Removing my bass boats steering wheel? Removing my bass boats steering wheel?
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    Removing my bass boats steering wheel?
from John (  
2/27/2007 6:41:00 PM


 I have a 2000 Nitro 750 and I just bought a new steering wheel. I went out to remove the old (factory) steering wheel and unscrewed the nut on the bolt up the cover and the steering wheel would not come off. Does anyone have any advise for me on how to remove the old steering wheel, so I can replace with new wheel? Do I need any special tools to remove the old wheel?

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   Get... from Dan (  2/27/2007 7:00:00 PM
 a gear puller... Dan

   Any rental shop will have... from bill spence (  2/27/2007 9:07:00 PM
 a steering wheel puller. Bring the boat with you so the size is perfect. You can bring your socket set with you and do the whole job in five minutes right there in the parking lot. I did it this way and the guy didn't even charge me for the puller.

   simple from Nightmare  2/27/2007 11:13:00 PM
 Hammer & a brass punch or piece of wood.

Get your buddy to help. Spin your nut back on until it is flush with end of shaft. Put the brass punch on the end of the shaft (and nut if big enough) or a piece of wood that fits in there end-ways. One person sits in the driver seat and puts a good pull on the steering wheel while the other gives the punch/wood a rap with the hammer (might take a couple).

The shaft is tapered and is why it doesn't just come off when the nut comes off. Shock from the hammer strike together with the opposite force on the wheel will pop it loose. There's also a shaft key in there so don't lose that when things come apart. The brass punch (soft metal - DON'T use steel) or wood transmits the hammer strike while preventing direct damage from the hammer directly against the shaft/threads. Nut left on shaft protects threads from getting buggered up. (also keeps ya from wackin' yerself in the face with the steering wheel when it pops off)

   John did this on my Nitro 700lx from TrepMan (  2/28/2007 11:38:00 AM
 I removed my wheel to put a Pro Trim switch in. Get a wheel puller from an autoparts store, no need for a big fancy one just get a $10 BASIC one and you'll be able to use it for years to come. They screw into the center shaft of the wheel and have arms that come around behind the wheel (part closest to the console) and you just screw it down slowly and the wheel will pop right off!!

   Let's see... from Funky  2/28/2007 11:49:00 AM
 Trip to Grainger for a brass punch - $12.95 plus gas

New tach from first missed blow - $159.95

Explaining to sis how you hit her hubby in the nose with a hammer - Priceless

You can get a cheap wheel puller at Advance Auto for the same price as a punch!

   Lets see from Nightmare  2/28/2007 3:24:00 PM
 Not very original, but you tried.

Yep, I see my error. How silly to suppose that somebody who is doing things for themselves, might have (and possess basic ability to use) a smattering of common tools and materials around his garage, in the first place.

   Yeah Nightmare from Fisherboy  2/28/2007 4:05:00 PM

That's how Ted Kaczynski got started -- using common materials from his garage.

   NightMare, it wasn't... from Funky  2/28/2007 4:59:00 PM
 supposed to be original, just helpful and funny!

As far as "a smattering of common tools", I'll bet more people have a hub/wheel puller around than brass punches. Point being, why take a chance on screwing something up or hurting someone when it's so easy to get the tool that the job requires.

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