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    Waterproofing Boat Cover
from Jim C (  
9/30/2002 5:49:00 PM


  A little Help guys I have to waterproof my boat cover . Its a custom fitted cover about 12 years old made out of some kind of Cotton duck. Very good shape but has lost its waterproofness. Is that a word??/ I was going to buy a bunch of Campdry spray cans but thought I'd ask around 1st . Any help would be much appreiciated. Thx Jim C.

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   Waterproof the cover from hathcock (  9/30/2002 7:01:00 PM
 Bass Pro shops sells some pretty good liquid stuff for like 8 bucks. Works well and has a UV inhibitor in it also.


   Aqua-Tite from Gary (  9/30/2002 7:02:00 PM
 I waterproofed my boat cover a couple of years ago with Aqua-Tite. The man that made my custom cover got it for me. It is great. It restored the waterproffing 100% and is still working. Good stuff! It is manufactured by MarChem Coated Fabrics,Inc., 500 Orchard Street, New Haven, MO (573-237-4444

   I will also recommend Aqua-tite from Bob (  9/30/2002 7:39:00 PM
 I live in Pennsylvania and I have used Aqua-tite on several boat covers with great results. It is an excellent product and it takes me about a half gallon to do a 20 ft boat cover.

   Impressed and furture plans from JimFish (  10/1/2002 8:02:00 AM
 I have a Sunbrella full cover(front bow,top and aft) that is ~14 years old and was really getting moldy looking and leaky. Figuring I didn't have much to lose, I started spaying on a weak soution of bleach(*) and water(4to1) on nice sunny days and letting it dry. Cleaned it up real nice but I think I further destroyed the waterproofing since it really started to leak. Sunbrella recommends "pro-tect" but I couldn't find. I was at Bass Pro and saw their product and bought the ~$8 bottle and tryed it on the top. That night it rained and when I want down to the boat the next AM I was really impressed to see big beads of water on the top and didn't even look wet where I sprayed. On the other parts, the water just soaked in was wet looking.

So before next year I'm going to take all the "canvas" off and bleach the inside and out side to get all the mold off. Then I'm going to take the all the fabric to a canvas shop to have all the stiching gone over. Then Buy the 1/2gal bottle(maybe 2) and using a garden pump sparyer do both sides.

(*) be carefull with bleach and make sure you don't have a cotton top or cotton stiching. Too stong a solution mmay destroy it. Use ar your own risk.

   Applying Aqua-tite HELP?? from Jim C. (  10/1/2002 8:22:00 AM
  Thx Guys have been reading about the Aqua-tite it sounds great will give it a try. How did u apply it. They said u can roll brush or spray .I was thinking about rolling it with the cover on the boat any thoughts??? Thx again Jim C.

   Aqua Tite from Gary (  10/1/2002 10:55:00 AM
 Jim, I used a garden sprayer.

   Campdry does not last from craftydog (  10/1/2002 12:24:00 PM
 I have used Campdry twice on my cover for my 18 foot boat. Takes at least 8 cans to do it right. Then it lasts maybe 2-3 months. I am gonna try the Aqua-Tite because Campdry certainly does not work for very long.

the dog

   Over the wash line............ from Bob (  10/1/2002 6:54:00 PM
 I hang the cover over a wash line and spray it with a garden sprayer.......I rolled it on one and I would not recommend that method. It does not take long to dry if applied correctly.



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