Installing a Jack Plate - need help!!! Installing a Jack Plate - need help!!!
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    Installing a Jack Plate - need help!!!
from BobR93 (  
1/21/2005 9:19:00 PM


 I would appreciate if someone would give me specific instuctions on installing a new CMC manual jack plate, 5 1/2" set back, on my 2001 Ranger R93 with a 200 Evinrude Ram motor.

Also, thoughts as to whether or not a 5 1/2" set back will give me a noticed improvement or do I need to go to a bigger set back?

Thanks for your help!


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   Pretty Simple from pmgoffjr (  1/21/2005 9:39:00 PM
 First you'll need a motor hoist.

With engine attached, disconnect your motor from transom. Replace plate in same holes motor just left, be sure and seal with marine silicone to prevent water invasion. Replace engine on jackplate, set proper height, and you've done it. You are now a high performance bass boat guy!

   It's even easier than that... from Jack Saullo (  1/22/2005 8:11:00 AM
 You don't even need an engine hoist. I through bolted a large heavy duty screw eye directly center in the top 2x10 of my garage door frame. I back the outboard directly under it and remove the cowling. If you have an outboard ring, use it- but if not connect a chain to the loops on the top of your power head using bolts through the links. Crank the trailer tongue almost all the way down (this raises the back of the boat)leaving about 3 cranks before the lowest point. Trim the engine all the way down or until the skeg is just touching the ground (with no weight on the ground). Now put the other end of the chain through the eye in your door frame, pull it as tight as you can and through bolt it there. Now finish the last 3 cranks at your trailer tongue so it is all the way down- that chain on the engine should be extremely tight. Now with a friend holding a wrench in the boat (don't try to do this alone)you can pull the mounting bolts out of the engine/transom. You will probably need a hammer to tap the bolts through the transom holes to break the caulk sealant. Now the motor will swing away from the transom- hinging on the steering cables. Pull the engine back as far as the steering cable allow. Clean all of the old caulk off the transom and motor and heavily caulk the transom holes from both sides, coat the new bolts with caulk, and mount the jackplate to the transom. Tighten these bolts "crazy" tight. Now swing the engine into position and mount it to the jackplate using lock tite on the threads and lock washers behind the nuts- again "crazy tight". During the procedure you may need to jockey the trailer tongue to eleviate tourque that may be holding things too tightly. This is no problem. Now you can crank the trailer tongue back to normal and pull your chain off the engine. Put the cowling back on, run your wiring/plumbing (for electric hydraulic plates) and sit back with a beer to admire your work. Don't use the boat for a day or two to make sure everything is dry. Good luck!

   Installing a Jackplate from Trevor Zimak (  2/17/2005 11:57:00 PM
 I have a 1998 Procraft 180BASS with a 150 Merc XR6. This year I would like to install a jackplate to get a little more speed and overall better performance. I was looking at either using a 5.5'' CMC Jackplate or a 6'' Rite Hite Manual Jackplate. My question is that I do not have hydraulic steering and do not think the original stearing cables are gonna be long enough. Will I be able to mount a plate and still have all the original stearing cables reach without putting any stress on them. Any comments or suggestions would be much appriecated.




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