Ranger 391V vs 461VS Ranger 391V vs 461VS
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    Ranger 391V vs 461VS
from Jim (  
3/27/2002 1:19:00 PM


 I am looking at used Rangers. I've am considering the 391V and 461VS. The 391V is 19'3" with a 200hp, no set back. The 461VS is 18'9" with 11" setback with a 175hp. Both are 1996 models, in great shape and are about the same price.

I have never ridden or fished out of either of these and plan on taking each out myself before I buy.

If you have been owned or spent some time in one of these, whats your opinion?

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   391V vs 461VS from Jeff Hahn  3/27/2002 1:37:00 PM
 Jim: I had a 390 for 10 years and can comment more on that model. At the time I bought mine (1991) it was the biggest, best riding Ranger on the market. It rode much better than the 17'10" standard Ranger models of the day. But, it didn't ride nearly as good as my current R91. With the 200 hp outboard, the 391V should run about 62-63 mph. The 461VS will be faster than the 391V. Although it is slightly shorter than the 391V, the hull improvements in the VS series should make it ride similar to the 391V and have a better hole shot. But, one additional thing to consider is storage space. The 391V will have more storage. However, the extra rod locker that lays across the back deck is really not all that great. It will hold 4 rods that are 6'6" or shorter, but I usually used that storage area for extra baits and cloths...stuff I didn't need very often. An additional thing to consider is the trailer that comes with each rig. For the 391V it should have the D4200 tandem axle trailer, while the 461VS might have the single axle trailer. Based on my experience, if you trailer any distances at all, the tandem is the way to go. Frankly, I think it is a toss up between these mdoels. Depending on the types of water you fish and the type of fishing that you do, one model may meet your needs better than the other.

Jeff Hahn

   461vs from Whiteboat (  3/27/2002 4:21:00 PM
 I have owned a 461Vs for about five years and believe it is one of the best 18' fishing boats ever built. It has a great layout and fishes very well. The rough water ride is very good FOR AN 18' BOAT (nothing tames rough water better than extra length). Speed with a 175 will be in the 66-68 range with one person and 63-65 range with a tournament load.

If you fish a lot of big water I would lean towards the 391v as it is a 1'5" longer in hull length (the 461 is a 17"10" with an additional 11" set back which gives it an 18'9" length). The 391v will also have a slightly higher sides which is better in rough water. In my opinion, the 391v does need a jackplate to get the optimal performance.

If the majority of fishing is done on lakes with less than 15,000 acres, the 461 is a great boat. I have used it on bigger lakes but often wished I had a little bigger boat when it got real rough. The 461 did fine - just had to slow down. The 461 is also better for manuvering in tight places.

You cannot go wrong with either boat. Hope this helps.

   461vs from Rangerman  3/28/2002 7:32:00 AM
 I also have been running a 461VS for about 5 years and it's Rangers Hot Rod Hull at that time. AS stated 461VS with 175 proper set up (Stock Motor) will run 64-66 GPS Tournament Load. One man 20 gallons fuel, no water you might set 67 with a good tail wind GPS.I love the boat but it get a little short in a real blow.

   Ranger from Harlow (  3/28/2002 9:02:00 AM
 I owned a 391 for a period of time and it was a great boat. I never owned a 461. The 391 is the old double step hull that Ranger made for the 361 and the 391. To make these boats lift and run you need a 10" set back. When you get this setback you will be surprised at the performance. You will see speeds with a tournament load in the 391 of about 66-68 depending on prop and how strong your particular motor is. I ran Laser II, Tempest and Trophy on the 391 and the trophy 25 on a Paralift 12" hydraulic plate was the ticket for me. As usual, IMO the Ranger product is top quality inside and out, fishes great, rides OK ,and is tough as nails from a durability viewpoint. One critical point with the Ranger's I have owned is getting the livewell plumbed right. The overflows are stubbed out in the livewell and on a rough day you can lose alot of your water which is not good on your fish. Make sure the livewell control valve works properly and install a 90 degree fitting on your overflow pipe with it turned upwards of course and you will keep your water in your livewell. Good luck with your purchase.

   391 vs 461 from JohnS (  4/3/2002 12:08:00 AM
 Funny you ask, I regularly fish out of both! My team fishing partner owns a 390 with a Merc 200 while I own a 461VS with a Johnson Ficht 150. We fish tournaments just about every weekend (fishing season)using either one. I think the 390 has less storage space than the 391 but should be lighter because of it; this is my main complaint about it. My friend has a 10" jackplate and his boat hauls AS#! The 461 that I have is my favorite 18 foot class boat. It runs about 64gps with a 6" jackplate (yes with a 150) and I like it so much, I leaning towards replacing the motor with a 175 instead of getting a newer boat. Anyway, the nitty gritty of which boat we take: when we plan on fishing extremely shallow, we take the 390. When we expect a race to a hole or area, we take the 390. When the Ficht is is the shop (more than I care to relate), we take the 390. Generally all other times, we choose to take my boat, the 461, for overall comfort, more functional storage space, built-in cooler, better gas and oil usage, better comfort on long runs due to the Hydraulic Steering. Ride in rough water from my perspective seems to be about the same so that hasn't been a factor.




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