14' quachita boat i need some information 14' quachita boat i need some information
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    14' quachita boat i need some information
from John holifield (  
7/22/2001 8:43:00 PM


 i am looking for any information on a 14' quachita boat that anyone may have. or any information on were i might find who took over quachita boats what i would like to have is new stickers for the side of the boat and new plates that go inside. i am going to repaint and would like to have new ones. ANY INFORMATION PLEASE!

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   first you got to spell Quachita right......... from beartrap (  7/22/2001 9:51:00 PM
 can't help you much.....they were one of earlier bassboats and I believe made in Lousiana....maybe in Monroe....well made and strong.......

   quitchia is really ouichita and the made aluminum boats from ChampioNman (  7/22/2001 10:08:00 PM
 were located some where in the ozarks and made a real good aluminum jon boat for fishing.

   Oachita... from Jim C  7/22/2001 11:02:00 PM
 I think you are referring to Oachita boats which were earlier glass bassboats of the "bathtub" variety. Similar boats in the early '70s were made by Terry, Ranger, Kingfisher and others. I think Oachitas were made in Arkansas which has a lake and park of that name. I remember some of the Oachitas I saw had vinyl covered decks, though the decks in that era were small and served little function other than a place to mount TMs and other accessories. Most of these boats also had forward "stick" steering.

   Maybe its "Ouachita" - starts with an "O", anyway.*** from Jim C  7/22/2001 11:08:00 PM

   It's spelled Ouachita, and pronounced WASH - uh- taw from rf coleman (  7/23/2001 1:55:00 AM
  I could not find any listing via search engine for today. However, when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's in Arkansas, they were a very popular flat bottomed boat, made in a variety of beams, including what then was a 16' X 60" monster that was used a great deal by commercial fishermen. Ouachita boats, along with Arkansas Traveler, were the boats of choice for many a summer camp...couldn't sink one because of underseat floatation.

The Ouachita River, just outside Hot Springs, was dammed up to become Ouachita Lake, a nice vacation spot with houseboats, etc. All of these were named after the Ouachita Indians who lived in the region along with several other small tribes.

Good boat. Made me a little nostalgic for "the good ole days." RFC

   Ouachita BB from CharlieB (  7/23/2001 3:43:00 PM
 I had a 14ft bomber style fiberglass Ouachita back in 73 it even had the optional steering wheel. With a 70hp motor that boat would scream (relative) at 30mph. It was a very durable boat,but it sure would make your kidneys and back ache after a day on anything but water like glass. As far as I know it still in the hands of the fella I sold it to. I beleive Ouachita went out of business in the late 70's or early 80's.

   Just like I said......"wash a taw" is spelled Quachita..... from beartrap (  7/23/2001 9:20:00 PM
 and they may have made aluminum boats but they also made a bunch of 14 and 16 foot coffin style bass boats...most I saw were gold colored......



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