Welding engine block Welding engine block
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    Welding engine block
from jfuchs (  
5/15/2002 12:46:00 PM


 They finally told me what caused my motor problem...the block is cracked!! The mechanic said he can weld the block to fix it and save me some money because the insurance probabaly wont cover it. Is this a good idea or wil it just give me more trouble? The problem was caused by wear and it fatigued the metal. He said the pistons had something to do with it wearing ( is was so shocked when he told me so I wasnt paying that much attention. There is no way I can afford a new motor and I really need opinions on this. I know I dont really have a choice if I want it fixed, but should I explore other options before I tell him to weld it?

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   The question is.... from John in Tennessee  5/15/2002 1:35:00 PM
 Will the mechanic stand behind his repairs? Or will it hold up??

   Welding your block from Cliff (  5/15/2002 2:12:00 PM
 IT can be welded. One make sure the welder drills release holes at the ends of the cracks. This will prevent any future cracks. What kind of engine is it? I have a good block for a 1998 Ficht 150 Evinrude that lost compression due to bad rings. I would willing to make you a deal you be proud of if you want it. The whole motor!!

   that is my first question.. from jfuchs (  5/15/2002 2:13:00 PM
 Will he stand behind it is my #1 question.....I just bought the boat from the place that is working on it in January..used..I asked if they checked out..they said they did and it was a strong motor. Wouldn't wear and metal fatigue be something they could see if they checked it out good?? I am still early in negotiations, but shouldnt a dealer back the quality of his merchandise even if it is used?

   motor from jfuchs (  5/15/2002 2:14:00 PM
 Its a 99 Yamaha Vmax 150

   Don't waste your money from Roby (  5/15/2002 2:16:00 PM
  If you have it welded you best sell it asap. I feel sorry for the poor guy who buys it though. Fix it right the first time, you will save money in the long run.

   Dealer and used motors... from John in Tennessee  5/15/2002 2:46:00 PM
 Right after the sale maybe...But long term I don't think so...Thats a lot to ask....

   5 weeks from jfuchs (  5/15/2002 2:51:00 PM
 Is five weeks long term?? I put less than 3 hrs on the motor

   You bought it in Jan. 4 months.... from John in Tennessee  5/15/2002 4:18:00 PM
 That would have been a hard one to predict. I have been on both sides of the question. I would think the dealer would cut you some slack but thats up to him. What is is total price to fix it?

   welding from ronb (  5/15/2002 7:42:00 PM
 First I am a certified welder.Second ABSOLUTLY DO NOT REPEATE DO NOT LET HIM WELD THAT BLOCK!!!!!!!!! Go get your engine asap any mechanic that is going to weld a cast iron block is NO mechanic I would want working on my engine. Even if he drills relief holes at both ends of the crack I GARUNTEE you it will still crack and break again.Cast almost never stays together after being welded I dont care how long he preheats it and how slow he welds I promis you sir welding that block is a HUGE mistake. Listen to me man I'll save you some money on this one.Third that is absolutly obsurd that he is offering to weld that for you number one rule never ever weld an engine block.

   Price to fix.. from jfuchs (  5/15/2002 8:53:00 PM
 The estimate he gave the insurance was 8500....I guess it would be easier to just get a new motor.........he hasnt given me a price to repair it, just an insurance estimate..he did say he could get 1500 toward a remanufactured one from Yamaha..and he did say he could work with me on the labor...i am just keeping my fingers crossed on this one....FYI..I bought the boat Jan 29...tore up the second week in March...brought it in the following week when I finally got time( March 29) and they are just getting to it now....

   Hey Jay. from diehard (  5/15/2002 9:44:00 PM
 J, give me a call, I think you can come out alot better than you think on this one. down time sucks, but you'll be on the water soon.


   Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from Jigging Jim (  5/15/2002 10:58:00 PM
 This is a hard one.Alot depends on where the block cracked. I have welded Aluminum blocks & never had a problem.Aluminum is alot more forgiving than castiron.But just how good a welder is he on aluminum.It's a crap shoot unless you know your mechanic.I don't know that many mechanics that are that good at tig welding unless he is sending it out.But he may be.Tig welding is a art in is self.Give this some thought.

   Agree with Jim... from Local Motion  5/15/2002 11:34:00 PM
 ...on welding the aluminum. I have had repairs with success. I used a guy who builds custom aluminum hardtops, they have lots of experience welding aluminum all day long.

   Welding from Alex from GA  5/16/2002 9:06:00 AM
 As with the above posts I have had 2 outboard blocks welded and when I sold them they were still good. It would depend where the block is broken and who is doing the job.

   welding from ronb (  5/16/2002 8:06:00 PM
 even aluminum I still would get a new block and start a rebuild. Trust me man I have seen this a lot it NEVER last's. Alex from ga you must be a holy terror on your engines.



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