NEED HELP !!! anyone with info on Ranger 390 or 391 NEED HELP !!! anyone with info on Ranger 390 or 391
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    NEED HELP !!! anyone with info on Ranger 390 or 391
from Yammyhaw (  
8/16/2002 1:01:00 PM


 Is there any of you that can tell the good or bad about the ranger 390 or 391 how do they fish and ride . What is the layout like on each . Also what is there lenght and beam . ANY infomation would really help !

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   ranger specs from Dhs (  8/16/2002 1:14:00 PM
  Yammy, here's a page that has the specs for all rangers on it, maybe you can post a ? on bass boat central and someone can give you more specifics???? DHS

   Ranger 390 from VinceR (  8/16/2002 4:29:00 PM
 The specs for the 390 Apache as they appear on the BBC spec page are correct, with a couple of exceptions. The 390 Apache series had a single 40 gallon fuel tank and they did have a passenger side rod ramp with a strap. The 390 series Rangers were quite possibly the best fishing platform built in their time. The 3 series hulls were very stable, could float on a sponge, and with the optional deck extension, the front deck was huge. If you like pitching and flipping in extremely skinny water, this is the boat. The downside was that, like all 3 series Rangers, the rough water ride left something to be desired. I had a 1992 model with a 92 Johnson Limited Edition (200 hp.). It was rigged with a 6" Knox Enterprises manual jackplate. I was told by several people that it was the fastest Ranger that they had ever seen. I can't say whether that was true or not, however, I do know that this boat did see 69.1 mph. on gps @ 6200 rpm.(everything was optimum, i.e. light load, 6" - 8" chop, slight tail wind). At the time, I was running a 25p Predator Eagle. I wasn't crazy about the holeshot, but the top end was great. I normally ran a 27p Shooter, 67.4 at 6100 rpm. (63.5 - 64.5 mph. @ 5900 - 6000 rpm. w/ tournament load) I liked this prop as a better all around choice, plus, it had a great holeshot. Hope this helps, Vince.

   Great boats for their time and still very functional today from Whiteboat (  8/16/2002 4:53:00 PM
 Comparing the 390's to today's boats for ride and speed is not a fair comparison. The 390's are a very stable platforms and fish very well, Speed wise you can expect 64-67 mph tournament loaded with a 200 hp. The rough water ride is not bad for a 19' boat with a 10 year old hull design The 391 has the lower gunnels (raised deck)and more storage. It is very nicely layed out and would be one of my first choices if I was in the market for a older used boat. The 390 is the same hull but has higher gunnels and is missing the starboard side rod box

The Commanche 390 & 391 series was Ranger's top of the line boats in their time. The Apache 390 series and 391 XT series were the economy models that was put in service during the model's "twilight" years - but it is still a very solid hull.

Hope this helps

   Ranger 390 from Jeff Hahn  8/17/2002 12:07:00 AM
 Yammyhaw: I had a 1991 Ranger 390 for 10 1/2 years. Mine only had the GT 150, top speed about 54 mph. At the time, it was the best riding Ranger on the market. The newer hulls generally ride much better. The closest comparision would be that it rides a little rougher to the 518. My 390 did everything that I ask of it, including Lake Erie. My 390 Comanche had twin 28 gallon tanks. I loved that boat and I see it every few weeks...still looks almost new! E-mail me if you have specific questions.

Jeff Hahn

   391v from Hubcap (  8/17/2002 12:24:00 AM
 I own a 1990 391V with a Johnson GT 200. Rough water ride is not too bad. As far as a fishing platform goes its about as stable as you can get for a boat that is 19' 3" long. I have the drop in extension and the deck is huge. The only downside is that there is so much storage space I'm going to have to buy more gear, like thats a bad thing! I fish tourneys with it every weekend and I have no complaints at all. If you have any questions shoot me an E mail. Hubcap

   390 vs 391 from Planocat  8/17/2002 3:16:00 AM
 They are both single console floorplans. Given a choice, the 391 Comanche series, in my opinion, would be the preferable layout. The Apache series was built for price only and has no advantages and a few disadvantages to the Comanche series.

I have owned a 391v, 392v, and 393v at one time or another. While I have never owned a 390v, I have owned a 370 (it's little brother) and found the open area in front of the driver's console to be less desireable than having a rodbox/storage area. My 392v ran mid to upper 50's with a 150. I upgraded to a 200 w/ 6" Rapid-Jack plate and it will now run 63. They aren't speed demons or the smoother, drier ride of today's improved hulls. But they are excellent layouts and nothing I know of is more stable or fishes any better. IMHO, a well maintained one offers exceptional value.

If you e-mail your fax #, I have catalogs from most Ranger model years and can send you a copy of the layouts of all the 390 series boats. There was also a 395vs(rated for 235h.p.), 395v I/O, and 396v..... but these models are pretty rare.

Hope this helps.....


   391v from Vince Bass (  1/25/2003 3:16:00 PM
 I'M looking for a Ranger 391V.Anyone wanting to sell,or knows someone is please contact me.My e-mail is,or call at(864)391-2076.Thanks Vince Bass



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