Can my 1997 Javelin 389 handle a 2001 Ficht 200 hp? Can my 1997 Javelin 389 handle a 2001 Ficht 200 hp?
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    Can my 1997 Javelin 389 handle a 2001 Ficht 200 hp?
from Roland (  
9/26/2001 8:23:00 PM


 Would like to know if I can put a 200 hp Ficht engine on my 1997 389 Javelin.Had anyone of you or anybody you know that put a 200hp engine on a 389 Javelin. Like to hear your comments on this matter before making a decision.Thank You in advance.

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   389/200hp? from keith (  9/26/2001 9:16:00 PM
 Your 389 is not rated for 200HP. It is rated for 175HP. I am sure that your insurance company would not insure your boat if it is overpowered, not to mention the fact that some tournaments inspect for horsepower rating of the boat.

   Keith, what makes you think from Bass Assassin  9/26/2001 9:25:00 PM
 he fishes tournaments? I have fished a million and never had one check the HP rating.

Roland, if your serious, it will fit. I have seen that combo. Looks a little funny and as mentioned, it will be hard to get insurance on but it should work fine.

    I wouldn't do it.......... from Al S.  9/26/2001 10:36:00 PM
 Your boat should be fine with a 200 on the back, but you could run into some serious insurance problems. If you were to get into an accident and the "other side" found out that your boat was overpowered you could encounter some problems. (That's if your insurance company will insure it in the first place.) Personally, I don't think it's worth the risks....just my .02 cents worth.

   Do what YOU want, from Bobby r. (  9/26/2001 10:51:00 PM
 I dont see any big deal in overpowering 25 measley hp, when these guys with the Allisons,a boat that the factory rates for 150 hp, put 225 to 280 horses on them.Allison states that they will not warranty their hulls with over 150 horses on them, so whats the difference.These guys with the Allys are getting near 100 mph, while you will probably get around 72-73 mph out of that 200.Insurance could pose a problem, but it shouldnt be as bad as insuring those 80-100 mph boats.Make your own decision, and good luck.

   SON!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though the HP deal is not for speed.. from John in Tennessee  9/26/2001 11:04:00 PM
 it's for the flotation. Allstate insured mine when it was a little over rated. Some T's will not let you fish. All this is true but I still haven't seen a law that says this.

   One more thing regarding the rating.. from skeeter (  9/26/2001 11:14:00 PM
 one of the items that is taken into consideration when a manufacturer puts that sticker with the hp rating on it in the boat is the transom. The torque requirements of a larger motor (plus the weight) may exceed what the transom will be able to accept without severe consequences... such as warping, stress cracks, and worse....

think about it... you may want to reconsider...


   Allison from neal  9/27/2001 12:55:00 AM
 Bobby, allisons are over 20'. Regulations on horsepower limitations do not exist on boats over 20'. Yes, the manufacturer can put a suggested HP sticker on the boat, but again, that is only a suggestion.

   Rating confusion from pmgoffjr (  9/27/2001 1:17:00 AM
 The HP rating is strictly a Coast Guard mathmatical formula. LengthX Width2-90

I am not aware of any state/federal law that restricts what motor you hang on your hull. I know for sure in Texas, it is absolutely not against the law.

As far as your insurance, that is up to you and your insurance company, some will, some won't.

The coast guard rating ends at a 20' boat by the way, if your twenty footer has a HP rating, it's by the manufacturer, not by the Coast Guard.

   Bass Assassin from keith (  9/27/2001 6:00:00 AM
 Well Bass Assassin, of the "millions" of tournaments you claim to have fished, apparently you never fished any regional or state tournaments that are affiliated with B.A.S.S, because if you had, you would know that they check for horse power limitations of the boats.

   Its your boat from Blackbird's Remanufactured Outboards  9/27/2001 6:22:00 AM
 Put what you want on it.The rating system is a formula designed by the Coast Guard or someother person in the 1930`s with no idea what a high performance outboard boat is.No one will ever overhaul this formula because no one cares that much nor there isnt much need at this time.If you add 2in to each rearcorner and mybe another 2 in in the nose and re apply to your state you will get a increase in your hp rating ,they dont have the leval flotation nor the liability factor.Skeeter did this with Alum pices on the rear corners,Hydra stream did this with fins.Every body measures their mouldings to get a little extra. If you look at Triton ,Allison youll see a smaller haul under them than other boats like a Ranger, Stratos, Champ .Now does that make them assafe as the larger boats? They still met the coast guard specks. Making a small hull with a long wide deck makes them faster ,less drag and weight on plane not safer.Torque or weight has hardly anything to do with it....The POwerhead

Blackbird's Remanufactured Ouboards

Bass fishermen's preference for Remanufactured or new outboards and Remanufactured powerheads.

   200 Mariner on small bassboat with 120 rating from pete (  9/27/2001 6:55:00 AM
 Know a guy with a Winner 166,he sold Winner years ago but went out of business.The only thing he kept was that 1988 166 and a 200Mariner.Just saw him Sunday,13 years later or so that rig is going strong,said he can"t top end it cause it chine walks too much.I get a chuckle out of it every time I see him out with that awesome small boat

   Overrating from buckselectric (  9/27/2001 8:23:00 AM
 I see you posted from Canada, don't know the laws there. Some States (Arkansas for one) has a law against exceeding the BIA horsepower rating posted on the boat.

   Neal from dc (  9/27/2001 10:11:00 AM
 Neal, you are right, Allison is just making a suggestion with the 150 hp, the boat has an unlimited hp rating. But Bobby's point is that Allison will not warranty the hulls with anything over a 150, which makes it a little stronger than just a suggestion.

   Overrating from jon (  9/27/2001 10:28:00 AM
 If you were to be involed in an accident on the water because of careless, wreckless behavior, I can promise you, you are going to find yourself nose deep in a law suit once they find out you knowingly altered the safety standards on the rig.

I am not saying your insurance won't cover it. I sell for Allstate, CNA and a bunch of other companies and they don't even ask. I am not sure if the underwriting staff even knows what a bass boat looks like half the time, but the injured party is going to get more than what your policy can cover you for.

I think I would stick with the 175hp to be safe.

   Besides, if you're going to do it.... from JLively  9/27/2001 10:57:00 AM
 You might as well put the Rude Ram on there. There's not much difference in weight between it and a 200.

   The answer is to not have an accident from Uncle Pauper (  9/27/2001 12:06:00 PM
 Sounds conceited, arrogant, or whatever you want to say, but when it comes down to it that is the answer and it is easier than one might think if you put your mind to it. That's how it was in the old days, before kill switches, before life jackets were worn religiously, and before insurance. People used common sense. Want to avoid being thrown from the boat? Don't drive like an idiot, don't run 80 mph in a backwater full of stumps, and don't weld skegs on. I've seen some real boneheaded manuevers pulled by fishermen who think they are high performance boat drivers. Want to avoid collisions? Keep your distance, keep a good lookout, and reduce speed or just plain stop and let the idiots go first if you need to. If you run at night, you're at your own risk but carry a spotlight and make sure your lights work, and avoid moonless and cloudy nights and proceed with caution. As for injuries from cuts, falls, and that sort of thing, don't bring sue-crazy friends (they aren't friends anyway) with in the boat. Just as important, keep the boat in good mechanical shape. I see a lot of guys here who have never even taken the cowl off of their motor and they have no place on the water, because you know for damn sure they never even look at things like mounting bolts, jackplates, skegs, and that kind of stuff. There is no excuse for things like motors coming off of transoms at 70 mph just because the bolts were loose and hadn't been checked for 5 years.

Yes, no matter how careful you are there is the risk of an accident. I am not saying there isn't. But safety is more of a mindset than a law, statistic, insurance policy, or Coast Guard rating.

   389 with 245 HP from Brian (  9/27/2001 4:51:00 PM
 Have the 175 bored, The Javelin factory representive told me that a 389 held a world record at on time. That record was 91 mph for a certain distance. Theres no way he did that with a 175 hp.Remember its your rig, your choice.Good luck. Oh by the way i own a Renegade 19, The 175 Johnson is all i need.In alittle rough water the hull and ride cant take much more hp.I had a Triton blast me in a tournament 3 weeks ago in extremely rough water.Come to find out at the weigh in his trim busted also.



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