1999 Triton TR 20 w/200 Merc EFI 78+mph .....????? 1999 Triton TR 20 w/200 Merc EFI 78+mph .....?????
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    1999 Triton TR 20 w/200 Merc EFI 78+mph .....?????
from Mark (  
3/7/2003 11:36:00 AM


 Is it even possible for this rig to run 78mph (gps) with two people and gear ?? I just had a guy tell me that his boat will do 78 on a gps with two people and a load and I begged to differ . Do any of you guys have these kind of people that you fish around ?? He also owns a Dodge 4x4 Offroad with 4:10 gears and a 360 that he says gets 21 mpg . I know this is petty and I am way too old to be letting this kind of stuff bother me but I get so sick of hearing these kind of people mouth off . I guess the one that got away from this guy is always a 10 pounder !!I guess I just nedded to vent a little . Man I feel better !

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   78+ from Country Cousin  3/7/2003 12:26:00 PM
 Chill out - Who cares?

   78mph ohhh yesss!!!!!! from Phil (  3/7/2003 12:35:00 PM
 No doubt it will run 78 mph or maybe faster , but not on water.....

   No chance from Todd (  3/7/2003 12:41:00 PM
 No way, no how, no what, no when, no where.....liar,liar pants on fire. you see what i am geting at.

   I believe "that guy" 110%... from RedAllison (  3/7/2003 12:41:00 PM
 he mustve got those limited edition "B&WBMag" series GPSs!!! I also believe the 21mpg, after that Darge tranny falls out there is no more drag on the motor so the ole 360 gets mighty efficient with no load on it.

lol 78 I bet he didnt mention the speedin ticket he got while pullin her that fast did he? RA

   Sure, it will, briefly..... from Craig S (  3/7/2003 12:44:00 PM
 if you drive it over a cliff.

   Well.....we could only get.............. from Tommy T  3/7/2003 12:46:00 PM
 MARK: Have fished in two of the same boats, 2002 with 225 EFI and the best we ran loaded with two and gear was 72 on the GPS with less that half a tank. A friend of mine is on the Triton Team and had the same rig. Never asked him what he ran but the person that bought it says he runs a 70-73 loaded..............Tommy T

   Behind his truck, maybe... from SteveP  3/7/2003 12:56:00 PM
 And according to the speedo, maybe. But there's NO WAY it does that on the water. what prop did he say he was running?

I plugged in the following numbers in a boat speed spreadsheet. Stock 1.87:1 gears. 26" prop (I doubt a 200 efi will throw any bigger) at 5750 rpm. Theoretical max speed is 76. Assuming 10% slip, his real-world speed is 68. Numbers don't lie.

To get up to 78, he'd need to be running a 30" prop (doubtful), change the gear ratio, or have no slip (impossible).

   I'm glad most of you got the humor........... from Mark (  3/7/2003 1:00:00 PM
 I just thought it was pretty funny when I heard that "78" come out of his mouth . By the way , I just picked up my new 2003 TR20 yesterday . Just about to leave to go to the lake and get some hours on it before I go fish a tournament tomorrow . Gee I wonder what the ole speedo will say after I get it broke in ??

P.S. I especially liked the one about the cliff !!

P.P.S. On what page does "B&WB" sell those limited edition GPS's . I have GOT to have one of those !!

   It is very obvious to me! from scumfrog (  3/7/2003 1:07:00 PM
 After having read this homepage for 2 years now, it is obvious that all 20 foot bass boats run 80mph. It is a fact and can be substantiated from this homepage. Just do a search for 80 mph boats and you will find Champion, Stratos, Ranger, Basscat,Gambler,Cobra,Javelin,Nash Ramblers, Edsels, Corvairs, etc. etc.

   Well Dang scumfrog............... from 3G  3/7/2003 1:23:00 PM
 guess my Champion and old Cobra were defective...........Maybe I need to get some drivers that have the same boats but turn 80.....

*GRIN*.......gets a kick out of most speed claims


   21mpg from keith smith (  3/7/2003 1:40:00 PM
 If the dodge 360 is a cummins diesel, the 21 mpg could be about right or at least close, if its the gasser...no way.

   I'd believe the gas mileage first..... from Uncle Pauper (  3/7/2003 1:50:00 PM
 ...the gas mileage might not be as much of an exaggeration as you think. I had a guy who refused to believe that my Buick Century got 34 mpg's and nearly called me a liar right to my face. But he just plain doesn't know, because he has never driven one from fuel stop to fuel stop on a trip.

   on that Dodge.. from Neal Edwards  3/7/2003 2:10:00 PM
 I had an '00 and an '01 Offroad Ram, both with the 4.10 gears and 360. They get 14 mpg if you stick your foot in it. With those low gears, your spinning some RPMs at 80 mph. If you slow down to 60, you'll see 15-16 mpg. Based on that exageration, I'd say his boat probably tops out at about 55 mph.

   THA Dodge from Triton180DC (  3/7/2003 3:50:00 PM
 I have a 2wd 2003 quad cab 5.9(360) 3.92gears, and the sticker said 13 city 17 hwy. Well the dang computer in the console reads out 12.3 mpg each and everyday, when i pulled my Triton to Ouachita and back I got 10.2 mpg. But my Triton did top 80MPH, (behind the truck). I might stretch believeing had he not said loaded down, but that is pretty well impossible.

   78 mph? from Wayne (  3/7/2003 3:53:00 PM
 I've always heard there were more lies told about gas mileage, boat speed, and shall we say "romance" (this is a G rated forum isn't it?) than everything else in the world put together.

   78? sure he is from jb (  3/7/2003 4:17:00 PM
 mabye if he was turning a 30 pitch prop mabye. find out what prop hes turning, you can disprove it with math quite easily. I dont care how hard he tries, you cant argue with good math is always right.

I also dont believe for a second his truck gets 21mpg. my Dakota 4x4 v8 dosent even come close to that on the freeway. unloaded the best i can do is 16 and thats going 65 on the dot. i have the 4.7 motor and 3.55 gears. Gas milage and Dodge trucks should never be used in the same sentence because they are horrible on gas.

   I Bet .......... from 1FastAlly (  3/7/2003 4:25:00 PM
 He catches 12 lb bass all day long too !

   99 TR20 w 200 EFI from richj (  3/7/2003 5:00:00 PM
 I've got exactly the same rig. With a 25" trophy it gets to about 73 with 2 people and 5900 RPM. Not sure what could get another 5 mph, but would like to know.


   Hmmmm..... from Blademan (  3/7/2003 5:26:00 PM
 Couldn't imagine what the ride in that Chineton would be like at that speed...a see-saw with 2 really fat guys on each end?

   2002 Triton TR 20 With Yamaha 225 from toon (  3/7/2003 7:30:00 PM
 I have a 20 that will truely run 77.8 verrrrrry light loaded and 73-74 tournament loaded. I run a 27 pro series prop but it has been worked, 6" plate and it is 7 1/3 over the transom. Hold on though. It will get scary and but can learn to drive with seat time. Also full trim will give you top end but a bump down on losses .5 mph and much easier to drive. Hope this helps.

   what a coincidence-same speed as my Ranger from Beartrap  3/7/2003 7:57:00 PM
 who am I to argue with a speedometer-glad to see there's another one like me in the world.

   Fast, fast fast, head ache from Triton Rodney (  3/7/2003 9:25:00 PM
 I had a head ache until i read all this now my head has blown apart from all the above speeds. Its great to come home and see a lot of humor on the old puter.Rodney

   78 mph from bassnman2 (  3/8/2003 12:58:00 AM
 I've had my 181 Champ faster than that. Downhill with a tail wind.

   Must be reading BASS BOAT CENTRAL from Jst Fishin (  3/8/2003 9:24:00 AM
 He must be reading the liars page er.. Owners pages on Bass boat Central. It amazes me how a guy runs the exact setup as me and gets 5-7 MPH more. Like above math is math and even though I carry a heavy load GET REAL. I know the Toon is a little lighter but almost 10MPH. My 200 super Pro with a 200 opti is 70 GPS TOPS running Down River at 5800 RPM. 78 ME TOO ON MY SPEEDO!!!!!!

Jst Fishin

   Speedo's from War Eagle (  3/8/2003 9:40:00 PM
 People... I've got three letters for ya G-P-S, it doesn't lie. Most speedo's I've encountered "overshoot" the actual by 5-10 MPH. My Garmin portable has a max speed setting that allows you to focus on driving without looking away to check the top speed (comes in handy with Allison moisture missiles). I have a 20' Legend XLD with a 200 EFI and it will turn 6050 RPM with a 25 Trophy. The best speed I have encountered was 74.5 downriver and expected tourn weight speed is 70-71. Fish a Legend... fly in a Allison!

   78+ from Tnbass (  3/9/2003 11:06:00 PM
 If you fellers be;ieve that 78+ stuff, i'll sell you this 200 acre farm i don't own in east tenn.



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