Can I pull my boat in/out garage with riding lawn mower Can I pull my boat in/out garage with riding lawn mower
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    Can I pull my boat in/out garage with riding lawn mower
from Fishintechnician (  
3/3/2002 7:36:00 PM


 Hey guys, i just bought a new house, my wife is dying for a riding mower. I was just about to say "NO" when I thought hey maybe I can pull my boat in the garage with it. I only have a few inches to work with and a mower would make my job so much easier. Is this possible? I had my eye on a cheap 12.5hp riding mower. My driveway is almost flat. Anyone with experience in this matter please advise. Oh by the way my boat is a ranger R61 with a 90hp yammie.

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   Riding Lawn Mower from Bassmaster_tp (  3/3/2002 7:47:00 PM
 I dont know why you cant....i have a 85 350-V with a 150 Merc and i have no problem moving my boat with a craftsman lawn mower..15hp i think....and my driveway is slghty up hill.i just bought a 99 518 comanche with a 200 opti and i havent tried to move it with the mower but i am very sure it will i will just have to manually disengage the trailer brakes.hope this helps. THE BASSMASTER

   Riding Mower? from Ron1 (  3/3/2002 7:49:00 PM
 Well stranger things have been done, no, forget that. Yes it can be and is done, but it better be a gear drive mower and I don't think a 12 hp would be my choice. Now if you talking a 18 to 20 hp you probably would be just fine.

   riding mower from mike H (  3/3/2002 8:04:00 PM
 It should work fine. My fishing partner has rigged up his snowblower to move his boat in and out of his garage. mike H

   Hey Ron......Why does it nee to be a gear drive mower? from bassinator  3/3/2002 8:09:00 PM
 I've been thinking of using my mower to move my boat around too, but I was afraid my boat would be too heavy. It's a 19 ft basscat w/200hp merc on a tandem axle trailer. I've tried pushing it but that's almost impossible. I have to turn it to get into the corner so I can close the door. Back to my mower, it's ford with a 17hp kohler. It has the hydra static gearing. Actually I've been told it has no gears just hydrolic pressure. Why can't I use it to move my boat? Is it because of the size of boat or something else?


   Have you ever tried to hold a lawn mower back? from Waterfowlmagnet (  3/3/2002 8:16:00 PM
 If you can pull your boat around the mower sure as heck wont have a problem doing it.

   Thanks for the advice, now one more question from Fishintechnician (  3/3/2002 8:47:00 PM
 Will I have to get a special hitch put on it or can I use that hole on the back of the mower for a ball and use that as my hitch?

   Hell yes, that 12.5 hp could pull the garage along with it NM from Uncle Pauper (  3/3/2002 8:54:00 PM

   Fish go to a marine dealership and look in the "backyard"... from RedAllison (  3/3/2002 9:22:00 PM
 Ive yet to see one in 20 years of bassin, that DIDNT have a riding mower of somesort sittin back their with a hitch on EACH end of it. Riding mowers are geared so low it really doesnt matter WHAT size motor you got. You said you have a R61 and a flat drive way. That wouldnt be any problem for a lil 8 horse elcheapo, much less a bigger 12+ unit. The rear hole will be fine. Just get you a Wallyworld elcheapo 1 7/8" hitch (you aint towin to the lake, may as well make it useful for other trailers and such). And heres a lil secret that many forget. DONT raise your tongue winch all the way. Just lower the trailer onto the ball and stop there. That way you arent subjecting the lil mower to the full tongue weight of your rig. As slow as youll be moving it, it wont hurt the tongue jack and this will make it much easier on the mower and driveline.

I used to live in a house where I parked my old Skeeter (175SX/175 Mariner with tandem axle) in the back yard. Rather than mark up the yard and risk spinning out when the grass was damp I would just back the rig back there with a 84 11hp Murray (old clunker that I bought from a bud and I still use her today and have NEVER done anything to it) and Ive also used my 4wheeler but feel there is less stress on the riding mowers lowgeared driveline than a 4wheeler tranny.

Putta putta putta, RA

   Lawn Mower from Deepdiver (  3/3/2002 9:42:00 PM
 I tried it with my 14 h.p. when I put my R-91 w/200 EFI, single axle away for the New England Winter. The mower would pull it if the tires didn't spin. I'll try not putting the full weight of the tongue on it this spring. Lots of luck.

   Riding lawn mowers from GaryJ (  3/3/2002 10:14:00 PM
 Yes, the tractor will probley push it. I tried it with my Wheel Horse, but being a retired truck driver, and use to west coast mirrows ,i could not see were the boat was going. If you are going to move the boat with a tractor I would recommend pushing the boat with a hitch ball mounted on the front of the tractor. If you have a tight garage like I do and you are backing straight up you won't be able to see the fenders, and may end up hitting the sides. Good Luck.

   gear drive..... from fastbass9 (  3/3/2002 10:40:00 PM
 i think ron just meant that if it was a belt drive the belts might slip under the weight. this is not a problem with a hyd system. also a beld drive would not be able to stop a boat if it started pushing it, a gear drive would as long a the tires didnt push as well, and at that point, well call the insurance company. good fishin

   You cant do this by hand? from Thunder Runner  3/4/2002 12:54:00 AM
 OH MY GOD ...


   Lawnmowers from Brian (  3/4/2002 2:59:00 AM
 I didn't read all the comments. I saw red flares going up when I read you were thinking of putting the hitch on the back.... Don't do that!!... put it on the front. I pull my TR21 Triton all the time with my riding lawnmower a 20HP Hyrdrostatic drive and thats how my dealer moves all his boats also. Engine size won't make that much difference I don't think. If you put it on the front you can handle the tongue weight. On the back your gonna tip up. The riding mower is the only way to fly especially with tandem trailers. Go for it.. have fun. Brian

   They're lying -- it won't work from Mike Snow (  3/4/2002 6:11:00 AM
 I can't even put a hitch on my push mower! I'm thinking a mower isn't the best choice. I'm trying to get my wife to buy off on a 4-wheeler for this task. She ain't falling for it. The riding mower idea sure won't work. She doesn't care if I sweat when I mow the lawn. She knows how the checkbook works and will pay someone if she has to :).

   Don't know about mower but a Tractor works from Ranger185  3/4/2002 9:34:00 AM
 Don't know about mower but I use my tractor all the time. I made a bar for the 3-point hitch with a ball on it and just back up and lift it up don't even have to get off to hitch it. Its great for moving around the house but it would take awhile to get to the lake.

   Well, I use a Yardman with a 20 hp motor.... from P.v. (  3/4/2002 9:44:00 AM
 And it move all kinds of big boats around my lot. I usually stop at about anything above 21 feet. My lot is fairly level but full of potholes. It really gets a work out. People always say how great it is not contending with using a truck to manuver into those tight places. I am good at getting into those small spaces. Some of my employees aren't. I can launch small boats at my ramp but anything above 14 feet will end up with the whole thing in the drink. You will need a rear "hitch" that raises and lowers so you can adjust for the proper tongue height as most of the ball mounts are way inside and too low unless you can manhandle the tongue into it by hand (a real hassle if doing it that way). I move boats around a 3 acre site so don't 'em say it can't be done. But you should have more than 12 hp. I'd say. And, if you suffer from too much tongue weight on the boat, it is hard to keep the front of the tractor on the ground, keep 'steerage", without adding extra weight on the front.

   hhhmmmm from shawn (  3/4/2002 11:01:00 AM
 I have a garage which is about 2 ft short for my 18 `/2 ft skeeter. I have a Honda CR 250 dirtbike. I wonder If I could put a hitch on that and move it around. It has more horesepower than any riding lawn mower!



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