Tracker Pro Team 185 with a Sport Jet 175 Tracker Pro Team 185 with a Sport Jet 175
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    Tracker Pro Team 185 with a Sport Jet 175
from brian h. (  
10/10/2004 11:03:00 PM


 i'm looking at a 2002 Tracker Pro Team 185 with a Sport Jet 175 (it is brand new, never been off the lot, still in 2004 at a marine dealer) and was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on the boat and any pros or cons of it. i'm new to the jet motors. this boat and motor has caught my eye for a number of years and i know somebody who has a much older version of this boat, actually it's the 90HP version. i would like to hear testimonials of the 2002 model or even more recent verions too. i live on a river that usually gets shallow and it is hard to navigate in some areas during the summer, e.g. the current level is at about 2 feet deep in some areas that i would be running. many people along the river have jon boats with outboard jets, but i'm looking for a boat that is rigged up for fishing with livewell and storage compartments and all. most of the boats around here aren't the fishing style boat. the PT 185 has been impressive with it's layout and functionality, but i'm a bit uneasy about the motor and the comparison between the inboard jet and an outboard jet. i'm assuming that this boat doesn't have a tunnel hull and i'm wondering if that is a problem in design in conjunction with the inboard jet. does the inboard jet seem to perform well and what troubles may it have? i even had a salesman at a Tracker dealer try to talk me out of the inboard jet and said i could get by with a prop driven outboard (90HP even) just as well. he also said that i would possibly be sorry in respects of resale down the road with the inboard claiming it would be hard to get rid of because it's such a specialized rig. i don't know whether to believe that or not. i do know that he's wrong about the jet vs. prop driven. i thought that was a very stupid remark, especially for not knowing the exact river that i would be running the boat on and how it is structured.
this would end up being a big step for me in purchasing this boat. but it's time for my wife, son and myself to upgrade into something bigger than our 14ft. jon with an 8HP motor. we need to be able to navigate better on this river in order to fish more effectively. thanks in advance for any info that may surface.

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   That from Gstream15  10/11/2004 6:02:00 AM
 power unit has been around for awhile. Should be reliable. HOWEVER, it will be thirsty. It's basically a 175 outboard powerhead hooked to a jet drive and will give you the performance of maybe a 115 outboard. All that said, I think it's an interesting concept if you have a place to use it. Sounds like you do. I have even thought of some areas where I might like something of that type. You ought to get a real break on the price if it's a 2002 model. Dealer should be looking to get rid of it.

   Pro Team from Fish Finder (  10/11/2004 8:31:00 AM
 I had a Pro Team 175 with a 75HP OB with an aluminum prop that I used for trout fishing on the Chattahoochee River which is shallow as well. I used to fish from a 12foot Jon so it was a huge step up for me and it had tons of room but still small enough to maneuver in tight areas. I was always nervous about hitting a rock or stump so I wished I went with the jet boat instead. I know of a couple guides that have that same boat and they love it. They can go through areas that have six inches of water; you just have to be careful not to suck up small rocks which will ding your impeller. The only complaint I think I have heard about that boat is that itís very loud. I ended up selling my Pro Team because I got hook fishing spotted bass and the Pro Team was too small for the lake.


   Try from TrepMan (  10/11/2004 1:43:00 PM
 See if any of the existing owners of the 185 Jet driven boats has any input.

Fish Finder - I've got a Pro Crappie 175 with a 40 Merc OB that I fish the Hooch, plus Lanier and Allatoona with no problem. Wonder what lake you fised that the 175 was too small for? Granted a saturday in Auguts on Lanier at noon i would not go out even in my buddies Nitro 929 with a 250 on the back, that lake is CRAZY. But fall - spring and weekdays, as long as there is not a 3 ft rollers I fish it OK. Sure a bigger boat is always better, but I love my 175 and she's paid for! Glad you enjoyed yours when you had it. And YES it's great for the Hooch!!

   I agree from Fish Finder (  10/11/2004 8:37:00 PM
 I have seen guys out on Lanier in 12 and 14 foot johns so technically a pro 175 isnít too small. But for me, I just wanted something bigger (personal preference). I agree people get kinda crazy on Lanier, too many times I would be fishing 40 feet off a point and here comes bubba cruising between me and the shore in his monster deep V cutting a 4 foot wake --- not fun!!!!!

   Other brands are more reliable from Rivernut (  10/30/2004 2:43:00 PM
 Check out Gator Jet Boats. They have a much larger impeller and do not clog up as easily as the Trackers. The Trackers use an aluminum block that is more subject to warping when overheated as is common with jets as they vacuum the shallows. The Gators use an aluminum chevy v-8 with over 300 HP, go mid 50 MPH, and are priced very close. Mine will run through 2" of water and has a 34 gallon fuel tank to reach far aaway headwaters. The Gator is 20' and has gobs of storage and Randy will customize one for you.



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