Here is some info concerning tax on a used boat in TN Here is some info concerning tax on a used boat in TN
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    Here is some info concerning tax on a used boat in TN
from hammer  
9/15/2006 4:07:00 PM


 I just found out that in TN you have to pay taxes on the total used package (boat, motor and trailer). I did some research here and other places on the net before I did the deal and it looked like I only had to pay on the hull, but that was wrong. I found out the hard way today. Anyways just wanted to let everyone know.

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   Well well well from Rangerman  9/15/2006 4:54:00 PM
Same as always Death and Taxes!

   this is why.... from GotMyAlly (  9/15/2006 5:39:00 PM
That is why it is worthwhile for a TN resident to drive to AL to buy a boat!

   Neal, I don't understand????????????? from Mike Whitten  9/15/2006 5:46:00 PM
If you are a Tennessee resident, and you buy a boat in another state, you get a certificate for sale out of state, and they don't collect any sales tax.

You have to present bill of sale in Tenn to get numbers and pay sales tax. If you pay sales tax in state of origin, you get credit for what you paid out of state against the bill owed to Tennessee.

Ultimately, you will pay sales tax on the full purchase price of the boat.

If you buy a boat from a dealer, and trade in the old one, you only pay taxes on the net difference in new price, less trade in, but you still pay taxes.

So, buying in Tennessee vs out of state makes no difference, assuming you follow the law. And, if you don't they will eventually find out. Tennessee revenue tax auditors are working with Al, MS, KY and AR to be sure they get their share.

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   Mike is right from humminbird  9/15/2006 6:59:00 PM
He speaks the truth.


   Mike's Right from Randy . (  9/15/2006 9:30:00 PM
Not only does this apply to boats, it's the same with automobiles. I bought a truck years ago in Al. and paid a portion of my tax there and, paid the balance when I got my tags in TN. Whatever your local tax is, is what you end up paying. If you save 3% buying out of state, you'll pay that 3% when you get home. Just the way it is!!!!

   out of state purchase from GotMyAlly (  9/15/2006 10:07:00 PM
Mike, you are right in that TN works with AR and MS, but when I was a TN resident several years back, I bought both a new boat and a new 4 wheeler in AL. AL does not (or did not at the time.....things may have changed) report these purchases to the state of TN. I bought a Sprint in AL. AL boat registration laws allow(ed) you to register a boat in that state even if you lived in another state under the condition that the primary usage was in the state of AL. I don't think anyone can audit where and how often you used your boat and if I was ever questioned about it I think with the fact that Pickwick covers TN, MS, and AL it would be pretty easy to indicate that it was used in AL. Case # 2....I bought a 4 wheeler in AL and my dad bought one in MS around the same time. Shortly thereafter, he got a bill from the state of TN for his sales tax on his 4 wheeler. I never rec'd anything from TN on mine. I do not think TN has any reciprocal sales tax agreement with least they didn't 5-6 years ago.

I live in MS now, so the TN laws may have changed. I don't have to worry about it down here anyway. When I bought my Allison, I went to the tax collectors office to get the registration forms and pay taxes (yeah, imagine that, I was gonna pay it willfully). I was suprised when they just gave me the form and told me you didn't have to pay taxes on a used boat in this state. All I had to pay was the $15 or $20 registration fee.

   Boats and taxes--Neal from Mike Whitten  9/15/2006 10:59:00 PM
Neal, You are right on with MS, they don't tax anything used, but then they have a state income tax, which taxes earnings. TN taxes all purchases, but not income.

Tenn has always had the laws in place, but just started to enforce them. With internet now, they are swapping more information.

Alabama is different still. Tennessee is definitely the toughest on boats, new or used.

Best regards,

Mike Whitten

   Boats from Tim (  9/15/2006 11:16:00 PM
This is why you set on your hands a Year, Buy a Used boat that has already depreciated 6K, Buy it and say you gave 10k for it and pay taxes on the 10k. You can then buy all new rods and reels and a nice shirt with patches on it with the money you saved. Tim

   Move to Tn from FrankW  9/16/2006 12:36:00 PM
How about this? I own a boat in Florida and have paid the taxes. If I move to TN, do I have to pay taxes again when I register the boat in TN? When I moved to Arizona I had to pay taxes on the value of the unit to get a license. Cost close to $7,000 to get a Arizona license for my motor home.


   Sales tax is deductable in TN... from RedAllison (  9/16/2006 7:40:00 PM
the advantage too us TN residents was added a couple years ago too the tax bill changed in D.C. I've argued for years that our rediculous (9.75% on ALL food, medicine etc and most other purchases except large tickets like homes, cars etc...) sales tax was no different than a state income tax (which we don't have in TN, not yet anyway!!!). So with the law changes a few years ago we CAN deduct the sales tax. So be sure and claim it (or amend it on previous returns) and that'll save you several hundred maybe even a thousand or more in income tax normally paid on such amounts.

FrankW no you will NOT have to pay sales taxes to register your presently owned vehicles in TN. The only time you would have to is if you purchase them while living in TN. All you'll have to pay is normal registration/license expenses which varies by city/county (some have wheel taxes some don't I think the regular state fee for auto licenses is $75).

Good luck, RA

ps Used to be you could claim the old "I paid a hundred bucks for this used bassboat" and get away with it. NOT anymore, now most TN county courthouses have updated Blue Books and will actually tax you based on 75% of that amount if you claim you bought it for a steal.



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