in search of jet powered bassboat in search of jet powered bassboat
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    in search of jet powered bassboat
from b. raiken (  
2/13/2002 1:00:00 PM


 I'm searching for a friend to purchase a jetdrive bass boat, suitable for tournament fishing.

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   only one I've seen from neal  2/13/2002 1:22:00 PM

Thisthe only one that I've seen that I would consider suitable for tournament fishing as far as size, speed, and layout. However, I do question the lifespan of the motor when used as most bass fisherman run their boats. 2 strokes are right at home running 5500 rpms for extended periods of time. I wonder how these 350s and 454s in these jet boats hold up if you run them at their red line very long. If they are anything like the little bubba jet boats of the past, then they really aren't suited for running long distances at WOT. You wouldn't run your car motor at 5500 rpms for an extended period of time, would you?

I also wonder about the durability of the 4 stroke outboards in the same respects. Long live the 2 strokes.

   jet boats from Mjo (  2/13/2002 2:19:00 PM
 bass jet boats that I am aware of

; All three are made in Missouri:

Shoal runner, Dolittle, MO

Gatorboat, Sullivan, MO these were mentioned in the jan issue of bassmaster mag.

Scorpion watercraft, Potosi, MO

Have sen all three of these boats they are aluminum hulls with engines 350, 454, and scorpion even puts a 502 in one. They can be custom set up. Hulls are either semi-v or a sort hull which is more of a vee like a bass boat. My buddy has a shoalrunner fish and ski. 350ci and will run in the low to mid 50's I have seen the scorpions run over 100mph. the faster you go the beeter these boats handle due to the suction of the jet. I know that shoal runner and scorpioin have web sites but I could not find them if I come across them I will post them here. Any thing else I can help with let me know. I do know that shoal runner and scorpion are usually at hte St. Louis boat Show.


   from missouri, not VA from Mjo (  2/13/2002 2:51:00 PM

   I've seen one from GE... F-18's float don't they??? from UFM82  2/13/2002 2:58:00 PM

   Randy from Gator boats delivered mine last week from Rivernut (  2/13/2002 5:47:00 PM
 That is hogwash about engine durability and 4 cycles. Inboards last longer than most bass outboars. Iron warps less than aluminum. Not to mention if this engine blows, I am out only $3000 for a brand new one, not $10,000 - $15,000! 2 cycle engines are unreliable. Jets have proven themsleves in tailwater fisheries like the CT River, that's why they have been banned in some trails - kinda backwards when you think about it, banning the smarter purchase!?! Never seen a Triton banned. And I am going to be down on that river in Hartford to Enfield cashing as many checks as I can from Foxwoods to the weekend trails. This boat is awesome!I have looked at jet boats for a long time and finally bought one. It is 20'2", .125" hull all welded, full carpet, dual console, dual rod locker, large livewell up front, aand best of all - 315 HP GM inboard V-8 350 or an optional 454. The jet pump is an SD-309 made by American Turbine. It has a clean-out quick access hole behind the transom outside of the boat. Power trim and stainless impeller are options that I chose. The base boat is about 19K or so, and you pick the color. "If you can draw it, we can paint it" is their motto. The boat does int he mid 50ís and gets over 4 mpg. It runs as shallow as any jet boat - 2 or 3". It is available in a 8 or 23 degree hull. I have the 8 degree version. Mine has a 33 gallon gas tank, the other has a 45. The livewell is up front and is 42" long. The gas tank is under the seat to keep it balanced. It comes with trim tabs and will plane in one boat length. I have a color brochure with a few very badass looking boats with neat graphics and monster rooster tails. This company has really impressed me by building in a ton of custom stuff at my request. Most companies I have spoken with use the word "no" to much for my taste. I have lots of pictures and anyone is welcome to come see ths boat or I can take you for a ride. If your not in a Gator jet boat you are fishing against one. Good luck!

   sounds like a nice rig from neal  2/13/2002 6:11:00 PM
 Sounds like a nice rig. How does it do in rough water? I would think that the jets wouldn't run quite as well in the rough stuff.

Also, the fish in the front livewell usually take a pretty good beating in rough water...that's why most manufacturers quit putting livewells in the front some 10 years ago. Plus, more weight up front kills bow lift. Most boats run better with most of the weight moved towards the back.

I still am not convinced that 4 stroke inboards have the lifespan of a 2 stroke if they are ran hard. Basically, it is a car engine. If you drove your truck in 1st gear all the time and it was spinning 5k on the tach all the time, then it wouldn't last very long.

What does your boat weigh?

2 strokes still have the inboards beat when it comes to power to weight ratio.

Oh, and those cool looking rooster tails are a waste of energy.

   Metal flake and fiberglass are a waste of energy too from Rivernut (  2/13/2002 7:55:00 PM
 They slow boats down. But it doesn't stop Rnager and company from selling a ton of them. Boats are bought because they make fishing enjoyable and look cool. I pop the "hood" on mine and am looking at polished aluminum and a Holley carburetor. Makes me not miss my old hot rod so much. Gotta love that dual stainless exhaust too. My Gator weighs about 1800 pounds loaded. Keep in mind this is a 20'2" boat with a flippin' deck the size of a Gamblers. The rpm's it tops at at are around 4800, much less than a 2 stroke, so it is MORE reliable, not less. The small block Chevy engine is a proven winner from both power to weight and durability. It has a roller cam that won't wear down too. Front livewells are a necessity to get to the winning hotspots. Jet boats need to be set up differently than prop driven boats. The weight is put forward to level the boat. Mine has power trim to get the front up in waves too. Keep in mind this is an aluminum boat, so the weight up front is still less than a fiberglass rig, and I have 315 HP from a stock Chevy Vortec engine from Marine Power. I don't have to run through the big waves becasue I can run near the shore inside of the breakers. Yeah fish take more of a beating up front, but this live well is HUGE - 42" wide with rounded corners. Jets do blow out in big waves, but those days are the exception, even on Lake Champlain where I fish a ton. No bass boats handle waves over 3 feet what I would call "well". Gator's 23 degree hull is a stepped hull design similar to fiberglass boats, and it runs as shallow as the 8 degree version. I did not get that one because it drafts more water at rest and I fish mostly rivers where that could make a bad difference. I blew several gear cases in my old Merc, the new boat has none of that to worry about. The only drive maintanence is a grease gun every week or so. But it all comes down to fishing. Seeing as how bass are generally shallow water fish, there is a huge advantage to a jet even in a lake to access backwater areas with impunity. Missions into back areas that took forever on trolling motor can now be done in seconds with the jet. I really like the part about no more 2 cycle oil and the unreliability of oil injection systems and fouled / blown cylinders from oil deposits. That's my $.02+.

   Scorpion boat have 2 stokes or v/8's from river rat (  2/14/2002 12:24:00 AM
 scorpion makes what I would concider that best boat of any They have 1/4 inch bottoms and you can get them in the 175,200, or 240hpEFI merc 2 stroke v6. My brother is a water patrolman. He has the scorpion with the 23 deg v. It handles rough water great, and runs less than 8". they make a 8 deg that will run 5" or less E mail me for some pictures of it . I can answer most any questions you have on these boats. the baots can run 60+ ang get great milage. warrantied for life !!!!!!under 20,000$ Spelunker@

   4 GPH my A@#$#@@@$$$$$ from Blackbird's Remanufactured Outboards  2/14/2002 5:12:00 AM
 Where the are you going with this BS.The 350 I had used to be hooked to the Alaskin pipe line,,,You must think we are stupid or what??? Mybe 24 gallons per hr at wot and 4 at idle. A big block uses 55 gph at wot so your telling me you get 51 gph better than a 454 right.It takes 1/2 pound of fuel to make a hp per hr PERIOD ,and NOW ROCKET MAN ADD IN THE HIGH SLIP FACTOR . You are insulting us with your BS and as far as rough water they suck along with weeds .As far as speed a 150 would leave a you in the dust along with your bent push rods........POwerhead

Blackbird's Remanufactured Ouboards

Bass fishermen's preference for Remanufactured or new outboards and Remanufactured powerheads.

   The fuel figure is not at full throttle - DUH! from Rivernut (  2/14/2002 4:11:00 PM
 I said 4 mpg not gph! That is mid-range too, about 3400 RPM's cruising from point A to point B. You were using yesterday's technology there BlackBird whatever Repair. Did you own a 20' aluminum jet boat? You sound very jealous or something. Thje AMerican Turbine jet drive is more efficient than the old pieces of crap made 20 years ago. The old whining trick about rough water is real old now, no bass boats handle rough water well, besides I'd rather be fishing in all of those quiet bass filled coves that you can't get to with your heavy generic fiberglass rig. Yeah there is slip, but a 4 cycle at lower rpm's makes up for it. Wake up and smell the future.

   The fact that you work REBUILDING outboards is funny - THEY BREAK ALL OF THE TIME! from Dave (  2/25/2002 10:08:00 PM
 That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

   jet sleds from Mike (  6/28/2002 11:23:00 AM
 I've often wondered why there weren't many jet powered bass boats. Out here in Washington, we run rivers, lakes and saltwater in our jet sleds. A 14 degree V makes running 3-4 foot swells a piece of cake. Powered by a Mercury Sportjet 175, (200 head) it gets 7-8 GPH and tops out between 42 and 46 mph, depending on load. After owning glass prop boats for years, I am glad I made the switch. I can go places I never had access to before. I can even fish for..... bass.

   jet boats from lance (  11/23/2002 8:12:00 PM
 I own a 21 ft scorpion outlaw jet boat, it fishes better than any ranger or champion i have fished out of,and will run 60 in 2 inches of water. try that with an outboard.. it has a 350 fuel injected,dual livewells,a 109lb trolling mtr,bucket seats,custom graphics,dual rod boxes,storage galore, a tandem axle trailer, alum wheels,surge brakes, cd player etc etc... best boat around. it was new spring of 2001, i have maybe 20 hours on the boat. i have ordered a new one with a 502,so this one is for sale.. i am asking 17,000.00 please email for photos or more info

   shoal runner boats .com from craig (  8/3/2006 11:08:00 PM
 I am vice press of Shoal Runner Boats Inc ( Craig Shepherd ) inboard jet boats handle better last longer and get better gph than most outboards. Any body that wants to go for a demo ride to see for there self give us a call 573-762-3777 or e-mail me at or come by and see us at 553Doolittle outer road doolittle MO 65401 or Shoal Runner Boats .com



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