2000 Ranger R81VS with Merc 175 EFI - Comments Wanted 2000 Ranger R81VS with Merc 175 EFI - Comments Wanted
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    2000 Ranger R81VS with Merc 175 EFI - Comments Wanted
from Pete (  
1/28/2003 12:29:00 PM


 I spotted one that looks interesting. Any comments from owners will be appreciated. thanks............Pete

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   Good Rig from Jeff Hahn  1/28/2003 1:32:00 PM
 Pete: The 185 with the 175 EFI should be a good outfit for you. It is a very fishable rig with plenty of space and a super wide front deck, especially for an 18 foot boat. It should run in the low 60's.

Jeff Hahn

   I got one Pete from ron (  1/28/2003 1:51:00 PM
 Hey Pete I got that same boat same year, its my second boat and my last one because I wont need another one this is a very nice boat for the working man anyway. Its 18'10 inches and with a extended deck it's a heck of a fishing machine I'm just not saying that cause I own one you'll probably get some nice replies off this post. Like jeff said it will run I've had mine 66mph read from a garmin168 gps. If you have any qestions if you get it ask on here, alot of people on here will help you if not myself I'm on here everyday. so good luck Pete.. Ron

   Sorry Pete! from Jeff Hahn  1/28/2003 2:01:00 PM
 Pete: I mis-read your post...need to get my prescription changed! The R81 is still a great boat. But the front deck won't be quite as wide as the new 185. Everything else I said is still accurate!

Jeff Hahn

   Jeff do you deal with Dixie Marine in fairfield OH..??? nomsg. from ron (  1/28/2003 2:09:00 PM

    Norton Marine is my dealer from Jeff Hahn  1/28/2003 2:22:00 PM
 Ron: I'm in NE Ohio, about 4 hours from Dixie. Norton Marine in south Akron is my dealer. I know many of the folks at Dixie and they run a excellent dealership, just too far away from home! Norton is also an outstanding dealer that I would recommend to anyone...4 master mechanics on staff.

Jeff Hahn

   R81... from Blazerguy (  1/28/2003 5:40:00 PM
 This is an excellent boat. With a 175 EFI my buddy's would GPS 72 after ECU work. He ran a 6 inch jackplate and a 25 pitch A45. boat would consistently run 68-69 with just the jackplate and A45. Excellent ride and stable. The R Series were my favorite.

   R81 from Jeff Southern (  1/28/2003 8:03:00 PM
 I own a 2000 R81 with a 175hp FICHT. The max speed with a 175hp and two adults is in the 63-65mph range. The R81 is about 200lb lighter than the 185vs which accounts for the extra few mph. In stock form the boat would run about 62-63mph spinning a 25p Renegrade. I added a 6" Jack plate. The 8" built in set back + the 6" plate ( 14" Total ) was a little too much set back. It hurt the hole shot a little and only added about 1/2mph to the top end. A 4" plate would be a much better choice, but the plate really does not affect the speed that much. I had Rich Boger rework the 25p Renegrade. He reduced the pitch a little and added more cup to get the rpm up. He also added some exhaust relief holes to improve the hole shot. Now the boat will run about 64-65mph with two people and has an ok hole shot. However, if you fill up the livewells, the hole shot suffers significantly.

Anything above 65mph with a stock 175hp is, well, wishfull thinking...

The boat rides fairly well, but does have a tendency to skip sidways in a tight turn uless you trim down significantly.

The passenger side rod ramp sux. It is a bad design and is almost useless. I added a glove box to my boat to improve the design a little.

The front deck space is improved significantly with a 1/2 deck extension.

The bildge compartment has a very tight opening. It is difficult to add oil. A remote oil fill is highly recomended.

The R81 is quite stable to fish from. This is probably the boat's best quality.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask....

   Ranger R81 from notrout4me (  1/29/2003 12:44:00 PM
 Pete, if you are interested email me I know where 2 2000 and 2 2001's are all equipped with Merc EFI's 175hp.



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