difference between Mercury EFI and the Optimax difference between Mercury EFI and the Optimax
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    difference between Mercury EFI and the Optimax
from jim (  
7/1/2003 9:53:00 PM


 Just a general question. What is the difference between Mercury's EFI and their Optimax. I realize the Optimax is better, and has all of that high tech stuff , but what makes them different. thanks for any help

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   In simple terms $2000 or so more.... from John in Tennessee  7/1/2003 9:57:00 PM
 better gas mileage and newer design...

   efi vs opti from Ricky (  7/1/2003 10:34:00 PM
 the difference is the opti you will spend more time wishing you had the efi while it's being fixed.the efi you will not need to have it fixed it runs and runs easy choice.shure it burns less gas but is it realy worth it yet when they get more relible i guess.

   This is what makes the Optimax different and better. from Tom Wilkinson (  7/2/2003 8:48:00 AM
 What makes them different is the way the fuel charge is delivered to the cylinder. The Optimax's fuel charge is directly injected into the cylinder after the piston passes the exhaust port and no extra fuel is wasted by leaving the cylinder before combustion.

I have had several Mercury motors, EFIs and Optimax with the last 2 being Optimax. There is no comparison on fuel use and throttle response. The Optimax is a much better engine. It had some teething problems but Mercury has addressed all the problems.Plus it comes with a longer warranty. My 2003 225 Optimax has run flawlessly.

Tom Wilkinson

   Optimax vs EFI comparison from Mike Whitten  7/2/2003 8:59:00 AM
 Jim, Let's see if I can get you past the bashing and the sarcasm. Optimax is a "DFI"- direct fuel injection engine. The difference has to do with how the fuel is fed to the cylinders. Optimax is Mecury's version, HPDI is Yamaha's. It was driven in part by EPA emission requirements that will come into play in 2006. All of that said, don't be fooled by the hype that Optimax engines are full of problems, and that EFI's or Yamahas are bulletproof. Anything mechanical that mixes gasoline, oil, electricity, heat and high rpms will break. Period. I've run nothing but Mercury engines since 1973. I've run Carbed, EFI and Optimax. Of the three the Optimax, 1999-2003, have been the most troublefree engines. Most problematic--200 EFI--3 powerheads in 18 months, and none of it my fault. I've run Optimax 225's on 200 mile roundtrip tournament runs on the Miss river in midsummer with no problem. They start flawlessly, run great, and all of mine have used less oil and gas that the EFI. In fact, my current 225 Opti is better on fuel and oil than a 115 "tower of power" that I ran for years.

I've got more hours on the water with FAR LESS shop time with Optimax than any engine I've ever owned. Mine may blow tomorrow, but that is a risk you take with any outboard.

I will offer this--Optimax are tight spec engines. You should run on the Mercury Optimax oil in them. And, they are engine temperature sensitive. You need to let them warm up before you jump on it. Let the temp on the Smart Gauge get to at least 120 degrees before you take off.

I've talked to guys who have had problems, and everyone of them told me that they jumped on a cold engine. I always warm mine up, and have had zero issues.

Mike Whitten/Memphis

   new technology, ain't better just more money and headache from shelby (  7/2/2003 9:15:00 AM
 sure some day this opti junk may be worth it but its been a real proven heap of junk from the git go just like the fich. If you like trouble free fishing EFI is the only way to go. Yeah, I know theres a lot of good opti-junks out there but honey theres just as many bad ones. We all are aware that the EFI works and does it very well, besides I promise you it will cost you less at the repair shop on a EFI and you will be there less. YA'LL can believe what ya want to but sometimes a fisherman gets to big of a head on his shoulders and tries new things and leaves his common scense at the house. That optimax does not use as much gas as the EFI, so what, your wasting that spare gas money on the opti option anyways and you got no better than a 60-40 shot of getting a really good one. with the EFI its probabley better than 90-10 and I like those odds a bit better.

Thats just my opinion but I do not run a motor for 2-3 hours in a tourney one way either. For this would be the only reason I could possibley think of for buying this engine. I am sure it will extend your trip mileage and thats a really really big plus if its needed. Thats the only good thing I will ever say about a fich and opti.

   From someone who owns one... from mike snow (  7/2/2003 9:27:00 AM
 I own a 225 from 1999. It's on the second powerhead. Luckily, the first one blew in January (in Texas, not COLD). It had 43 hours on it. I don't have a smartgauge, but I started it, idled over to tie up, parked the truck, tied on a couple of lures and idled out for tournament start. I got maybe 1 mile or 2 from the ramp and the #2 cylinder went out. The head gasket failed (and on these motors, it's an o-ring). The motor was 9 months or so OUT of warranty and Mercury covered it after talking to my mechanic. They sent a reman'd powerhead and I paid labor to install. Now, the labor was about $700, but that beats $5k, plus I got a 1 year warranty on the replaced powerhead.

I was VERY impressed with Mercury standing behind their product. I bought the boat used (and Merc knew I was the second owner), and it's getting more use since I bought it. It'll have over 43 hours before the warranty on this powerhead expires.

The nay-sayers on Opti usually are just spouting what they read somewhere, usually by someone VOCAL about a problem. I'd own another opti, especially with 2005 coming. I hope Texas never becomes another California, but if we do, I'm going to be able to use my motor.

   Opti from Dewayne (  7/2/2003 10:30:00 AM
 Over 500 hours on my 2001 with only a couple issues. Had 2 injectors show an error code at the last annual checkup and get replaced by Merc, had a trim relay go out, and a trim motor fill with water. My next one will be an Opti or a Rude HO. Like Mike said I always let mine warm up and I have it proped to turn only 5400 RPMs.

The early 1999 and some of the 2000s were the one that had some reliability issues. They have been worked out from what I have seen. Here in CA all we can buy new is direct injection for the past couple years, so we have a lot of people running them.

   Opti vs. EFI from Fish4bass (  7/6/2003 7:00:00 PM
 I've been running a 150 Opti for three years with no problems or shop time (other than having the impeller replaced as routine maintnenace... I do everything else myself) I have noticed that the EFI will blow smoke at the ramp when started and my Opti does not. I'm very happy with this engine and pleased I didn't go with the EFI.



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