Optimax engines good or bad?????? Optimax engines good or bad??????
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    Optimax engines good or bad??????
from Jerry (  
12/2/2004 8:12:00 PM


 Looking at a Boat with OPTIMAX and just wanted to know about the engines. Anyone had any experiences, Had a Yamaha and just curious??? Thanks in advance...Jerry

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   Great from Ranger518  12/2/2004 8:28:00 PM
 I have a 2003 200 Opti that is the best engine I have ever owned. I am sure the earlier models had many more problems than the later years (All manuf. included). I believe you can get a motor that will give problems from any manufact. I do however love this motor and it may blow the next time out, but i would buy another in a minute.

   The good ones are very,very, good. The bad ones are very,very, BAD !!! from Thinwater  12/2/2004 8:42:00 PM
 From what I hear the new ones are good, but I have no first hand knowledge on this. No one around here has bought one since the 03 model year cause everyone has had trouble with them, mostly little things like pistons coming out the side of the block and stuff like that. The guy that has the "03" motor is doing good, his only blew-up once, but then he doesen't fish tournaments and probably doesen't have 100 hours on his rig yet. I had a "99" 225. Sucked oil like a shop Vac and blew-up twice in a season. Merc treated me like crap. Had to sue them over it. No more black motors for me, never again.

   Good answer Thinhead! from Bill C. (  12/2/2004 9:43:00 PM
 Jerry just do a search on here by typing in Optimax and read others who actually own them. Or maybe others on here who will actually answer your question without being a arz like Thinhead? What year are you looking at and then ask it on here again. From what I know Jerry they are great engines!

   2002 OPTIMAX 225 with 140 hrs on the ticker from Jerry (  12/2/2004 9:53:00 PM
 TR-21 PD with 225 OPtimax what can I expect? Speed Reliability, costs? Thanks in advance..........

   Opti's from Tc (  12/2/2004 10:21:00 PM
 I have a '99 with 500 hours. All was well the first four years and then this past year was unbelievable. Dec. 03 reed valve breaks and locks #3 cylinder-Mar 04 alternator goes out, June 04 new alternator goes out, Unknown reason according to my dealer, Oct 04 air compressor locks up and also Oct 04 fuel injectors need replacing. Wrote letter to Mercury, they paid for the injectors. All of this happened after the warranty went out. I'm not saying I won't own another but I will say I won't own one without a warranty. My last Mercury was a '79 V175 that blew up in '99. I just can't see any of these new motors being reliable 5 to 10 year down the road.

   My 03 has 460 hrs - - - - - - from Jack Hamilton -- Cobra Strike Team   12/2/2004 10:39:00 PM
 It has been well maintained and. runs like a top, air compressor went out at 300 hrs, replaced under warranty. New set of spark plugs installed at 300 hrs also. I would not own anything but a Mercury Optimax. The Mercury dealer I worked for last year has sold hundreds of Optimaxs of all horse power and I do not know of even one engine that blew. The only problem that I know of occured with a new 04 Optimax 225 that the foot went out within 2 hrs. It was replaced under warranty and has run perfectly since . The early model of all brands in the high pressure fuel injection ALL had problems. To my knowlege all the problems have been resolved in the new engines and all brands in the high pressure fuel injection engines are exceptionally reliable. Also consider that Mercury is a USA company. Jack

Jack Hamilton -- Cobra Strike Team



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   There are good and bad ones from Dewayne-CA (  12/2/2004 10:57:00 PM
 I had a 2000 that I put 680+ hours on. Had a few minor problems. A bad injector, trim pump, belt tightener coming loose, and etc. but she still ran like a top when I sold her. It's important to take good care of them. Use good oil, gas, and warm them up everytime out and they will generally last a long time. On the other hand I know some people who have blown 1-3 of them up. I don't know how well they cared for them. The big down side with Mercury is their lack of customer service. It took a law suit to settle on the early Opti motors that did have design flaws. After they purchased MotorGuide and the 36V unit had design problems there was poor service from Mercury (Owner) also. Same story with PinPoint which they also own.

OH Yea! I now have Minnkota, 225HO, and Lowrance.

   1999 Optimax from Steve (  12/3/2004 4:57:00 AM
 I have a 1999 200 optimax that the powerhead blew this spring. after being out of warranty for a year. Mercury replaced the powerhead at no cost to me. I cant say enough about how well they treated me even though my warranty had expired. I believe all brands can have problems but it is how the mfr handles them that is most important to me. In talking to my mechanic, he stated that he hasnt seen any more opti failures as compared to other motors but did tell me that it is very important to not only let the motor warm up before blasting off at wot but also to let it cool down after hard runs before shutting it down. Mine has run great since the repair and I wouldnt hesitate to buy another Steve

   Optimax since 1999, and flawless from Mike Whitten  12/3/2004 6:37:00 AM
 I've run Optimax since the 1999 model year, and every single one of mine has been a great engine. Had to replace a fuel rail in the 1999, and a lower unit seal in a 2001, but these were minor repairs done under warranty. On the water, in long tournament runs, Optimax has been the best engine I've ever owned.

Just for the record, in response to a post above, I've been running the new MG Digital TE 109 TM, and it is SWEET! By far the quietest, strongest, and most reliable motor I've ever run. The MK 101 I had before is not even in the same league. Motorguide quality issues, in my opinion, have been corrected.

Mike Whitten/Memphis

   Give us a break Mike from Tim (  12/3/2004 8:13:00 AM
 You've been running your current Motorguide for maybe a year at most and it suddenly is the most reliable motor you've ever run??? You must have had some real junk trolling motors over the years LOL! You're right about 1 thing, the 2 motors are not in the same league!!! You know what I like best about my Minn Kota? I don't have to keep, carry, and store a backup motor!

   1998 Optimax w/ a bunch of from BassCatSC (  12/3/2004 8:50:00 AM
 hours on it and no problems since new. It had some faulty sensors in it and it took several trips (into 1999)to the dealer to get to the bottom of the problem but since then no problems. Great on gas, terrible on oil, and a little weak on the holeshot but reliability has been great. At last service compression was still excellent. Might pop tomorrow but I would not hesitate to buy another.

   Optimax Motors from Joe Kalinich (  12/3/2004 11:12:00 AM
 I have been running an Opti 200's since 2001 and have had zero problems with the motors. Before that I had a Evinrude / Johnson's for 10 years. The motors are used in Tournament conditions so they have never been babied. I can name numerous Evinrude / Johnson failures from small problems to the big ticket items like powerheads. Granted it only has been four years with the Opti's as compared to 10 years with Evinrure Johnson but I can honestly say I do not have the fear of breakdown with Mercury that I had with Evinrude / Johnson. Maintenance was always a priority on every engine I have owned. I have found that the Opti's always get me to where I am going quickly and efficiently but more important - they get me back. I would not change back to Evinrude / Johnson not even with Bombardier behind them.

   Opti's performance from Vernon (  12/3/2004 12:09:00 PM
 I ran a 2000 Opti 225 on a Ranger 520 for four years and had zero problems. The most fuel efficient and best running motor I have owned in my 30 years of operating outboard motors. I've run a variety of Yamahas, Johnsons and Mercurys on 11 different boats during that time and the Opti has been far and away the best and most reliable. Sold my 2000 and purchased another 520 with a 2004 Opti 225 in April and, once again, couldn't be happier. Great performance, exceptional fuel efficiency and zero problems. I sold the 2000 last March to a guy at the Lake of the Ozarks who ran the buhjesus out of it virtually every day this past year and he absolutely loves it. Although all of the top brands are pretty darn good these days, for my money, the Opti is the way to go. Oh yeah, I also have one of the new Motor Guide digitals (switched from MK Maxxum) and I, too, think that it is the best trolling motor that I have owned. Good luck!

   Opti from Mike I.  12/3/2004 3:10:00 PM
 I bought my 02-225 on a 520 Ranger when it had 70 hrs. on it. It was used on the BASS tour for a few months before the 03's came out. It now has about 180 hrs.and the only thing I had to do was tighten the cowling latch and clean out the speedo tube. GREAT MOTOR Unbeleivable gas mileage and very little oil consumption with a excellent hole shot and 70(gps) top end,thats good for a loaded out 520. You must remember to follow the maintenance recommendations as per the owners manual. Quality mid grade fuel,opti oil,quickleen with every gas fill up,proper storage and run-up recommendations. It's all in the owners manual and the added time and expense is worth it down the road.

   Man !! Name calling and everything!!! from Thinwater  12/4/2004 12:10:00 PM
 HEY !! Bill anyone ever tell you its a free country !! I don't go calling you names cause you have a different opinion. The guy asked a question and I gave him my experience, because I DID own one !!! Do I know most of the problems they had were in "99" & "00" model years - YES. Do I know that for every bad one they probably make hundreds of good ones, YES. But I gave him the facts of my experience, they sold me an engine that was JUNK, they would't step up to the plate, I had to take them to court over it!! They even made me promise that I wouldn't talk about it for 1 year, what does THAT tell you !! Anyway thats the TRUTH and I'm sticking to it !! All you guys with Opti's, I couldn't be happier that you like them and are having a trouble free experience because BELIEVE ME I know how baddly it sucks when you have a $35K bassboat and it spends an hour or more at the end of a rope being towed in buy a guy with a 14' Starcraft and a 6hp Johnson.

   My reason for name calling!! from Bill C. (  12/4/2004 5:39:00 PM
 Thinwater over the past 5 or so years on here I have to say you have to rank up in the top ten on who has asked the most questions on here!

You sir have had so many questions over the years and I don't think I can ever really recall reading any of them where you got such a short sarcastic misinforming negative answer like you gave this guy at first.

From way back when you had your 1999 TR21 Triton with the 225 Opti. Which where I can remember seeing and reading also how great in your opinion that motor was at one time before it did blow. And also a short time after that I remember reading a lot of questions about your new 2000 TR22 with a 225 HO Johnson. Then lets see, you were able to move alone to another Triton with a 225 Yammie on it and also had several questions then about it. Actually Thinwater I could be here all night talking about how many questions you have asked on here over several years now. And you know what? I still don't ever recall you being talked to and answered to like you did this guy Thinwater. Of all guys on here you sir should be ashamed of yourself.

Now with your second response you just gave. I must say is a more indebt answer and facts to show why you have your opinion as you stated. Which in all of the answers this gentleman got so far. I must say your second response sir is more detailed and a more understanding of the old problems Mercury once had with this engines and you proved to be the most informative with most value answers to his question since he didn't mention the year of Opti don't you think Thinwater?

However in your first response how would you had liked it when you first posted a simple question on here several years ago, the regulars then would have gave you such a harsh and sarcastic answer without giving reason as you did in your first response? That my sir is why I called you a arz and Thinhead! Also Thinwater you never cared to even ask what year he was referring to for you bashed the Opti! And in my opinion sir, you deserved what I called you Thinwater! Especially since you sir have obtained your most valuable information from this wonderful site of very knowledeable,helpful and opinionated guys!!

My point is this Thinwater, over the years this place has become a place for the special elite group of guys to gossip. I have enjoyed sitting back and reading these gossips in the quietness of my home. As a entertainment I must say. But in reality this site was set up to help and inform guys with answers with their questions.

Most I have enjoyed and even here lately stirred a couple myself for self entertainment reasons I guess. However though, I have sat back and read some of the down right most sarcastic answers over the years and I sir did mind my own business. I think I have never called someone a name on here until now and mean it. The reason I did you is like I said, "Of all people you should have been in my OPINION a lot more understanding of someone new and has probably has never been on this site before?" You sir in my OPINION should have been more understanding of what he was asking since you are such a questionnaire yourself!

Now I will properly apologize to you Mr. Thinwater since you did make it right for yourself in my OPINION with your second response sir. Now the question rely on you, if you will accept my apologize since I did give you sir my reason for my first response to yours? I will take back my name calling and apologize to you Thinwater!!

   No Big deal, Bill from Thinwater  12/4/2004 7:09:00 PM
 No harm no foul, apology accepted. I thought I gave all the facts in my first post like the years and everything. I only wish someone HAD given me the same answer back in "99" maybe I wouldn't have anything to complain about today. As far as me being in the top ten, I think you need a new calculator buddy. I don't even monitor this board in fishing season, other than the last few weeks I haven't been on since April or May. Its the ONLY thing that helps the cabin fever in the long winters up here when you $40K bassboat is under 5 feet of snow and the lakes have 2 feet of ice covering them. Tight lines & full livewells Bill.

   Agree with Thinwaters first post! from binkwood  12/4/2004 7:28:00 PM

   Thanks Thinwater from Bill C. (  12/4/2004 10:17:00 PM

Now that would suck having cabin fever already dude. Smallmouth fishing here is just getting better I feel. By the way did they ever get your motor fixed way back then and do you know if the guy who bought it had anymore problems with it? I myself am a HO Rude man now. I have owned several Merc's myself. No Opti's though and still love those black motors from my experince. I did also have a 200 Yammie Vmax. I sure was proud of it and only have good things to say about that motor too. The 02 sensor was a pain in the butt sometimes, but other than that it was a awesome motor!!

   Don't know from Thinwater  12/5/2004 12:11:00 AM
 I don't know what happened to that motor. After that first year, it was all I could take, I HAD to dump it. I bought an extended warranty ( just to keep my conscience clear ) then my dealer sold it to someone in Michigan, GEEEZEEE I hope it wasn't Binkwood. LOL I've had a 250 VMax for the last 3 seasons and I don't think there is better customer service than Yamaha, with the possible exception of the First year BRP took over OMC. I think I'd buy the BRP motor today if I could get the 7 year warranty like they usally offer in the beginning of the year.

   Damn Thinwater.... from binkwood  12/5/2004 8:11:00 AM
 you're not having any luck with motors, you've made the rounds. Honda 4 stroke next? I still have my '98 Oil Max and knock on wood, it's still burnin' oil! LOL

   Yep !! I've tried them all from Thinwater  12/5/2004 10:29:00 AM
 The ONLY one I will NEVER buy again are those black motors. I isn't even that I got a bad one, hell you can get that with ANY brand, it was the way Merc treated me. 4 months to get a powerhead ??? And THAT was just the beginning. Even that H.O. I had after the Oilmax was GREAT after BRP took over and fixed it up. This Yamaha has been GREAT but I think I might look real hard at that new 225 H.O. E-Tec for the next one, especially if you can get a 7 year warranty.

   Oilmax? from fish4bass (  12/5/2004 1:12:00 PM
 I have a '98 150 Opti since new and no problems. Motor has been great. No idea how many hours... because I do all the maintenance myself. Also... I have not noticed it burning an excess of oil.

   fish4bass... from binkwood  12/5/2004 4:41:00 PM
 I have a '98 225 and Thinwater had a '99 225 and we both used to complain about the oil usage....that's why we coined; "Oilmax". Merc went to work trying to run a leaner mixture and that's why; "Optipop" was coined. I would certainly rather have an Oilmax than an Optipop. My motor has run flawlessly, but the claims of 60:1 to 300:1 gas: oil ratio is an absolute fabrication. I get about 30:1. I probably have 500 to 600 hours on mine so far. I haven't had to deal with Mercury like Thinwater has so if I was to buy another engine today I would certainly consider another Opti.

   Tim--What's your point, exactly? from Mike Whitten  12/5/2004 11:19:00 PM
 Tim, Your quite right, I have had some really poor trolling motors, and they were MotorGuide 36v motors, BUT,PRE-DIGITAL. Which is exactly what I said in my post. The pre-digital motors had tons of problems, which was why I switched to MK for a year or so. The 101 has issues as well, including problems with things in the foot pedal separating. It is also heavier, much heavier than a MG, and does effect bow lift.

The new DIGITAL TE 109 has been run harder in worse conditions that any of my previous motors, and has given me no trouble. I have talked with several of the MG Tour pros, and have gotten the same input. Problems are gone, digital technology works, and the motor is, for me, smoother, quieter, and much lighter and easier to handle.

If you prefer MK--fine--I never said they were bad motors. I said IN MY OPINION, the new digital MotorGuide is the best trolling motor I've ever run, and I believe that very strongly.

Mike Whitten/Memphis



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