1999 Mercury 225 Optimax 1999 Mercury 225 Optimax
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    1999 Mercury 225 Optimax
from Super-Pro (  
11/15/2004 4:31:00 PM


 I'm looking at a boat with a 1999 Mercury 225 Optimax on it and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the motor. Thanks for any feedback.

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   The optipop from Firewater (  11/15/2004 5:31:00 PM
 Superpro, I'm a Merc man and I'm telling you to run like hell. To purchase one of these motors would be a big mistake. If you do, you'll be sorry. They don't call them Optipop's for nothing.

   free? from Mike (  11/16/2004 11:52:00 AM
 Unless the motor is free then it not a great idea. The first couple of years for these motors wasn't good. There are some updates that take care of some of the problems but it's probably not worth the risk. Even if you get a good deal make sure you can afford to rebuild it. The new one's are great but like firewater said there's a reason they're called opti-pop.

   What BS from SteveP  11/16/2004 1:04:00 PM
 Firewater & Mike - are you reporting from experience, or are you just perpetuating rumors?

I have a 1999 225 OptiMax on my Triton SF-21. I did have the powerhead blow at the end of the first season (23 hours). It was fixed under warranty, no questions asked. Since then, I have hundreds of hours on it, and it's been terrific. Starts with the first twist of the key. Strong out of the hole and on top end. quiet. no smoke. great on gas and oil. I'm out of warranty now, and just do normal maintenance for winterizing and change the lower unit oil and water pump impeller. I run good oil in it, and it's very reliable. What's not to like?

I do get occasional Throttle Position Sensor alarms, that I fix by simply re-starting the engine to re-set the electronic controls. Ask the seller if the tpi sensors have been updated. If they haven't, see if they can do that prior to selling. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another OptiMax engine.

   optimax from Mike (  11/16/2004 1:41:00 PM
 The first opti I bought was the 2004 200 I own. But I do have 3 friends that had the 1999's 2 225 and 1 150. They all had problems and all but one mechanic I've talked to said the same. With that said I still wouldn't take the risk. If the guys looking to buy a 5 year old motor then he probably doesn't want to have to worry about the cost of a rebuild. It seems it's not just the Opti's but a lot of first year engines that have problems. Wonder if they're trying too hard to get more power and better gas mileage and over stressing the engines or just rushing to get them to market.

   Optimax from Larry (  11/16/2004 5:44:00 PM
 I have a 1999 225 Bluewater series Optimax on a 24' Proline, I have had good service from the engine but I have also had a few alarms sound, 1st for throttle positioning sensors, these were replaced under warranty, at 245 hours #6 injector warning , I paid for this repair,- at 310 hours #1 injector warning, Mercury sent all new injectors at no charge. No further problems, I use optimax oil. hope this helps.

   Over 300 hours... from Dan (  11/16/2004 8:33:00 PM
 on mine and not one bit of problems... Get it checked out and go from there...



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