aftermarket prop for minn-kota aftermarket prop for minn-kota
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    aftermarket prop for minn-kota
from jeremy (  
3/27/2005 7:45:00 AM


 does anyone make a three blade prop for minn-kotas? 65AT

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   NO ! Why? from Foster's Trolln Motor Repairs-Sales  3/27/2005 8:12:00 AM
 What would you need a 3 blade prop for?You'll loose power,speed.Not to mention you'll viod any warranty you may have.

Foster's Trolln Motor Repairs-Sales

   yes, there is from SeeBass  3/27/2005 8:31:00 AM
 The Kipawa prop is available if you so choose.

   Why would you want one ? The two blade has more power. from The perchjerker  3/27/2005 9:13:00 AM
 There seems to be problems with the prop SEEBASS named.Several guys have reported a fast battery drain while using them.They have all gone back to the original props.

   kipawa cuts grass better from beartrap  3/27/2005 10:39:00 AM
 just got a kipawa and have used it several times in heavy grass with my Maxxum 74lb thrust and it will cut the grass better however it does seem to create another problem....not sure if I can explain this but I'll try....the blades are real sharp and as you are pushing forward through thick grass as the grass bends around the motor,it cuts it real quick and you get a build-up of cut grass around the front head of the motor and the shaft so you have to stop frequently and reverse the motor to blow the stuff away...with stock prop,grass will wrap around and completely stop the prop-this seldom happens with the kipawa.....I've got new batteries (27 series Interstate)and I have noticed that I suffer a little performance drop at end of day but not much....yesterday fished in shallow water(mixture of hydrilla,coontail,spagetti vines and lily pad stems) all day (8 1/2 hour tourny) with trolling motor on medium to high speed looking for beds and I had plenty of juice left at end of day....I would estimate it's 20% better overall in heavy grass than the factory prop...I haven't used it in a non grass lake yet but i think I'm gonna like the fact the diameter is smaller and will let me fish shallower without the blades hitting the bottom......when you kick it up on maximum thrust,it will pull my boat noticeably faster......

   Fosters and Perchjerker said it best! n/m from Boatless Ranger482 (  3/27/2005 12:18:00 PM

   hell no-I said it best from beartrap  3/27/2005 12:42:00 PM
 but I will add that if i didn't frequently fish grassy lakes,i wouldn't buy one,if I break this one,I may not buy another because it's marginal if they are worth the $ if you live in Ohio and are boatless,you simply can't understand all this......

   Beartrap from Boatless Ranger482 (  3/27/2005 5:20:00 PM
 Yes I live in Ohio, and FYI I am no longer boatless! I sold my boat in January and have a new 520 in my driveway. And yes, there are extremely weedy lakes outside of Georgia. We have some very weedy lakes in Ohio and Michigan (which is where I do most of my fishing).

"I may not buy another because it's marginal if they are worth the $40.00....." You just got done saying how great they were! A regular MK prop costs over $30! Must be some of that Georgia redneck hillbilly logic......

What the other guys said is FACT! The Minn Kota warranty IS void if using an aftermarket prop, and you will lose power and efficiency! Let me guess, you did your own scientific testing...... Must be where that 20% better figure came from!

BTW--I had a Maxxum 74 on my old boat and it cut through heavy weeds and slop just fine with a standard weedless wedge prop.

   Boatless-have you ever used a kipawa prop? from beartrap  3/27/2005 5:47:00 PM
 have you ever fished a lake with hydrilla in it...if you haven't then you wouldn't understand how thick it is and what it takes to cut thru it and why those who do will try almost anything to improve their ability to get through it.."weeds and slop" is not hydrilla..........I haven't seen any loss of power or efficiency(a trolling motor bogged down in the grass is zero percent efficient) and I don't give a rip about the warranty,I want to cut grass... I highly suspect the only reason it will void the warranty is that MK isn't making anything off them....I got to assume that you don't have a Kipawa prop and don't fish hydrilla lakes....I do and I rest my case.......p.s. we don't have any hills in south Georgia.....

   The answer to the post is YES, not all the other garbage from SeeBass  3/28/2005 2:33:00 PM
 The poster asked if there was an after market 3 blade prop available?? Well yes there is. I didnt read anywhere asking for opinions about the option, just a simple question, Is there an aftermarket 3 blade prop available for his motor. 1 word answer YES. Save the other opinions for questions asking for 1. You all know about opinions, certainly truer words never spoken than on the BFHP !!

   79953; aftermarket prop for minnkota from jeremy (  3/29/2005 4:42:00 PM
 thanks, beartrap. heavy vegatation and shallow water are the exact reasons i was looking for a new prop.



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