1997 Bass Tracker Pro Team 18 Jet 1997 Bass Tracker Pro Team 18 Jet
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    1997 Bass Tracker Pro Team 18 Jet
from Bassin' Brad (  
12/13/2001 2:09:00 PM


 I just bought a 1997 Bass Tracker Pro Team 18 Jet with a 1997 Mercury Sport Jet 120 XR. Would appreciate reviews from anyone with a similar boat. Also, what's the biggest water I can take this craft on? The smallest? Also, is this boat heavy enough to pull a skier - my non-fishing bbuddies keep asking. Thanks.

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   Cool boat... from Jeff Southern (  12/13/2001 3:40:00 PM
 I really do not know much about them, but would like to hear from you on how it performs. I suspect that it would work well on just about any lake or river. The only draw back I can see is that heavy grass might clog the intake.

Given the power of some of these new jet skis engines, I am suprized that there are not more jet bass boats. I saw a 175hp engine out of ( I think) a yamaha jet ski and it would probably have fit below the deck of most 17' bass boats...

You might have to re-arrange the livewell, but it would be interesting...

   Jeff - thanks for the reply... from Bassin' Brad (  12/13/2001 3:57:00 PM
 I'll let you know how it performs. Dropping it in to a Falls Lake, NC this weekend.

   You better have deep pockets!! from Humminbird (  12/13/2001 8:11:00 PM
 My friend had the same motor on a Ranger Jet boat. It will eat gas like crazy. I can't afford to fish with him. I always try to convince him to go with me. Jeff is right about weeds. Carry a bathing suit with you as you will surely need to go over-board and underneath to clear weeds from the intake manifold. By the way, my friend recently sold his jet and he was going broke.


   Jet boat from Smallie Scott (  12/14/2001 7:04:00 AM
 I have know several people that run these on the Susquehanna and Potomac Rivers. They are a great shallow water boat that I believe will run in 4 inches of water on plane. The only problem I have heard about jets on lakes is when the water is rough. However, with the inboard jet, it may solve some of the problems. However, when it is grassy, that is a problem and when you get in real shallow water and start sucking up small rocks and gravel.


   No clean-out unlike Gator, Scorpion, or ShoalRunner from RIvernut (  12/14/2001 8:27:00 AM
 There is no way to clean out weeds without jumping in the water. Mercury supposedly sells some sort of rake device that can be used from within the boat, but I don't know anyone who has tried one. The other companies that make inboard jets have real inboard motors that are not 2 cycles waiting to self destruct with overheating from weed ingestion. They have a cleanout hole outside of the boay just behind the transom. Those boats have the American Turbine SD-309 pump and they also have over 300 horsepower with a Chevy Vortec 350. I considered the Tracker but changed my mind because of a few reasons. The Tracker has much less power, has heavy wood in it that will rot, only .100" aluminum hull rather than .125 or 1/4", Tracker gas tank is small - 18 gallons I think compared to 33 0r 40+ in the Gator or others. I also wanted a 20' boat with dual consoles and rod lockers. Hope it works out for you, but watch the weeds, water pressure gauge and engine temp.



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