is it safe to take a certified check ?? is it safe to take a certified check ??
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    is it safe to take a certified check ??
from cv (  
8/16/2004 2:39:00 PM


 wasn't there a post awhile back re phoney bank checks ? Got a guy from Virginia bringing me a bank check for a boat ????

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   Check it out from Fisherboy (  8/16/2004 2:56:00 PM
 Yeah there was a post about that a while back. Check out the name of the bank to see if it's real and then get a copy of the guy's address, driver's license number, which is the same as his SSN in Virginia.

If nothing else, you can let him take the boat and you keep the title until the check clears. Get a look at his license plate too.

Don't let a few rumors spoil a sell.

   check from roy mercer (  8/16/2004 3:33:00 PM
 It will probably be made out in your name if he borrowed the money..Take it to your bank before he drives off ...

If your nervous..

   Suggestion from fishsmart (  8/16/2004 3:56:00 PM
 Call his bank that issued the check with him present.


   fake bank checks... from Jim C. (  8/16/2004 4:21:00 PM
 Not all driver's in Virginia have their SSN as their DL number. In fact, not too long ago, the Commonwealth moved to issuing unique numbers (called "T" numbers) for DL's because of privacy concerns. Besides, if someone can fake a bank check, they can fake a DL.

Best bet is to ask the guy the name, location and phone number of the bank where the check was issued. Then, when he brings the check, call the bank (having verified that its a real bank with the advance info) and ask whether the check is legitimate. The bank should be able to confirm that right over the phone.

If they won't confirm or you're still nervous, tell the guy that he can take possession of the boat, but that you will retain title until the bank check clears. To provide the buyer with piece of mind, you can put this all down in a bill of sale that identifies each of you by name and address, provides details of the transaction and description of the boat (complete with boat ID number) and the contingency involved. Note that the sale is contingent on the check clearning and when it does, that you, as the seller, promise to send the transferred title to him.

That should cover you should the check prove fake (i.e., you can report the boat stolen and track him down) AND it should cover the buyer (i.e., he's got the boat and a copy of the bill of sale proving the conditions and terms of the sale).

Besides, he's going to need a bill of sale as well as title to register the boat in Virginia.

   Add to Fishsmart.... from kjohnson (  8/16/2004 4:25:00 PM
 Have him accompany you to your bank and have your bank call in the check to verify the funds. If that makes him nervous then too bad, it's your butt on the line if it's phony. If it's a good check he has nothing to lose.

The typical "cashier's check" scam is the buyer claims to be an offshore (usually Africa) buyers agent and has a customer that wants your merchandise. The "only problem" is the buyer cannot write two checks for the purchase: One for the purchase price to you, the other for the buyer's agent's commision and shipping. So, they (whoever "they" are) will send you a cashier's check for the price plus shipping & commision and then you are expected to send the buyers agent his $$ via Western Union. After that they'll send a shipping company to come get whatever you're trying to sell.

The problem is the cashier's check is bogus but the $$ you just sent via Western Union is VERY real and is gone for good. When I sold my Jeep last year on Ebay I had a Bozo contact me about making this kind of deal. It sounded real sweet because he offered FULL ASKING PRICE. But it sounded too good to be true and after some net searching I found it was a scam that was being played all over the world.

If I were you I would insist it be a cashier's or bank issued check, and as I said, have him go to the bank with you to verify funds. Also, you should not sign any papers or relinquish any property until everything has cleared.


   Catch me if you can from Farallon (  8/16/2004 4:27:00 PM
 Your buyer could have a counterfeit certified check. When I was in the banking business, when a bank received a bad check, they went after who ever presented it, not who wrote it.

In this case it would be you, after the bank gets the money from you, who are you going to go after.

If you can't afford the loss, you may want to set up an escrow account. When the check clears, he can get the boat.

If it were me, and I didn't know the buyer, it would be cash. I did sell a car to an individual, I met him at his credit union and left with a cashiers check made out to me, the loan officer presented the check to me.

   fake checks from Scott Callaway (  8/16/2004 4:58:00 PM
 Farallon is correct, beware! My wife works at a bank and they see phony bank checks on a regular basis. Best you can do is contact the institution the check is drawn on but even with this assurance, you cannot be sure of the results until the money is your account.

   Phony from Hafast  8/16/2004 5:11:00 PM
 The people floating bad checks count on doing business on the weekend. Most banks are closed and you can't get verification.

   I got a fake check from a guy last week... from Tex (  8/16/2004 6:18:00 PM
 I am looking a a fake check right now for $10,000.. It is from Bank of Mount Hope in West Virginia. Totally bogus. Call the bank listed on the check and verify funds. You'll find out if it is real or not.

   Weekend deals from fisheye (  8/16/2004 6:52:00 PM
 Tough on the weekend.....I just missed a real deal because the guy wouldn't take a weekend check (his bank wasn't open) and I can't get off during the week(new job). I wish there were a better way BUT I understand.

I had to sell my last boat and because it was a steal I made the guy bring cash. He balked and I walked....two days later he showed up with the cash....If they want it bad enough they will come......

I wish some banks were open on the credit union is!!!

   check from couldhave (  8/16/2004 11:15:00 PM
 if it is good he will understand why you want to do it.if it is bad you will be able to tell by the look on his face.wife is in car dealer and when somebody come in with a 35,000 cashers check from local or out of town they call to find out,if weekend you just have to wait till monday to get it!

   Have him fax a copy to you before he comes to get boat from Relesm (  8/17/2004 12:54:00 PM
 I did this to insure my purchase to let the guy know I was serious about the sell. He was sure my check was Ok before I got there to get the boat. Just a suggestion. Good Luck



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