How fast does your Ranger 518 go? How fast does your Ranger 518 go?
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    How fast does your Ranger 518 go?
from Eagle 518 (  
8/29/2001 8:13:00 AM


 I have a 518, with a 200 opti, 25 pitch tempest prop, single console. Best I can do is 68 mph, gps speed. The speedo says 75. I know the gps is accurate. Thanks Eagle 518

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   Your there Eagle. from Danco  8/29/2001 8:48:00 AM
 Can't ask for much better than that.

   You are doing great! from KevinGA (  8/29/2001 9:49:00 AM
 You are running the same speed as a 202ZX Skeeter w/200 Yammie & 25 Tempest. Not bad at all for your boat!

   About the same from Jd (  8/29/2001 11:44:00 AM
 I'm running a '99 518dvx with a 200 Yammie VMAX pushing it. No jack plate. With two fat boys, gear, gas and lunch, I'm getting 67-68 on a GPS. I'm only turning 5300 RPM so I figure a jack plate and some other tweaking could get me 2-3 more mph. Havn't really been hard over to spend the dough to get it though.

   Seems Identical from Rescue Ranger (  8/29/2001 12:19:00 PM
 Running a 1999 518svs/200 Opti/25 Tempest & Trophy. Indicating the same @ 5400rpm (NO GPS). Experiencing some chine-walk. A little more stable with the 4-blade. Engine is mounted third hole from top. Wondering how you guys are handling at that speed?

   518 speed.. from Rangerb (  8/29/2001 1:16:00 PM
 Running a 2000 518SVX with 200 Evinrude Ficht with Raker prop-no jackplate and can hit 72 with one person during cool weather. With partner and loaded around 70. Extra weight really doesn't effect speed much, warm weather seems to more-lose about 2mph. Very little to no chime walk. The 518 has lots of front end lift and the best speed in not at full trim.

   71 GPS with 2001 3.3 FICHT from Art  8/29/2001 6:50:00 PM
 With me and the two fuel tanks at half full. This includes my rods and tackle. Drops to about 69 GPS with a partner and more tackle and rods. Runs awesome. No complaints here.

   Eagle Id say you have it dialed in... from TNRedAllison (  8/29/2001 11:15:00 PM
 My brother got one of the first 2000 518s on a deal from Ranger in 99. He is used to much faster boats but wanted to experience the "Ranger difference". It was a gorgeous boat, dual console, ALL the bells and whistles and I cant honestly remember if it had a 200 Opti or a 200 Efi. I am more leaning toward thinkin it had a EFI on it. After several trips back to Ranger and a few trips to the lake with a Ranger rep the BEST they could ring from that rig with a tournament load was 64-65GPS. He cussed the boat for that speed but liked the way it fished and looked. This was throughout that last half of 99. The first tourney he fished from that 518 was in Feb of last year. After being SMOKED by everything on the water, he went home, put the boat in the paper and ordered a Bass Cat Cougar with a 225 Opti. NO bad words on the Ranger, I kid the owners in here in the name of good natured fun. They are fine built, quality boats that still pretty much are the standard of comparison for bassboats. Just the dang things are soooooooo dang slow! If you see upper 60s to spot on 70 with a tourney load I would think you got that baby dialed RIGHT THERE!

Good luck, RA

   518 Ranger speed and handling from Bill Lowther  8/30/2001 8:29:00 AM
 I own a 2000 518SVX w/200 Optimax of the same year. When I first purchased the boat it had serious chine walking and wouldn't get recommended RPM's. I contacted Rich Boger of Boger Custom Props in Texarkana and after some discussion I did what he recommended and this boat now flies. I never had the opputunity to check my boat on GPS and motor speedo is plugged (I never really care about my mph) but last weekend my club had a tourn on the river and I was boat #9 out of 10. Three of the boats in the club are as follows: Stratos 201 w/200 Evinrude, Bullet w/200 Yamaha, Ranger 205 w/200 Ficht and another Ranger 518 w/200 Optimax of the year 1999 (w/jackplate). All these boats were at least 1/4 mile to 1/2 headstart on me before I started and I passed everyone of them. Ladies and gentlemen, even though this is MY boat, I was impressed. I run a 25 Tempest Plus and have removed two of the little donuts on the prop (you know the little air bubble holes behind each blade). Also I have great holeshot and never really hammer throttle to get on plane. My RPM's run around 5650 to 5700. At club tourn mentioned above both tanks were full and carried a passenger and his equipment. Guys in the club were impressed. I recommend that if you are experiencing any problems in speed and handling of your boat (any boat) contact Rich Boger. Safe boating.

   Don't worry, be happy from Mountaineer (  8/30/2001 5:25:00 PM
 Only in a perfect world do people actually reach top speed in their bass boats. I own a Ranger 519SVS w/ a 225 EFI Merc. Sure, this boat won't go 89 mph on glassy water with no wind, but I'll take the Pepsi challenge anyday with a boat of equal length and power during a tournament launch or in a good chop. Ranger owners, worry not about your top MPH, it's going to be plenty high when it matters.



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