Skeeter ZX190 or BassCat Pantera Classic & Why Skeeter ZX190 or BassCat Pantera Classic & Why
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    Skeeter ZX190 or BassCat Pantera Classic & Why
from Dean (  
11/5/2001 12:04:00 AM


 I'm torn between these two boats. They both fish great and ride ok to me. Which would you choose and why? Thanks

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   Both Great Boats from Chuck Hannaford  11/5/2001 2:08:00 AM
 Dean, I can only repeat what has been said many times on this board. You must drive them, fish them, and examine them in light of your needs. I am biased toward Bass Cat for a couple of reasons. 1) Quality and 2) Service/Support.

The Cat's new vacuum process, vinyl ester resins, and all fiberglass construction can't be beat. I admittedly don't know details about Skeeter. However, I have fished out of a Pantera for 9 seasons and can say it is a Total Performance Bass Boat.

I wish you well in your choice.

   Bass Cat from BassCat0616 (  11/5/2001 1:23:00 PM
 This question has been asked many times lately, I would suggest you run a search. My choice is Bass Cat, you cannot beat the customer service and quality on the boat.

   Another vote for Basscat... from Jeff Southern (  11/5/2001 2:23:00 PM
 I am sure that the skeeter is an excellent boat and would serve you well. I would chose the cat basically because of the people who build them... Basscat is a more personable company. Also, as chuck said, the vinyl ester resins do make a significant difference in terms of strength and durability.

I must also admit that I am becoming bias tword the bass cat boats...

   My opinion.... from Judd (  11/5/2001 6:49:00 PM
 I have 99 Pantera Classic and I love my boat (most of us do).

As BassCat0616 said this was brought up not long ago and I would suggest you do a search also.

I will mention two things that I can say put BassCat above Skeeter. 1. The trailer, BassCat makes there own and it is a channel made trailer. I believe Skeeter's is a tube. I would prefer the channel over the me the tube has to hold some moisture even if drained completely. 2. The recessed trolling motor pedal it the way to go.

If you have specific questions feel free to drop me an e-mail.


   ZX190 vrs. Classic from Txbc (  11/5/2001 11:00:00 PM
 After reading this board for over a year, here's one I can contribute to. I fish from both boats every weekend. I own the classic and my fishing partner owns the 190. In the motor department both have 200's, mines a merc and the 190's a Yammie. Yammie gets the nod in the weather extremes of southern Texas, (I swear the Yammie has more bottom end torque and we both run 25" 3 blades). To get a good holeshot in the +100 temps I had to get Rich Boger to do some work for me (highly recommend,) I also hear Yamaha may be in BassCats future. I attibute much of the holeshot problem to the massive livewells in the classic (much better and bigger than the 190). I've yet to lose a fish, knock on wood. Rough water ride, no comparison, the Classic is far above. Partner rod storage, the 190 wins with an area next to the passenger seat. In the classic he either holds them or shares one of the forward rod boxes. If you're like me, I fill one with my rods (I added an osprey organizer) and use the other for storage. Speaking of storage, the 190 can store everthing in my house plus the entire contents of my '75 trans am's trunk. But this comes at a price. It's hard to work on anything under the rear hatch compared to the Classic. The Classic's a dream to work on. Instruments, I have mixed emotions, I like the computer unit as long as it works, so far no problems. In the 190, analog gauges with conventional flippers and switches, here again computers are the way of the future and I'm told quick turn times if there's ever a problem. Ice chests (big deal in 110 degree temps), The Classic holds ice all day, the 190's is cold water after a few hours (I don't know why, maybe location or insulation differences). One of my Classic gripes is raising the outboard, the center control cable exit seems to put the cables in a terrible bind, so I don't do it (ripped the boot out), now I raise up just enough to install the motor-toter. In the 190, we trailer short distances with the motor up on the factory Yamaha stop lever thingie (whatever it's called), no problem. Price? I know what I paid for my cat, but 190 tells me he paid thousands more. Fit and finish, both are really good if not excellent and holding up well. Fishability from the front, I like the cat ten fold, in the back it doesn't matter. Size-feel, I swear I going to get a tape measure. The Classic looks and feel a foot bigger than the 190 moving or at rest from the inside, maybe just an illusion of the colors and hull design. Heck, I could go on. If you have questions, I'll answer you're e-mail. If I had to choose from the two, I'd really look into your dealer's reputation first, even with these two class acts the dealer can make or break the enjoyment of owning either. With dealers equal I would really favor the Classic. But next time I'm going with the COUGAR!!! Cheers.

   Dealers from johnmel (  11/6/2001 10:40:00 AM
 Don't know a whole lot about either boat, but I second TxBc's assertion about dealers; make sure you consider this heavily when making your buying decision ...

   Txbc, I think you're talking about a different Skeeter from MartyB  11/6/2001 2:20:00 PM
 The new ZX190 is the old zx185, which is an 18'5" boat rated for a 175hp. I think skeeter made a ZX 190 as late as 1996 that was a 19' boat and was rated for a 200. These are not the same boats. If your friend's zx190 has a 200hp, it has to be the older boat. There were several improvements in the hull design post 1996, so the '96 boat and the new Pantera Classic would not be a fair comparison. I have a friend who owns a '98 zx185 and I have ridden in a Pantera II on Lake Lanier - not a cushy ride to say the least. The Skeeter rides well for an 18.5 ft. boat, but neither of these boats will offer a lot of comfort in big water. Personally, I love the layout of the new Skeeters, and I'm not that fond of the Cat's layout, but that is purely individual preference. I also very much like the look and ease of use of the console on the ZX boats. It is logically laid out and stylish, I think. You won't make a mistake with either boat, but I would crawl all over each of them until you really begin to develop likes and dislikes about both boats. You will eventually discover which one you like better, and go with it.

   Skeeter vs. 'Cat from Rex (  11/6/2001 8:06:00 PM
  If you plan on selling the boat for a new one in 5 or so years, you might check out the resale value comparison of these boats also. It just so happens that I bought a Skeeter, which I have absolutely NO dislikes about. But these other guys are right, you have to spend as much time as you can getting a gut feeling on each boat before buying. THE FISH DON'T CARE WHAT YOU FISH OUT OF!!!

   yearly changes from Txbc (  11/6/2001 8:32:00 PM
 Okay, now I had to go look at the ZX 190 to make sure I wasn't loosing it. And MartyB has a point. No doubt what I've been fishing out of for the past couple years is a ZX 190 with a 200, but Skeeter changed the game just like he said. I suppose this may have been the last year of the 200 on the 190 before the change, owner says a '97 bought in '98 (I'll give him a year either way). But I look at this on the bright side. It makes the choice of buying the Classic just that much easier.

   Rear storage on Bass Cat from MartyB  11/6/2001 11:25:00 PM
 I had not seen a new Bass Cat in several months and I passed a dealer in West Ga today that I didn't even know carried Bass Cat. I stopped in to take a gander since there has been a lot of talk about them here lately. From memory, I was just thinking the rear storage was not very good. WRONG, there is absolutely NO rear storage on the Pantera OR the bigger Cougar. Now I remember why I didn't even consider a Bass Cat. Dean, it appeared that the Cat's attention to detail was pretty good, and I liked the look of the rigging compartment, but sitting next to a ZX, it wouldn't take me long to drive away with the Skeeter behind me.

   skeeter vs. basscat... from fishin brad (  11/7/2001 11:19:00 AM
 I was once a proud owner of a Skeeter ZX185, which I loved (at the time). There are, however, a few drawbacks to a Skeeter. 1) They are a true to the word "Mass Production Boat". In this, I mean, if you expect a "performance boat", then you don't want a Skeeter. 2) Resale Value. Skeeters are comparable to used Corvettes. Look in any paper, and find 10 or more. I had a horrible time trying to sell my last Skeeter (ZX202). There were simply too many to compete with in all of the papers.

I Owned three skeeters before, and now I'm the proud owner of a Gambler. I'm not here to promote Gambler, but I will say that Skeeter is NOT a performance boat.

I have very little experience with Basscats, so I can't say anything except for the fact that they have the recessed trolling motor pedal (like my Gambler. If you have any type of leg or lower back pain, this thing is wonderful.

Good luck, and good fishing...

   Skeeter vs BassCat from Ned (  11/7/2001 12:27:00 PM
 Fishin Brad, I am curious as to what your definition of a "performance boat" is? I would agree that Skeeter is a mass-produced boat, but then so is a Ranger. Just curious as to what you consider are the specific shortcomings since you did not mention anything in particular.

   Ditto what Ned said from MartyB  11/7/2001 5:12:00 PM
 Brad, when you say "performance boat", who are you quoting and what is their definition of that term? Dean asked for a comparison between a Bass Cat and the ZX series. If your definition of performance is speed and handling, I'd say the Skeeter would easily hold its own, apples to apples with a BassCat. If performance means limited production or availability, then Bass Cat or Gambler would be on top, but that's not my idea of performance. Your idea of resale being tied to sales volume was lost on me. There are millions of used Chevy and Ford trucks on the market, yet resale has been great on both for years. I got a Chevy truck and my wife got a Volvo in '95, both new and both '95 models. Hers cost a lot more than mine, yet I sold my truck in '00 for about what her Volvo was worth at the same time. Would you say Volvo is more of a "performance car" than Chevy? I agree that Skeeter is not a custom boat, but that was certainly not a priority for me. What are some of the problems with Skeeter that you have identified as being symptoms of mass production.

   Skeeter vs Cat from Rex (  11/7/2001 8:24:00 PM
 I'd say that ANY boat that gets over 60-65 mph is a "performance boat." The performance of a boat can be measured by its driver. I know LOTS of people that own bassboats who have never even tried pushing them in turns or stopping quickly or whatever. They just go out and drive the straightest line possible to their fishing holes. I personally like to know what my boat will do, just for the sake of safety in case of an emergency. I have a ZX202 w/200 (not overpowered by any means)that will turn on a dime if necessary. And it has enough storage for 3 guys to fish out of. Room for 4 batteries AND 58 gallons of gas? That's a pretty roomy boat to me, and one that's NEVER let me down. Now, as for resale, if I was in the market for a used Skeeter, what do you think the chances of finding a nice clean boat are with SO many for sale? Pretty good I'd think! Most guys that buy Skeeters are pretty serious fishermen, so of course they'll want to upgrade every few years. I personally love getting the hottest new equipment whenever I can. Sorry this post was so long, JMHO!!!

   Performance? from Bill (  11/8/2001 7:26:00 AM
 I have to disagree with the comment about Skeeter not being a "high performance" bassboat. In my opinion the ZX line will stay with or out perform almost all others in their respected class. Sure there is Bullet, Allison, Stroker and a few other "pure Performance" bass rigs but for the serious tournament,weekend basser or Pro the Skeeter is certainly one of the "high Performance" rigs out there.



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