Nitro 160 TF info Nitro 160 TF info
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    Nitro 160 TF info
from Flip (  
12/30/2001 10:09:00 PM


 I'm wondering what those who have a 160 TF think of the rig. I'm thinking about getting a 1995 Nitro 160 TF with a Merc 90 on the back as a first bassin' rig. There's a couple of things I'd like to know ... what do you think of the overall quality of the boat? ... can either of the rod lockers hold a 7' rod? ... I've heard that the overall length is 20'10" - is that correct & if so, could you put a swing-away tongue on it? ... finally, would you give about $5K for a 1995 160 TF with some pretty minor fender damage (scratches)?

Thanks in advance for your advice,


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   Nitro from etbass (  12/31/2001 12:09:00 AM
 i have a 90 16.5 T/F with a 90 rude. runs well in choppy water and top end about 52. not much for a hole shot because the boat is tail heavy with fuel tank and oil tank and 3 batterys in the tail. but does come on a plane better than you would think. good stable boat . mine will hole 7 footers easily. my opinon , yes on 5k.

   Nitro 160 from Oopsman (  12/31/2001 9:09:00 AM
 Flip, Go to the Nitro owners Home page they won't lead you wrong. Add your post there. Good Luck Happy New Year.

   Nitro from Basspat (  12/31/2001 5:29:00 PM
 A buddy of mine has a 95 Nitro 160 w/ a Merc. 60 on it. It's a good running little boat but, the overall quality is at the lower end. It's little things like the carpet on the corners of the storage compartments, rough around the edges in the storage compartments etc. It's a base starter type boat though and it gets you to the fish. He's had his in the shop 6 different times since he got it but, all for minor things. A couple of things in the trim wiring, transducer mounting problems and the aerator pump snapped off at the transom and filled the boat w/water! None of those things were really manufacturer problems though and like I said it's a nice litte boat. I'm pretty sure he has a 7' rod in the rod box also. I don't think that it's 20'10" overall though, I was thinking it was shorter but, not sure. Good luck!

   My Nitro 180FS from JimmyBass2  12/31/2001 7:57:00 PM
 Off the subject slightly, but my Nitro 180FS is just over 18' and is bigger than the 160TF's I've seen parked next to me at the tourneys up here. I'd bet your 160TF is in the 16 to 16'8" range. Lastly, I think $5k is good price if the boat is in good shape. My 180 with a 115 is a 94 and I payed quite a bit more that 5. Mine holds a 7' rod no problem, now that last part is way off the subject:) Jim

   Don't Do It!!!!!!!! from Jerry (  1/2/2002 12:17:00 AM

I had a 1994 Nitro 170TF and the length of the boat was just about 16 feet, 8 inches. I would say the 160 is about a foot shorter. Also, be sure to check for transom rot, as these year models of Nitros were terrible to rot. Mine rotted and it was only about 4 years old. I had brown water running out everywhere it could get out, including the bow eye! You can tap on the transom with a quarter and see if sounds like a hollow section of the boat, or trim the motor all the way up and push down and pull up on the skeg real hard. If you have any flex at all in the transom you have a rotten transom. Also, if you can get it on the water, watch the transom when the motor is idling and see if it moves more than the rest of the boat. Another more destructive way is to go to the inside of the transom and take some "core samples" with a small drill below the water line. If you have wet wood then it is rotten or soon will be. If you do this be sure to seal the holes back up good. I think that 5K is way too much for that boat! I'm sure it doesn't book that high. I only gave 7500 for my 170TF with a 115 Merc in '98, and that was about the book price. Check it out good friend or you are possibly gonna regret it. Also, I would check the rod box. I have my doubts about 7 footers fitting.

Just honest observations,




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