mixing my oil and gas question on ratio mixing my oil and gas question on ratio
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    mixing my oil and gas question on ratio
from Lake Martin Man (  
12/17/2004 3:19:00 PM


 hey yall
I just disconnected my vro pump (went bad) on my 1995 150 Johnson fast strike. How do I know how to mix the oil at the proper ratio? What ratio? 50:1? Also there is 1/2 a tank of gas in there already. How do I insure that the oil gets properly mixed in the tank?

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   Mixing from pmgoffjr (  12/17/2004 3:44:00 PM
 50-1 is the recommended mixture. That equals one pint of oil per six gallons of gas.

TCWIII oil will immediately mix in gasoline, so if you're not sure, you can put the gas in, then add the proper amount of oil to the tank, in a minute it'll be ready to roll.

   Mix from Super-Pro (  12/17/2004 3:50:00 PM
 Like pmgoffjr said mix 16oz. oil to every 6 gallons of gas. Disconnecting your oil injection was a smart thing to do but it will get frustrating mixing the oil and gas. As long as you mix the gas right and the motor is peeing good you have no problems.

   Your other question, you from Gstream15  12/17/2004 6:03:00 PM
 need to have a pretty good idea of how much gas is in there. Then add oil. If you think it has 10 gallons, add enough oil for 12. Won't hurt anything to have a little extra, but it's definitely not good to have to little.

   Let me try from SWaynePoole (  12/17/2004 7:06:00 PM
  50 to 1 means 50 ounces of gas to 1 ounce of oil. There is 128 ounces in a gallon of gas so you would need 2.357 ounces of oil for 1 gallon of gas. I run lawn equipment in my business, which a lot of is 2 cycle. I mix 3 ounces oil to a gallon of gas just to be safe and have had no problems with fouling. That is what I would do if I had no VRO.

   Get one of those plastice jars from nx750FLA (  12/17/2004 7:46:00 PM
 Most Marine supply stores sell a plastic jar with conversion on it. All you do is fill up the the amount of gas your putting in the tank.. Saves the headache of being sure your adding enough..I think they cost like 2.00

   mixture from Keith (  12/17/2004 8:10:00 PM
 I would recommend sticking with a 50:1 ratio on a stock motor. Mixing more oil than needed creates a couple of extra problems. One is it reduces the octane and with this junk they sell for gas and so many people have a bad habit of leaving in the tanks for long periods of time, you don't need to induce any octane reduction. Two, the extra oil actually holds heat and makes the rings and pistons run hotter. Three, it adds to the carbon build-up on the pistons.

   Actually it's 2.56.... from Alex from GA (  12/17/2004 9:19:00 PM
 ....ounces per gallon. If you can't get to a boat store and buy the plastic jar buy a baby bottle at the drugstore or grocery store to measure your oil. If you have a 5 gallon can like I do to mix with put a scant 13 oz of oil in the can with 5 gallons.

   Mixing oil from Cutout (  12/18/2004 10:05:00 AM
 I would go to your local motorcycle shop and ask for a Ratio Rite. This is a very good cup to use when mixing anything.I has all the ratios on the side and also oz. marks.I keep several here at the house for my customers, makes life a lot easier. Good luck


   Filling the tank from Wayne (CajunBass) (  12/18/2004 10:54:00 AM
 Since you disconnected you Oil injection, I assume you have no oil in your tank. You know how big your tank is. Figure how much oil you need at 50/1 for a full tank. Add that ammount. Go fill your tank.

You can get a marked bottle for proper ratio at any marine supply store. The Wally Worlds around here sell them too. They cost 3-5 bucks. Maybe less. I think I paid 1.98 for mine.

   Mixing made simple from Lucky Al  12/18/2004 12:31:00 PM
 After you put the proper amount of oil in your gas tank to begin with, here is a suggestion: First buy some oil in several pint bottles (16 oz) to use. Everytime you gas up put the oil in BEFORE you pump the gas. Make it a habit. (don't add it before you go buy gas, or after you buy gas, do it at the station right before you pump!) Then buy your oil in gallon containers (or in bulk) and fill the empty pint bottles with the oil you purchased. That way, it is more convenient to put in the pre-measured 16 oz per 6 gallons without having to measure each time. Its also handy to have a half full pint bottle in case you want to top off the gas tank with 3 gallons, when your tank won't hold 6 more gallons. (Of course, pump in 12, 6 or 3 gallons at a time, always.) Worked for me for 22 years.



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