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    Blinker style trim switches
from Ryan Coleman  
5/6/2002 1:13:00 PM


 For some reason, my first post did not show up

Anyone upgrade an older boat with the new blinker style trim switch? I have a 1997 TR20 with the trim on the wheel but the wires keep breaking. After using the blinker style in my 2002, id like to upgrade my 97.

Are there any kits available? How about the cost?



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   Now it shows up from Ryan Coleman  5/6/2002 1:14:00 PM
 sorry for the double

   I put one on my 1997 Ranger from Whiteboat (  5/6/2002 4:11:00 PM
 The only pain was pulling the steering wheel and putting it back. Cost was about $50 for the blinker unit. I have Teleflex hydraulic steering on my boat and the blinker switch was made by them.

Dealer would probably charge you an hour labor which will vary.

   Finger trim from z-man  5/6/2002 8:15:00 PM
 Ryan, there are a couple of different styles made. I have the the Teleflex style. It is a great unit, but as stated above it's a pain to take off the steering wheel especially with hydraulic steering. You can damage the helm if you are not carefull. The other style is made by T&H Marine. It also is a good unit and is much easier to install. It is actually made to prevent the above problem. The beauty of this model, is that it is installed without removing the wheel. Put the collar around the helm, tighten two bolts, splice in the wire, done. The T&H is available from West Marine for $44.99. I hope this helps. Take care, Jerry

   Trim levers from Kris (  5/7/2002 9:49:00 AM
 Hey Ryan, hope all is well. Re: trim levers....I recently installed the Teleflex model myself on my TR-186. Got it from Bass Pro Shops. Having grown up the son of a marine dealer, I had "helped" install quite a few of these, but had never done one by myself. It was a breeze. Like is stated above, the hardest part is removing the steering wheel (and, of course, drilling a hole in the dash for the wires to go through).

The easiest way to get the steering wheel off is to do this: 1) of course, take whatever "cap" (in my case, the Triton cap) off and unscrew the nut; 2) sit in the drivers seat with a hammer and a screwdrive/blunt end tap; 3) place the tap on the bolt in the middle of the steering wheel and hit it with the hammer while applying pressure from under the steering wheel with your knees (it make take a few times, and it may take a good bit of pressure, but it'll come off); 4) make sure not to damage the threads on the bolt.

On my Triton, the factory had already rigged the wires to accept the trim lever wires (already had connectors spliced in), so there was no splicing on my part - so look before you start cutting wires.

Hope this helps. If it's confusing, email me for clarity. Good luck.




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