9.9 prop question 9.9 prop question
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    9.9 prop question
from Jon (  
8/10/2006 10:09:00 AM


 I have a Bass Tracker Pro16 running a merc 9.9 two stroke with a 9 pitch prop. Is there a place I can get a custom prop that will get me a little more top end. I can only get 12-13 mph out of the 9 pitch prop. My fellow club members are getting 14-16 mph from similar size boats. Any suggestion on what size prop to use for more top in speed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon

P.S. I switched from a 8 pitch to a 9 pitch and did not see any difference in speed.

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   15hp ? from Fish Atlanta Guide Service  8/10/2006 10:31:00 AM
 Here in Ga is is real common to see guys running 15hp motors with 9.9 stickers or changing carbs to make a 9.9hp a 15hp. Thats what it sounds like to me since my 16 foot Tracker won't do that speed with a 9.9 either. Most of the tournament directors overlook this and don't enforce it here even though the rules say the boat must be legal for the lake it is on.-Randall

Fish Atlanta Guide Service
3691 Ben Hill Road
Douglasville, GA 30134

Call: 770-362-0942

   Ditto! from Joe (  8/10/2006 10:41:00 AM
 Same here in N.J.

    15 upgrade from Jon (  8/10/2006 12:27:00 PM
 Yes, I have already upgraded my 9.9 to a 15. I also did not see much of an increase in top end speed when I upraded the carburator. I guess what I am trying to say is there anyone out there that makes or sells custom props to get you a little more top end specifically for small outboards? Thanks Jon.

   9.9/15 hp prop pitch from Big Easy (  8/10/2006 12:43:00 PM
 I made the switch on my duck boat a few years ago, and right now I forget what pitch I have on it but I think it's a 12 or 14. I was unaware of the wonders of the BFHP at the time so when I changed the prop I just looked at the different ones available for a 15 in the Cabela's catalog and went middle of the road. I guess I lucked out because it ran mucho better. I think you are probably slipping pretty bad with what you have now.

   Jon from Jeff Hahn  8/10/2006 12:58:00 PM
 Jon: Last winter I bought a used 14 foot Lund and put a 15hp Johson on it. At the time the dealer told me I should put a stainless prop on the motor. I though he was kidding! But he told me that there are stainless props for small motors and they run about $250 each. He said it would be good for a couple more miles per hour! I don't need the speed, obviously! But, I though I'd pass this info along to you.

Jeff Hahn

    prop from Jon (  8/10/2006 1:15:00 PM
 Thanks, I will look into the stainless prop market for small outboards. A couple of mph increase makes a big difference when you have 15-20 boats racing to the honey hole. Jon

   Prop from Wayne P.  8/10/2006 7:34:00 PM
 Cabela's has a replacement prop in 9 X 11 if you have the horsepower to turn it.

   Cabela's Stainless FYI from Big Easy (  8/11/2006 8:46:00 AM
 A few years back I was able to upgrade my duck boat motor from the 15 (still have it though, just in case) to a 40hp. The prop the dealer sold me sliped like a muther and I got to thinking stainless. In my research on which one to buy I contacted Rich Boger and his recommendation without even blinking was a Cabela's stainless. That's what I put on it and have been real pleased in my application.

   Prop Pitch from Crestliner (  8/11/2006 2:00:00 PM
 I don't know if they make this for your engine, but I just bought a 15 hp Yama 4-S on a wide 15' rig. It came stock with a 9" pitch (normal load) prop. All I could get out of it was about 14 - 15 mph. My marina swapped me an 11" pitch prop (heavy duty). My top end went up to 19 - 21 mph. Then another person here suggested fooling with my engine trim. Got the bow out of the water quicker by moving the trim up 2 notches. Net result is that now my top end is 24 - 25.5 mph. Prop pitch, trim and weight distribution played a big role in getting the most out the performance.

   prop from ben (  8/11/2006 4:24:00 PM
 i put a stainless prop on my 15 omc. picked it up from power tech. really helped in the performance of the boat. just check on the prop nut on occasion and the cotter pin. the stainless wheel is alot heavier that an aluminium prop. i found this out the hard way. but i did get the stainlees wheel back.

   9.9 to 15hp... from PumaJeff  8/14/2006 3:25:00 PM
 I have a 2000 9.9 hp Johnson, and after putting the 15 hp carb on it ($160) it gained 400-500 rpm's (from 5000-5200 to 5500-5600), and around 2-3 mph easy! The difference was, instead of "dragging" through the water, it now comes up on plane and travels "on" the water! It's on a 1998 17 ft Grumman semi/flat bottom bass boat.



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