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    Flat Foot Tray Question
from squib (  
4/10/2006 1:09:00 PM


 I am thinking about putting a Flat Foot recessed trolling motor tray in my Ranger 518. I see that there are two sizes--one for a MotorGuide and one for a Minn Kota. The Minn Kota tray is a little bigger. I currently have a MotorGuide but might want to switch to a Minn Kota later. What would be the problem with me getting a Minn Kota tray and putting my Motor Guide foot control in there now. It will have a little more wiggle room, but it should be fine, right?

Also does anybody have any advice in terms of mounting one in my boat?


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   Foot Recess. from Mark (  4/10/2006 2:31:00 PM
Squib, If your interested, we make a recessed tray kit also. Feel free to call me at 417-862-6512. Or even email me at mrmiller@polyfabplastics.com Our Tray kit has been around since 1997 and will work great with either MK or MG trollers. Thanks, Mark

   His is greattt !!!!!!!!!!!!! from skeeterfaststrike (  4/10/2006 5:28:00 PM
I have mark's product in my TR21, I will admit that I was a little worried at first b/c it is made of a type of plastic and not metal or figerglass, I am a big boy and have had no none zero problems with it, at times it has had to hold 100% of me and it doesn't give a bit,, his product is the BEST out there hands down,,,

   Squib from Chris (  4/10/2006 5:44:00 PM
Get the aluminim Flat Foot. It will fit better than the plastic recess mentioned above. Flat Foot requires a 17" long hole (Better fit for your 518) and the Pro Tray/Pro Control (whatever they are calling it this week) needs a 19.25 inch long hole. Flat Foot is also the original aftermarket recess. Both the one size fits all Pro Control and Motor Guide model Flat Foot are the same width of 9.5 inches inside. Flat Foot also has a larger drain (very important).

You can install either model Flat Foot and the larger Minn Kota pedal will fit. However, the designer/manufacturer of the Flat Foot feels the extra 3/4 inch space on each side of the pedal is important for 2 reasons:

1) Easier to keep the recessed well clean and debris free which insures the drain NEVER gets clogged.

2) Easier to remove an obstruction such as a crankbait that could become lodged between the side of the recess and the control pedal.

You will have some extra room if you install the Minn Kota model Flat Foot with the Motor Guide pedal but yes you can do this and if you plan to get a Minn Kota TM in the future than I would recomend the larger model.

These are the reasons for 2 sizes. One size doesn't fit all, well. If one size did fit all then shoe companies could cut inventory by 90%.

You can get the Flat Foot at Cabela's or BPS should have them now as well.

   Squib - before you buy, send me an email from Johnny (  4/10/2006 10:31:00 PM
You can reach me at 4jlockaby@gmail.com

Thanks, Johnny

   Don't know from Danco  4/11/2006 8:41:00 AM
anything about this "other" plastic tray. The flatfoot is a decent product too but I was sold on the comfortroll. It's the best looking an I like the finish on it. Price was right too.

   Foot recess tray. from Mark (  4/11/2006 9:15:00 AM
Chris, Sure would like to know why you bash our product so much! For your info, we've not had any problems with our trays! I would like to see the trays that you say you have supposedly replaced on a post back a week or so ago. If anyone had problems with them, I never heard about it, because I WILL replace it if ANYTHING is wrong! And one size has worked real well, for one we can keep our cost low, as well as supply todays money wise fisherman with a product that does work and has worked since 1997. So feel free to bash away all you want. Oh, and as for the name change, That was a change we had to make. The previous owner of the Pro Tray name still owned the trademark until 2009 and did not want to sell that portion. And if I'm not mistaken he had been making the aluminum tray since 1992. So I guess your NOT the first to make the aluminum tray. So, You just feel free to bash away since you have nothing better to do and if you would like I would be glad to send you one of our tray's so you could test it all you would like. Put as many plastic baits in it, pour gas or whatever liquid you would like in it, let it sit in the sun as long as you like, put as much weight on it as you like whatever you want to do to put it to the test. And if it breaks I'll send you another one! Mark

   Mark from Chris (  4/11/2006 10:12:00 AM
I'm replacing one on a Skeeter in a week to 10 days. He said it was his third replacement and this time he is going with aluminim. I'll send it to you after I replace it.

   Chris from Mark (  4/11/2006 10:40:00 AM
3rd replacement?????? where did he get THEM from? I would like to know where he is from and why he hasn't called me about it! email me his name and number, I would love to know. mrmiller@polyfabplastics.com or call me with his info 417-862-6512. Why does it take a week to ten days to put one in?

   Mark - are you a board sponsor? from StevieP (  4/11/2006 11:10:00 AM
If not, you might want to consider it, before making any more commercial posts.

I'm sure you've got a fine product. Readers and board members tend to give preferential treatment to commercial posters with big blue letters (indicating you've paid for the right to advertise your products here).

Good luck!

   Site sponsor. from Mark (  4/11/2006 11:19:00 AM
Steve, as of right now no. But I'm working on that. If you'll do a search on here for all of chris's post's. He needs to do the same! He's been doing this for a while now on other sites. I'm just a little sick of someone who does nothing but bash another's product and doesn't know a single thing about what he is talking about. (meaning our product). He needs to get his facts before he posts. Mark

   Mark from Qop (  4/11/2006 1:54:00 PM
As a non-biased outside observer here, I would like to test your product and give an unbiased opinion of it to all. I have been looking for one for my Stratos anyway, so if you would like to send me one for free i will install and test it. If interested please drop me a line @ bgp6@hotmail.com


   Answers Mark from Chris (  4/11/2006 2:58:00 PM
Mr. Squib asked a specific question about a specific product. You came in with a bait and switch giving no answers to his questions. You offered info for a cheaper product (cheaper in terms of quality) and thats it.

I on the other hand answered his questions while giving factual comparison information. I'm bashing you? Don't think so. I just gave his answers to his questions.

What do I know about your product and the Flat Foot? I purchased my first Flat Foot in 1990. I wanted to purchase another when I bought a new boat in 1994 but the owner had stopped building them since Bass Cat had patented the concept of recessing the TM pedal to deck level. I then purchased an aluminum Pro Tray in 1994. I purchased another new rig in late 1999. By early 2000 Flat Foot was being built again with design changes that addressed what I didn't like about the earlier models and the aluminim Pro Tray model. I have, since the year 2000, installed over 150 Flat Foots in boats for others.

I fish plenty of T's in the Table Rock area and never saw my first plastic Pro Tray till mid 2003. Funny how you being from Nixa and been building these since 1997 yet they never showed up in your home area till 2003-2004. What do I know about your product? I know I and others have replaced enough of them that the owner of the Flat Foot has now made an adapter plate to fill in the extra 2 inches of space required when putting a Flat Foot into a hole previously cut for a Pro Tray.

   comments for chris. from Mark (  4/11/2006 4:26:00 PM
I can tell that this is gonna be a broken record with you so you can post as much as you like and as many places you like about how you have replaced our product with yours and how our product won't last, and yet you still won't email or call me and give me names of individuals as well as dealers that replaced the broke ones if there ever has been any. As for being made since 1997, I would be glad to give you dealers names in Republic, ozark, nixa, and in springfield that have been purchasing them since july of that year as well as sponsoring many of the pro ams that are based out of the KC area. So just feel free to post all the negative and false info you would like about our product and again, feel free to email or call with any names of customers or dealers that have had any problems with their trays. Why would it be funny that I'm from Nixa? You must be as well???????

   From Bolivar from Chris (  4/11/2006 5:03:00 PM
and have fished the Heartland and Central Pro Am since they started. Ulrich in Republic was stocking the alumunim Pro Tray back in 2002 when he changed to Flat Foot. Now I see he is back to the plastic Pro Tray and said it was due to price. Also got the feeling he was about to go back to the Flat Foot. We will see.



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