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    Pond Prowler Type Boats
from Small Pond Fishing (  
3/30/2004 12:59:00 PM


 I do not have the resources (money) to afford a big bass boat, but was thinking of buying a small two person boat like a pond prowler or Basspro shops sunfish (11 foot) boat. I have fished out of a 9ft pond prowler with a friend on his sub-division pond but am interested in anyone's experience of fishing on something larger than a pond, but not the size of an impound lake like Lanier, West Point, etc. The city I live in has a couple of lakes that has some fair sized bass and they do not allow gasoline power boats on (electric is okay). Please let me know what your experience has been with these type boats (good, bad, indifferent)

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   By far the best made... from nickinga (  3/30/2004 1:22:00 PM
 By far the best of these 2 person type boats is made by Splash Marine (I think it's busterboats.com). These boats are expensive but are the best of the class by far (there is some truth to 'you get what you pay for'). I had the small 8' in TX for years and it was the best constructed boat out there; deep interior so you can't kick stuff out, EXTREMELY durable (i don't know what they use but you can tell just be looking/feeling one), and extremely stable. My now-wife and I used to go out on TX lakes and never had any problem, not tipsy at all; then somebody cut the chain and took off with it, trailer and all. I looked for a long time at other boats but the quality just wasn't there. The BPS's are too brittle and shallow inside and there's also another brand that escapes me at the moment that is commonly found but have the same problem. Pelican also makes a nice boat but not the quality of the Splash-they look similar in size and depth but the rigidity of material isn't there; not brittle like BPS just not as sturdy. The bassbuster I had wouldn't crack like some of ones now if you banged (or dropped) it. However, Pelicans are probably the 2nd best IMO and are a good more affordable alternative. As with any of these, you shouldn't go out into big water; we fished in coves (on Fork mostly) or on smaller bodies of water (Lake Athens, Arlington, Joe Poole). I will say one thing; during the spawn, you can get a lot shallower and in tighter trees than the big boys and most of the time, we outfished those guys when the fish were shallow. Splash marines are $ but you can save a bunch if you have a pickup and don't buy their trailer and also, call them about 'seconds' they may have. I priced a few hundred less from them by calling the factory and asking about boats that were still usable but 'imperfect'....good luck

   Personally... from Jeff Southern (  3/30/2004 1:52:00 PM
 In my opinion, you need to look at the WaterMoccasin boats and the Greenhoee or Riverhawk boats. I think that one of these models is a better choice than the small poontoon boats...


To be 100% honest, the best fishing combo that you will find in the near future is a 14'-16' aluminum boat ( Grizzly, WACO, ALUMACRAFT, etc ) that is equiped with the new 48v 3hp Briggs & Stratton electric outboard. I have put together three boats that feature the (self Built) prototypes of this electric outboards. They do work quite well on the 200-1000 acer lakes...

P.S. I fish most of the smaller waters in Georgia on a regular basis from a 17' Bass Cat Phelix or a 15' Grizzly with a 48v electric outboard...

   Good boats.. from Jeff (  3/30/2004 7:58:00 PM
  I have a Lowe Littlejon 14 for ponds but some day I want to get a watercrest boat... http://www.jowatercraft.com/.land Martin has used these boats on his show. Check them out.

   Thanks from Small Pond Fishing (  3/30/2004 8:36:00 PM
 I appreciate the response. I was also told about boats on directboats.com, which has one from K.L. Industries. Directboats had some package deals that looked interesting. I am gooing to check out the other listed here.

   small lake boat from jerry ferrell (  3/30/2004 10:40:00 PM
 Before you buy anything check out leisure craft's bass tender. They make a 11'3" that is really nice. It has livewells, with areator. It is rated to 15hp.I think. I have one of these and it is very stable. You can mount trolling motor front or rear. It comes with bilge also.

   Another option from Doogie  3/31/2004 3:54:00 PM
 I don't know if you've considered it or not, but if you want to fish "out of the way" places, try a kayak. Go to www.kayakfishingstuff.com for a lot of information.



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