bullet,Stroker,etc. You here the same ones and for a good reason, but heard from only once in while is NORRISCRAFT and this one is definitly worth talking about. First class construction from start to finish with all the work done by craftsmen a lost art to say the least.

   Triton from TED  6/12/2001 10:15:00 AM
 My Triton has the fastest speedometer around! Oh well, it's a nice boat even if I can't see that Bullet when it goes by.

   Triton, Ted you should be a comedian!!!!! from buckethead (  6/12/2001 11:46:00 AM
 Fastest speedometer around thats funny, I enjoyed your post.

No disrespect intended, just a funny post.....

   Speed from Ben H (  6/12/2001 1:48:00 PM
 The ALLISON will be the fastest, period. But, put equal horsepower and equal prop on the others, and they will be so close you can't tell the difference. The only exception is the BLAZER, for it is not capable of the speeds of the others when comparing equal horsepower and prop. There are exceptions to everything, for instance the 20 foot BULLET is 3-4 mph faster than their 21 footer with same equipment. The Bullet is faster than a GAMBLER coming out of the hole, IF the trim tabs on the GAMBLER are up. If the tabs are down, the GAMBLER will beat it every time on hole shot alone, but will still be somewhat slower to reach top end due to weight differences. Other exceptions are boats that are made lighter than normal production boats, engines that have been modified for increase horsepower, and props that are blueprinted racing versions. These changes make for an unlevel playing field. But all variables being equal, it is as above.

   Ben, are you saying . . . ? from MartyB  6/12/2001 5:57:00 PM
 that Gambler makes a stock 225hp rated boat that will run with a Bullet 20XD with a 225 pro max and a 225 of your choice on the Gambler? Now, you said equal prop. I think a more fair comparison is running whatever prop makes each boat go fast without completely ruining the holeshot. Which Gambler is capable of hanging with a 20xd on top end?

   Jim, You should of asked which boat is fastest and also stable enough to fish out of. Thats Skeeter from CAPTAIN HOWDY  6/12/2001 6:43:00 PM

   Well, that depends... from Ken/Dallas  6/12/2001 11:07:00 PM
 ...on your frame of reference. If the BASS tests mean anything, I believe you'll find that a Blazer 202 was #2 for top end. Not bad for an "inferior" boat, I'd say. The Blazer 210 (1450#) that I run will consistently run high 70s at full tournament load with a stock Yamaha 225 / YPro27 and is capable of 80 (at tournament load) with a worked wheel.

I don't get into "boat battles", but thought I'd get the facts straight on the Blazers at least.



Bass Fishing, Bass Boats and all that goes with them is my "second career".

   What are the top 5 fastest Bassboats from Jeff B (  6/12/2001 11:42:00 PM
 Allison is the fastest, I don't think anyone will argue with that. Bullet and Stroker are the second fastest, with the 20 foot Bullet out running the 21 foot Stroker, but the Stroker out running the 21' 10" Bullet. Norris Craft is right there with them. Gambler, Blazer and Bumble bee would be my next guess with the Gambler edging the others out, then the Blazer then the Bee. Lets not forget about a Javlin, and Toons!!!! Which is stable enough to fish out of? All of them! Which has a better ride than a lot of boats? The top five on my list!

   Hey BenH from Geoff M  6/13/2001 12:44:00 AM
 That post of yours was right up there with "Jody185" and "Captain Howdy" ..... pretty funny stuff.

Keep the comedy coming.

   Ben confused me too.. from Basswipe  6/13/2001 7:43:00 AM
 So you are saying that a GAMBLER is faster on top end than a BULLETs with the same HP?? I remember there being a few tests run is differant MAGs, and I don't think any GAMBLER has ever run faster than a BULLET with equal HP.

   Fastest? Why? from BassMonster (  6/13/2001 8:38:00 AM
 Just curious to understand what makes these boats fastest. Is it light weight?, Flat bottom or modified "V", Weight distribution or hull design? What??? Everyone seems to have an opinion about who is fastest, anybody know why? LOL. Jim

   Speed 2 from Ben H (  6/13/2001 10:14:00 AM
 You guys tend to read what you want to read. I said after ALLISON, with equal engine and prop, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. That is a fact. The exception would be the 20 BULLET, for it is faster than the rest of the field by 3-4 mph with same engine. I also said the BULLET would be faster than a GAMBLER reaching top end. But once both get to top end, there is precious little difference, and not enough for you to notice if you were witnessing the two go down the lake one after the other. BASS two years ago, BULLET 21 w/250XB and worked prop ran 85.5 mph, the GAMBLER with a stock TROPHY ran 84.9 mph. Guys if the props had been the same the speed would have ben virtually identical. LAst year at the shootout, the 20' BULLET ran 89 and change, while the GAMBLER ran its normal 84.7 mph, or .2 slower than the year previous. The BLAZER last year year had an after market lower unit that added to its total speed more than BLAZER wanted to admit, it was frowned upon by the comittee inspecting the boats to say the least, for all boats were supposed to be totally stock production engines and equipment. My post was meant to suggest how meaningless this hagling over 1/2 mph really is, and not to suggest that one is faster than the other. I had a 19' 3" GAMBLER a few years ago that very few boats of any make would have ran with.....but it was far from stock, and thus any results obtained with it would have been meaningless. If we are to compare boats, less do it with equal engine and prop, not with tricked out versions that would be hard for the average consumer to purchase or own.

   Fast boats from 20xrd2.5 (  6/13/2001 2:08:00 PM
 Ben , Keep em coming,your killin me, my sides are hurting from laughing so much!!!!

   Ben, it's not my style to make fun of someone...... from JLively  6/13/2001 2:47:00 PM
 But you're going to have to show me the Gambler that will run in the high 90's to low 100's to convince me that it is as fast as a Bullet, Stroker, or Norris Craft. I've been in too many of each of them to start down that road.

Gambler makes a great boat, no doubt. But it just ain't that fast.


   fast boats from 209 (  6/13/2001 4:03:00 PM
 all ive heard is engine's and props.no one has factored weight the Gambler weighs 1650 and the others don't weigh that much.i,ll take my gambler in a chop run 60 miles and be confortable and not bust up my boat.Its not a stripped down boat trying to get speed it a true fishing boat.

   I knew there was a reason for that famous saying ... from JohnR225@aol.com (  6/13/2001 7:36:00 PM
 When the green flag drops, the B.S. stops! When all is said and done. The top five fastest bassboats are as follows.

First place goes to the Allison XB 2002

Second place goes to the Allison XB 2003

Third Place goes to the boat reading the back of the XB2003 and so on down the line.

John M Richied

   What about with a 115?? from WKE Driver (  6/13/2001 8:03:00 PM
 So where would my 20' Sea Ark Super Jon with a 115 and GPSed at 55+mph fit in? It has a livewell, electronics, front and rear decks, and pedestal mounts. It's even a center console like them there Allisons (WHAT A BOAT!!)

Think I might like gettin in this here equal horsepower deal. Hehehehe

White Knuckle Express Driver

   The top 5 fastest & best looking are.... from TomB (  6/14/2001 10:05:00 AM
 Bullet, Blazer, Gambler, Norris Craft, Allison.

Best bang for you buck in speed = Javelin.

   speed from whit (  6/14/2001 8:34:00 PM
 Last Sunday I was ostensibly the fastest boat in the 3'chop....I had 2 boats following my gambler 2200 paving the way. They thanked me back at the ramp. You ever notice the guy that never talks to a gambler owner no matter how nice you are? Why?Answer:its because he knows the gambler owner doesn't care if his gambler is the fastest. Although, it may very well be the fastest...depending on how rough the water is. LOL

   speed from WHIT  6/14/2001 8:47:00 PM
 Be safe and happy with what you have...you know the rest

   fast boats.... from madbass (  6/14/2001 9:29:00 PM
 who cares....you dont catch fish going fast!!!!LOL

   Can't catch fish going fast??? from KevinGa  6/15/2001 8:33:00 AM
 You can't catch them going slow either!! The guy asked a simple question. What are the fastest bass boats? Don't be intimidated if you do not own one of the top 5 fastest. Which ones are easily capable of 95+ mph w/ stock equipment? This should narrow it down quick.



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