Guys please help me on a taxes on a used boat. Guys please help me on a taxes on a used boat.
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    Guys please help me on a taxes on a used boat.
from Fisherman (  
5/25/2004 6:05:00 PM


 I'm looking at a couple used boats and would like to know about the taxes.

If I was to buy a used boat from a dealer outside of KY would I have to pay the 6% sales tax in KY when I went to register the boat?

Also, if I was to buy a used boat from an individual in KY would I have to pay the sales tax when I registered the boat in KY?

Please help me out guys.

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   Call your State"s DMV from Shabazz (  5/25/2004 6:13:00 PM
 It depends on the rules in your state. In CA the answer would be yes to both. Uncle Sam usually gets their cut one way or another. In CA, you would also have to pay County tax on the boat.

   ky taxes from jfm49 (  5/25/2004 6:39:00 PM
 fisherman, in our tax us to death state a very suprising thing exists. you dont have to pay sales tax on a used bost, however you do have to pay property tax, based on the boats book value, when you register to get your sticker, this is why you see so many boats in ky registered in tn, dont know how guys do this but they do. in fact if you find out drop me a e mail, i only live 25 miles from jellico. hope this helps?

   Dealer or not from Javelin378F&S (  5/25/2004 6:39:00 PM
 In most case it all depends on the seller, in some state you only pay tax on the trailer because you’re putting a tag on it, but if the boat is registered by the DMV in your state they usually tax the package. But if you are buying from a private seller then you only should pay taxes in your own state and not both. Now on the other hand if you’re buying from a dealer, be careful that you do not pay the taxes for his inventory. Ask him about the tax and why do you have to pay taxes to him on a used product. In most cases there are no taxes on used product. But to really clear up the matter call the DMV or boat registration office in both states, it should be toll free. I brought a boat from another state and only paid tax on the trailer and boat when the state taxes became due the next year. I hope this help…

   Taxes from Timber  5/25/2004 7:42:00 PM
 In PA you pay the taxes when you register a boat, whether new or used, private sale or dealer sale. What I always do is ask the seller for a separate receipt for the boat, the motor, and the trailer. Then when I go to register the boat, I'm not paying the tax on the whole package, only the boat itself. If they ask any questions, I just tell them I had my own motor.

   In KY you dont from tritonrodneye  5/25/2004 7:54:00 PM
 If you buy a boat from a indivudal in KY you dont have to pay sales taxes, if you buy it from a dealer you have to pay sales taxes, that is a fact in KY taxes. You will have to pay property taxes each year when you license the boat. Rodney

   boat Taxes in KY from Charlie-Tuna  5/25/2004 8:14:00 PM
 I bought a used Ranger boat from Jet-A-Marina in KY and I live in Florida. I paid sales tax on the boat, motor and trailer at the dealership. When I registered the boat in Florida I only had to pay tax's on the value of the boat not the value of the motor or trailer. The registration on the trailer is based on the weight of the trailer so there was no Florida tax on it.

   Registration from Ron (  5/25/2004 9:52:00 PM
  A lot of states are different. In Maryland your boat is registered with the Department of Natural Resourses and the trailer is registered with the DMV. You pay the taxes when you register the items.

   so if i buy a boat in kentucky from smalljawbasser  5/26/2004 9:01:00 AM
 from rodney i have to pay sales tax, then when i get home i have to pay tax again?

one of them's gonna get screwed, cause i ain't paying double tax on it! LOL

   taxes from tritonboatowner  5/26/2004 10:01:00 AM
 We Mississippi rednecks don't pay taxes on boats bought out of state or from individuals. Our registration is throught MDWFP. They don't care about sales tax all they give you is your boat #'s. If you put a tag on your boat trailer is when the sales tax comes in. I have a buddy that bought his Nitro from a dealer in TN back in 2000, and to this day hasn't paid any sales tax. It may come back to bite him if he ever sales the boat. He also has never put a tag on his trailer.

   taxes from steve (  5/26/2004 11:21:00 AM
 In south Carolina we have a base tax on anything over 5 grand it is 375 and 75 dollars to register. You have to pay this to get the numbers for your boat and motor, you will pay property taxes each year after the first year of ownership ( so if you buy a boat in Jan and sell it in Dec no property taxes) if you buy a boat in say feb and sell it in Jan after the first you pay a full year taxes. Now on private sales of boats person to person they go by the sales slip on the value so you if under you pay the sales tax for what ever county you live in (4%-7%) depending on the county or if over the 5 grand you pay the set price. We do not title trailers or tag them or tax them only the expensive parts, boats and motors, oh and each is seperate so you get 2 tax bills one for motor and one for boat. It is weird but we are easier to sell boats in and buy boats as a 40 grand boat will be sales tax of only 375 and 75 registeration. The property taxes are what get ya each year Oh they do not register a boat with out the taxes being paid and if you are caught it is NOT a ticket and such it is TAKE THE BOAT right there and leave you stranded or to jail with you, it is fun to watch the GA people who do not register their boats properly or dont pay taxes get pulled in SC as they get tickets since they do not have a current registeration for the boat and a paid tax recipt.



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