Duel Phase II onboard charger Duel Phase II onboard charger
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    Duel Phase II onboard charger
from Bloomer (  
12/14/2001 12:52:00 AM


 Does anyone have this charger or info on it? I have one on the boat i just bought and need info on how to use it . please help

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   Plug it in... from J r (  12/14/2001 2:42:00 PM
 and you will see the LED displays light up. I never got a manual with mine but I'm going by memory from what the Dual Pro VP told me. The charger is programmed to take a battery down (discharge) and bring it back up. I was always under the impression that when I only took out my boat for a couple of hours, I could plug it in just to top off the batteries but that's not true with the Dual Pro. It has a re-cycle time of at least 6 (?) hours if memory serves me correct which means that the LED display will show red for at least 6 hours before it turns green. Of course, this was on their first model so I'm sure it's been upgraded. I just haven't checked mine since '93. Another thing to remember as I got rather lazy after using mine is to keep your batteries filled with water (if you're not using sealed batteries) as the tendency I have is to think all I have to do is plug in the charger and everything just maintains itself magically. If you want more technical insights, call the guys up at Dual Pro and they are very helpful. Good Luck!

   Agree, And Their WEB site address is................ from Largemouth5 (  12/15/2001 12:45:00 AM
  Alan or Johnny @ Dual Pro can fill you in on all the details of their chargers, but CSI Chargers (DualPro) in Tenneessee have got their act together when it comes to deep cycle battery chargers. You will never find anyone to stand behind their product in the marine charger business that compares to this company. You have read or will read on this web site, more testimonials for the outstanding customer service and reliable chargers regarding DualPro than any charger on the market. They will be tickled to talk to you and service their products and their customers with unprecedented quality products and support. Their web site is:


and can shoot them an email or call their 800#, they will reply asap and you can more than likely get a manual for the DualPro charger model you have in the new boat. Lucky for you if it is a used boat, the preceding owner was wise enough to install the best darn charger available. Take it from someone who has used many brands of marine chargers over the last 15 years, you now own the best. When you have to have a dependable charger, 24/7, DualPro is only way to go. No overcharge, No trickle charge, No guessing charge (& no pun intended!!). Just keep your batteries checked once a month if you use them each week. Use de-ionized H20 to maintain level if dis-charging and re-charging daily. De-ionized or de-mineralized H20 will add years of battery life rather than tap water which may have many added metals out of the faucet. Get you one of those quart sized squeeze bottles with a tip on the end, to make adding the H20 a simple, clean, and no spill task that you wont dread doing. Then get ready, respool fresh line and forget about your batteries. Just


   Dual Phase from BluewaveShandy (  12/15/2001 11:13:00 PM
 If your charger is a Dual Phase and not a Dual Pro, the company that manufactures or manufactured (not sure they still make them) is Golden Eye. Don't know much about their system other than to not get it wet, and it will supposedly also recharge your batteries off of the alternator. For a while, Minn Kota sold the Dual Phase units before they switched over to BattCat. If your unit has any Minn Kota markings on, call MK and ask for Dave Marquette at their Mankato, Minnesota facility. Sorry, don't have their number but it's area code 507. Hope this helps. If your unit is indeed a Dual Pro, do as Largemouth suggests. The Brannons at Dual Pro are very classy folks and will knock themselves out to lend you a hand. Shandy.



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