Lowe Or Crestliner...Anything I Should Know? Lowe Or Crestliner...Anything I Should Know?
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    Lowe Or Crestliner...Anything I Should Know?
from David (  
3/12/2007 3:10:00 PM


 I've narrowed my new boat search down to 2 boats: Crestliner CX 19 & Lowe Stinger 190. From what I have been able to find out they are both good boats. However, I have no experience with either companies products nor do any of my friends. So, shed any light, good or bad, that you can. Thanks

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   Lowe from Ozzie (  3/12/2007 3:52:00 PM
 One of my friends has a lowe Roughneck 1754 and it has been through hell and has broke a weld or two but none in the hull only the back deck welds have broke and lowe fixed them. They are solid boats and if I waunted a aluminum rig I would get a lowe.

   Two of the best........... from Big Al (  3/12/2007 4:30:00 PM
 Either one. I would narrow it down to the features you like best and also the dealer you are going to purchase it from. I would think the Crestliner would cost more with similar equipment and motors. Good luck, Big Al

   Crestliner from Kurt (  3/12/2007 4:30:00 PM
 I have a Crestliner as well as a friend of mine these boats are also all welded, no problems on either of these and they are both 1993. No complaints here.

   Crestliner from Paul Dougherty (  3/12/2007 7:09:00 PM
 I have a 2001 Crestliner Angler 16. I bought it new and have never had a problem with it. It also has seen some rough water and rocks.

I also have to say when I called Crestliner for more carpet, after I made a cutting mistake putting in a hatch, they sent me a scrap piece for free that was big enough to cover a few more mistakes.

   Lowe v Crestliner from VinceR (  3/12/2007 11:24:00 PM
 Agree with all above. Both boats are well built, well laid out, and good looking. There are some differences, though. The Crestliner is rated for 135 HP, which means that you could power this boat with up to, and including a 135 Opti. The Lowe is rated for 115 HP. The Crestliner is about 200 lbs. heavier, at 1250 lbs. The beam for the Crestliner is 90", and the Lowe is 85". However, the Lowe carries it's 85" beam from the transom to just ahead of the consoles, whereas the Crestliner is 90" at the transom and narrows down from there. I would think that this would make the Lowe a little more stable, at rest. The Crestliner would have a slight edge in speed. Similarly equipped (same motor, etc.), prices for both boats will be close.



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