Reliability of 2001 Evinrude Ficht??? Reliability of 2001 Evinrude Ficht???
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    Reliability of 2001 Evinrude Ficht???
from Michael (  
8/8/2001 12:55:00 PM


 Can someone please post as to their experience or knowledge related to the reliability of the 2001 Evinrude Ficht V-6 motors? I realize that there have been a great of problems with the 97-2000 models, but what about the new ones? Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

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   Reliability of 2001 Ficht from John (  8/8/2001 1:35:00 PM
 Most of the issues happened with 97-99 150-175 hp Fichts. There are also issues with the 1999 and 2000 year 200 and 225 hp they have to apply upgrades and a kit for the injectors. But beside that the large engines 200+ even back to 99 have been very reliable. I own a 99 225 HP and never had an issue with it. The 2001 engines went from a 3.0 liter to a 3.3 and I have heard they are even quieter and much stronger than the 1999 and 2000. From the standpoint of HPDI I would say they are the best. Are they more reliable than an efi. Probably not but as long as you break in this engine well and you have a good service dealer close buy I would get it. It is probably more important who is the best service dealer in your area than what engine to choose. Would I buy another. You bet. Would I buy a 4 stroke instead? When they "truly" come out in 225hp and prices and weight come down and have been in the market for a few years yes. My thoughts are that the ficht has been in the market since 97 and I think they have got rid of most of the issues. Also they have Bomberdier backing up the new models, a multi Billion dollar company that builds jets and train systems. Also factor in using the carbon gaurd oil when using this product as opposed to other 2 stroke oil. Though I have never measured it it depends on how you use your engine and how often you use it you will save about 30% on gas over standard efi's and 40% on oil savings. All I know is It takes a long time for me to go through 110 gallons of gas.

   ficht from gmotsis (  8/8/2001 5:11:00 PM
 I agree with John. There was no problem with the 1999 200 & 225 engine however they had to make a chane to the injector mounting system as there were a few cases of fire due to a loose injector. My 1999 225 cost less to run then the 150 magII engine I owned before. I only wish i had the money to buy the new 3.3 litre 225 as everyone I've spoken to loves this engine.

Good luck


   Let's see? Reliabilty on a motor that is not even a year old? Don't mean to be a smart a&&, but this question can not be answered. from Jeff B. (  8/8/2001 6:09:00 PM
 Honestly though, If someone answers "i bought my 2001 Ficht in the spring of this year and it has run flawless"! So what? Is that reliability? I personally would not buy a DFI, any brand, for at least a couple more years. Why? because of their "lack" of reliability. JMHO, Jeff Bosela

   Well Jeff... from Jeff Southern (  8/8/2001 6:50:00 PM
 I have about 200hr on my 2000 FICHT 175 an it has performed extreamly well. During most of the year, my boat gets used two to three times a week. I did have to replace an oil injector ( covered by Bombadier under warranty. ) The reason for the failure had nothing to do with the FICHT technology.

If I ever do buy a new engine, I would have no problem buying another FICHT or even Yamaha HPDI engine. The 40% gas and 50-70% oil savings are quite nice. I also like the strong quite power of the engine. I also love the fact that it will crank on the first turn of the key when the temp is below freezing.

I cranked mine after it had sat for 5 weeks ( too much work ) and it cranked the first time I turned the key. Not bad for an "unreliable engine" as you put it...

   My 2001 3.3L 200 FICHT has been flawless so far from Art  8/8/2001 7:23:00 PM
 Best engine I have ever owned. Twice the gas mileage as my 150 carb engine, starts like a new truck every time and tons of smooth power. When idling you sometimes have to look back to see if it is running. Almost too quiet. The problems were with the 98-99 150-175 FICHTs. Get a 2000 up Ram engine and you will be OK. Bombardier will even provide the warranty on the 2000 up engines.

   That's good to hear! from Jeff B. (  8/8/2001 7:35:00 PM
 But, reliabilty can not be based on 1-2 years worth of use. Glad to hear your Ficht's are treating you well! i hope they kicked the problem. I had a 98 Ficht 150, and up until it blew, I loved it! Easy starting, quite, sipped gas and oil, but to say that OMC solved the problem is premature to say the least. Best of luck, Jeff Bosela.

   Jeff B. from Scott A. (  8/8/2001 8:58:00 PM
 Look at it another way. Based on what I've read on this site, and seen at about a dozen tournaments, they are much more reliable than 2001 Optimax. That can't be disputed. I have a buddy up north who's a Merc man, as am I. He said at a walleye tourney he was at, the Opti guys were fit to be tied. He said he counted at least ten optis down. I'm not knocking merc. Like I said I own one. But right now, as ironic as it is, Rude may have the better of the two or three DFI systems. Who would've even thought that last year?

   Same old #$%* from Aj (  8/8/2001 9:04:00 PM
 They are the same engines,because bombardier has not started building new engines yet.The recall was for fixing the problem of the engines catching on fire and not for the power heads blowing up or the lower units disinagrating.Only time will tell if bombardier will be able to turn these engines around,if you buy one now, that ticking noise you hear in the engine is an omc bomb waiting to go off! hehehe(hope I didn't make anyone mad)

   tired of hearing the same old tune from ryan (  8/8/2001 10:44:00 PM
 This is the deal------any motor you buy has had some problems in the past,if the one on back of your boat is good then you are lucky but i am tired of hearing everyone knocking Ficht motors,i don't care what brand of outboard you have someone has had problems with it and that is the bottom line so do your research and make and decision on an motor and flip a coin and hope you got a good one!!!!!!

   2001 Ficht 225 HO from Bill Payne (  8/9/2001 9:35:00 AM
 My 2001 has 12 months on it(approx 275 hrs) and I am totally satisfied with the motor. It has performed flawlessly and is very strong. I will buy another one when the time comes.

   Loved Mine Until It Blew UP from Steve (  8/9/2001 10:39:00 AM
 I loved my 1999 150 Ficht until it blew two cylinders a week ago. I take care of my stuff and the dealer has no idea why it blew. Now Bombadier tells my dealer no pistons will be available for at least two months. I'm not holding my breath.



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