skeeter opinions please zx195c vs zx202c skeeter opinions please zx195c vs zx202c
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    skeeter opinions please zx195c vs zx202c
from bj (  
4/4/2006 9:06:00 AM


 Can anyone that has been in or owned both of these boats give me an honest opinion on fishability and rough water ride? Speed isn't of the highest concern. I have been in a zx195c as a coangler on some really rough stuff and wasn't impressed with the ride but fishability was great and the ride could have had a lot to do with the driver. I have been in a few newer zx225's and liked them but out of my price range, thinking the zx202 will be a similar boat for less money. zx195 is a 99 with a 200 efi yammie ($17k) and the zx202 is a 2000 with a 225 EFI yammie ($19k). I fish a wide variety from small puddles to erie and champlain a few times a year. I will not have a chance to try both in the rough stuff so your honest opinions are appreciated.

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   I owned a 2000 202ZX/Yammie 225.... from PumaJeff  4/4/2006 9:38:00 AM
 ran one for almost 3 yrs (from late 02 till early 05), until someone forgot to stop at the red light I was sitting at while pulling it, and rearended me a 55 mph!(BOOM!) :o( Speed was good, and rough water ride (been on Lake Erie MANY times with it, so I have experience) was "OK". Didn't relize how much better a boat can handle rough stuff till I got my Puma, :o). Fishability on the 202ZX was awsome! Very nice platform to fish from. $19,000 is not a bad price, but I've seen some 03 225ZX's on swap/sell for well under $25,000. 225 vs 202 are exact boats, with the 225 having a different storage setup. i think the boat will handle rough stuff well enough for you, but I'd shop and try to get a newer one for a few thousand more. JMHO, Jeff

   thanks Jeff from bj (  4/4/2006 10:36:00 AM
 Yeah I agree I would much rather have a newer zx225, especiallywith an HPDI and a warranty. But I am stretching it to pay 19k, 16k would be better. I am trying to pay cash... I am still trying to figure out if there is a way to get a newer boat with a very minimal loan. If anyone knows of the cheapest zx225 / HPDI on the planet let me know so I can check it out!

   I know of one at... from PumaJeff  4/4/2006 11:41:00 AM
 a repo sale this Friday. 2003 225ZX with a Yammie 225 (not sure if it's an HPDI, probably is) It is in Cincinnati Ohio though. I frequent the sales often, I am a car dealer. Never been over to this one yet though. There was that exact year/model boat there a month ago, and it did $20,500.

   When in doubt go with the bigger boat. from Mike T. (  4/4/2006 4:49:00 PM
 Sounds like you made your mind up as to which brand boat you want. When in doubt go with the bigger boat. You will be glad you did. Size equals better ride. As for the fishing platform, I own the 185 Skeeter and love the layout and fishability. Storage is excellent as well. As for the ride I imagine its like any other 18.5 footer.

Good Luck, Mike

   Hey PumaJeff from Buzzbait (  4/4/2006 7:13:00 PM
 Hey PumaJeff - Do you regularly see boats at the car auctions? I know a couple people that go to the auctions, but I never thought to ask them to keep an eye out for me. Let me know, cause I may go that route next time(hopefully sooner than later if I get my way.


   Pj from bj (  4/4/2006 8:33:00 PM
 is there any way to check out that boat for me? Let me know what your commision is maybe we can work something out and both make out ok. Most of the boats I find are in Alabama, Texas or Florida so OH is really sounding close! Feel free to e-mail me...

   boats at auctions... from PumaJeff  4/4/2006 11:43:00 PM
 I've been in the car business for 24 years, and have come across around 10 bassboats worth buying in that 24 years. At regular car auctions, almost never. VERY tough to find one, let alone find one worth buying. My last 2 boats, before my Puma, came from repo sales, but they were 4 years apart. Bought a 1998 Hydrasports 196 in 1999 for $9,000, kept it for 4 years, and sold it for $13,500, and bought a 2000 Skeeter 202ZX in 03 for $13,000, and the insurance company paid me $22,000 for it last June (was totaled in accident). That's why I was able to go pay cash for my BassCat Puma. Trick is buying "out of season". I bought both of those boats in January, and that is the reason they did less than they should have. bj, I won't be seeing this Skeeter in person (it's 5 hrs from me) but will be seeing pictures. I can email you the site when the pictures are listed. probably by tomorrow, since the boat is up for auction this Friday.

   thanks pj from bj (  4/5/2006 8:06:00 AM
 Yes send me the pics and or the link, is this a dealer only auction? My e-mail should be clickable above. I really appreciate the help, if anyone else has any leads send them my way as well. I was hoping to get something within two weeks, All the zx225's on this board in or just out of my price range have been sold unfortunately. THe ZX 202 is still available but I think I just woke up and realized if I am gonna spend 19k I might as well spend a few more and get a boat with possibly a warranty, an updated motor (more efficient) and a more currcent design (read higher resale value). I wish I could have bought in the off season but of course my other boat didn;t sell until a few weeks ago :(

   skeeter boats from skeeter225 (  4/5/2006 8:23:00 AM
 also check out, and click on skeeter boats for sale. it's a Skeeter only sale page and has some good deals.

   thanks skeeter225 from bj (  4/5/2006 8:45:00 AM
 Yup I checked strikebass and its a good page. The only boat that interests me is in Louisiana and thats just too dang far. I do check back there pretty often.

   Breaking news>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> from Danco  4/5/2006 8:51:00 AM
 PumaJeff has just been diagnosed with a terrible malady! It's a relatively new but growing phenomon called BassCatitis! It's basically a big tumor on his brain shaped like a BassCat Puma that secrets a hormon everytime someone mentions a bassboat. That hormone causes all kinds of bad reactions from nervous eye ticks, bad hand twitches and the worse which is unexpectedly screaming BASSCAT outloud in the middle of a sentence! Other side effects include the inability to leave his house without a basscat t-shirt, hat and his hardly washed basscat underwear.

We should all feel sorry for Jeff cause the only cure known for this new malady is the purchase of a Triton!


   what you saying Danco? from PumaJeff  4/5/2006 3:03:00 PM
 Did you say BassCatttttttt b ptul dljln jhghktop khrstk hkto4349 , I can't b.ghpo get klilhh up. gkgjgk g help! khtty nl[[ [kuk/ puy[rp poi , here ytyityi kitty hl;yyoy cat! opihoi bl;dfgpe . come gerto to pkghptyhpkth daddy. rtterthihj bdao mhthmmm kjypjp.

   Exactly! LOL nmsg from Danco  4/5/2006 3:07:00 PM

   I'm coming over... from PumaJeff  4/5/2006 3:16:00 PM
 to Dunkirk, when you losers are there, and show all you buttwipes up! or wipebutts up! LOL

   bj, I'll email you info tonight.... from PumaJeff  4/5/2006 3:35:00 PM
 Not sure if there's going to be pictures though. What's cool is I can actually bid on stuff at these auctions, sitting at my office desk, through their dealer aution simulcast on line bidding. it's pretty neat! Just dealers are able to get set up for this. They show a live view of the lane, vehicle and auction block, and you just start typing in your bids as the bidding starts. On line bidding at auctions is becoming the norm anymore. Kinda sucks when your at the auction, and your bidding against someone sitting miles away at their desk, sipping a coffee! it is a repo sale Friday, and all repo sales are open to the public. Again, I'll email you what info I have tonight. :o)

   Pj. from bj (  4/5/2006 4:21:00 PM
 I'll look for it tonight thanks! So I cannot bid from here, just a dealer can is that right? Hmmm... If I had an idea what the boat would go for I would take the drive if need be. It is this coming friday? I'll look for the info maybe it will answer some questions I have. THanks again.

   bj... from PumaJeff  4/5/2006 8:03:00 PM
 I clicked on your name on every post, and nothing???? Email me at



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