Basscat Problem???? Basscat Problem????
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    Basscat Problem????
from JohnJ/buckselectric (  
4/22/2002 8:21:00 AM


 First let me say I have ran Basscats since '79. A friend of mine bought a new Classic a couple of months ago and loved the boat. This past weekend, while on Bob Sandlin, he backed off a stump using the trolling motor and put a "rip" in the bottom. He was telling me (I havn't seen the boat) that all underneath you could "push" the bottom with you fingertips. Two months old, and he's without a boat! He's to take it to the dealer today and see what they say. I guess I'm telling this story, not to Bash Basscat, but to find out if others have had this sort of problems. JohnJ

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   Second Hand Information...doubtful from Chuck Hannaford (  4/22/2002 9:30:00 AM
 John, What does "back off a stump" mean? Was there "rebarb" in the stump...that is the only time I ever damaged the bottom of a Cat...sat down on a stump with a piece of metal sticking out of it.

Push the bottom with your fingertips? What does that mean?

Ain't no way a Bass Cat or any other quality boat is going to have that kind of problem from just "backing off a stump" with the trolling motor. This smells like a troll...too little information and the motive is certainly suspect.

   ) from John in Tennessee  4/22/2002 10:42:00 AM
 He ain't the trolling type....Now with that said I'm sure he would not be aversed topulling your leg a country mile either but trolling...Naw...:)

   Basscat problem from Bob (  4/22/2002 10:52:00 AM
 John, I have owned a 1988 basscat since 1992 . I live on a lake so I fish almost once a week year round. I have run over and rode a lot of stumps and so far have not had a problem. If your friend has a problem with the hull , Im sure it is a rare manufacture defect which the basscat family will take care of . Infact this is the first time I have heard any complant on the basscat. Please advise this board on what you find. Take care,Bob

   basscat again from JohnJ/buckselectric (  4/22/2002 1:52:00 PM
 Bob, as I stated earlier, I have ran basscats since 79, my current being a Caracal. Basscats are know in East Tx/SW Ark for the the boat that will take the dayin/dayout cyprus and bois-de-arc of Millwood. This boat I'm talking about is 2-months old. Has been on Millwood, Patman, and Bob Sandlin. Fishes Anglers Choice. The man is not tough on boats and knows how to run one. As for Chuck, If you don't wanna beleive it, thats up to you--but if you will look at my post, which I initiate very few, you will see I don't troll. I don't beleive in wasting peoples time and Bashing, which is what this post would start if it were a troll, is counterproductive. The boat owner was simply trolling the boat, got on a stump--no rebar-- and backed off with the trolling motor. He heard the cracking noise we all hear and think is a stump, cept this time he started taking on water. By pusing on the bottom, I mean take your finger, push against the bottom, and there is a softness. As I said earlier, I havn't seen the boat, but his brother was telling me last night. He's going to the dealer today. Will let everyone know what happens. JohnJ. BTW, Thanks John in Tenn for speaking for me.

   John...the point from Chuck Hannaford (  4/22/2002 11:25:00 PM

My point was that it does not make sense with the facts you listed. The reason I said it sounds like a troll is that there was little if any specific information. As I said, it is incredibly unlikely that any major manufacturer would produce a boat that would develop that kind of problem from simply "backing" off a stump.

Now, if the boat is new it has a limited life time hull warranty and it will be fixed if it is determined that it was not abused. I hope that is the case.

Again, my point was that it did not make sense with the facts that you presented. If the boat as is you say and it was not the operator's fault, it will be made right.

   well if the boat does have a problem from Frank (  4/23/2002 10:24:00 AM
 all he needs to do is let the factory look at it and if it is a defect...i'm sure they will take care of him. they are #1 in factory support. basscats are well known for their hull toughness regarding fishing stumps. the bottom line is...if there is a problem with their boats..they take care of it, no questions asked.

   basscat from johnJ/buckselectric (  4/30/2002 10:06:00 AM
 It has come to my intention that this orginal post could be misinterpreted as bashing Basscat. As I tried to point out, it was not my intent. I have been told that Basscat is looking into the situation. I'm truly sorry for any problems this post may have caused. JohnJ

   I hit one on Sat. while idleing out of a cove.... from John in Tennessee  5/2/2002 5:24:00 PM
 It took a hunk out of the hull. Now it could have been a rock too. I have hit all kinds of stumps n stuff with no damage but there is always a 1st time...

   Basscat from bob (  5/4/2002 5:34:00 PM
 John, I dont think your post was intended to bash Basscat.Basscat makes a very good boat and most of the readers on this board, especially the ones who own Basscats are intelligent enough to know that. Take csre and let us know what you find. Bob



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