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    ProCraft Boats
from Bob T (  
5/19/2004 10:31:00 PM


 Anybody recomend Procraft boats? I am considering a 19-20 footer with Optimax 200. I don't know anybody with one.

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   Procraft? from Bmcd (  5/20/2004 1:36:00 AM
 Did you not see the Nitro bashing down below. Maybe we can get Mike Snow to comment about BassCats on this thread and really get it going.

I say this to get this thread going.... Now that Tracker marine owns Procraft, it is now the best boat out there for the money. Before Tracker marine it was no good piece of crap!

I would highly suggest this type of comments to get 50+ comments about nothing.

   Nice boats from Nx750fla (  5/20/2004 6:57:00 AM
 I looked at Procraft before buying my 2004 Nitro, they look like realy nice boats. I went with Nitro, because the closed Procraft dealer to my house was a couple hundred miles away. I like the new ( i think its called ) a 192. Nice layout.

   No bashing please! from Nx750fla (  5/20/2004 7:05:00 AM
 Just a thought,, In looking at the I have a problem/ need help type posts on this web site and compairing them to the posts on Nitro Owners Web site. There appears to be allot more issues with Rangers, Tritons, Skeeters compaired to the numbers of those types of issues we see on the other site. With that said, in addition to the comments that Nitro sells more boats than other manufacturers how are Nitro's not good boats, ( based on comments made on this site ) I personaly have owned 2 Nitro's and a friend on mine has one also. No problems to speak of at all. My new ride a 2004 NX750 is awesome, I could not ask for a better layout and smooth / dry ride. Just some thoughts from a PROUD Nitro Owner.

   A friend runs a superpro 200 from Tom (  5/20/2004 7:17:00 AM
 I've often looked at this brand. A friend runs a Super Pro 200. Seems he says it has a hull design from the old fisher fiberglass boats. He rode in a fisher in a BFL tourny a year or two ago and loved the ride. I've fished out of his boat and it was comfortable and good riding. The olny negative I see is that a flew of the components (ie navigation light fixtures) are cheep plastic. Also the seats seem a bit bland compared to other brands. I do like the transom design, deck space, factory jackplate and overall layout

I looked at the new 192 and did not like the rubber mat on the lower deck floor and the VERY small center storage.


   ProCraft from Bill (  5/20/2004 7:21:00 AM
 I am on my second Pro and love it. I would buy another one tommorrow if the wife would let me trade it in.

   Procraft from Jeremy Justice  5/20/2004 8:23:00 AM
 I have 210SP and really like it. As a note on the bland seats, they may look plain, but they are very comfortable. They are a nice midpoint between traditional seats and the SRS seats (too bouncy for me). They ride smooth, have lots of deck space, and the storage is laid out very well. Dollar for dollar, a very good boat! Sure resale will be less than some of the higher dollar boats, but so will the initial investment.

   ditto what Jeremy said.... from Toonafish  5/20/2004 9:21:00 AM
 I have a 2001 SP 190 with 175 Merc and the only complaint is the rod box. It is too narrow at the front. Now this may not be an issue with the SP200 since it is 10 inches longer and all of it is in the front deck.

As for performance you will be right at 70+ mph. Fishability, storage, interior space are as good as any other 19 footer out there. As for ride, try and find someone that has a SP to give you a ride. Doesn't matter if it is in the 18,19 or the 20 footer. The ride is exceptional in all of them.

I will say that the new 192 Super Pro is not the same boat. They changed the the hull and went to the old transom design which took away some rear deck space. But the other 2 Super Pro's (200,210) did not change.


   200 Super Pro from Triton Marty  5/20/2004 3:27:00 PM
 Well how 'bout that??? Just so happens that on my way home from work today, I stopped off at the local Travis Boating Center & took a good look at a new 2004 ProCraft 200 Super Pro. Looks like a decently laid out ride to me and at $27,900 it comes with an all composite hull, a big block Merc 200 EFI, dual axle trailer with fiberglass fenders, brakes & break-away tongue. Also had an on-board charger (didn't notice the brand) a manual jack plate,dual consoles,tilt wheel,a MG 67 lb (kinda small to me)lighted lockers & livewells,45 gallon livewells by the way,some kind of simple but functional rubber shock absorber thingies under the seats,and probably some more stuff that I don't remember right now. Over all, for the money I thought it was a pretty decent boat. The 200Sp is only a 19'4" length boat, though, and I really want a full 20 footer. At this point, though, I won't cross it off my list. Looks like it should be a dry & stable ride. I do think it should have a 225 hp rating, though since the only bigger boat ProCraft has is the 210 SP, at 20'9" which is rated for a 250. I'm not trying to advertise for anybody, I just thought that for the $27,900 it was worth consideration. Storage seemed adequate, but I think my Tr-18 has more.


   Procraft Dealer from Jeremy Justice  5/21/2004 11:02:00 AM
 If you are willing to drive to get a boat, you might consider calling Guntersville Boat Mart in Guntersville, AL @ 256-582-2038. Ask for Randy or Eric and tell them I referred you. They can probably get you a much better price on any Procraft that you are interested in.

   ProCraft Boats from Bass Rebel (  5/21/2004 10:03:00 PM
 Great Boat! I just bought one, three months ago. It is a SP 192 DC. The more I fish out of it the more I like it. Runs great out of the hole, plenty of room,and handles rough water great. I have a Mercury 150 OptiMax and get great milage. Also went with a tandum trailer and pulls great. You can't go wrong with the Pro Craft in my opinion. Go on line and check out Jaco Marine in Lawrenceburg, Tn. They have some great deals going. They sold 13 boats last week alone. Take your time and get the boat you want and good luck.



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