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    Ranger 391V
from max (  
1/25/2008 8:44:00 AM


 Thanks to everyone who responded to my post for info on the Stratos 22 Extreme. Based on what I read I am no longer considering that boat.

What can anyone tell me about a mid '90s model Ranger 391V? Once again, I know what to look for in a used boat, just looking for info on the model. I have never owned a Ranger or a boat older than '99 Thanks in advance.

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   excellent fishing platform from Planocat (  1/25/2008 9:25:00 AM
 One of the best fishing platforms made. Very stable, lots of storage. I've owned a 391, 392 (still have), and 393.

Downside is they are not a great riding boat and the top end will be in the low 60's. In addition, most in that era will use lots of gas as it was before the fuel efficient engines were on the scene.

But, they remain an excellent value and are pretty much bullet proof hulls.


   I agree with Planocat from Jeff Hahn  1/25/2008 10:19:00 AM
 My first real bass boat was a 1991 Ranger 390. It was a great boat and superb fishing platform. As Planocat said, it will not ride like a 522, but it's a great boat. Many Ranger officianados would say that the 390 Series were among the best models that Ranger ever made. Top speed with a 200 hp motor is the low 60's and with a 150 hp motor (common back then due to the BASS 150 hp limit) will be just shy of 60 mph.

Jeff Hahn

   Ranger 391 from slug-go (  1/25/2008 10:40:00 AM
 I cannot speak on behalf of the 391 but i own a 375 to this day. For Christmas, my wife purchased new skins (seat covers) from Ranger and they still had the appropriate colors! I am going to order new carpet from Ranger and continue to fish the dog out of it. These boats are bullet-proof as previously stated as my boat finds her way into Lake Fork on a regular basis. The service from Ranger after-the-sale has been second to none. I know there are many great boats out there but do yourself a favor and strongly consider the boat you are looking at!

   I Forgot To Mention from slug-go (  1/25/2008 10:47:00 AM
 Depending on the engine that is hung on the 391, there are some nice tips that can be learned from the "Bass & Walleye Boats" magazine that can enhance the top end. I would highly recommend a jackplate on this boat. This boat was manufactured prior to the integrated setback models now present. Also, experiment with a few different props. I run a high-pitched 4-blade small hub that has been tuned and it will snap your neck on takeoff. I placed velocity stacks and the boyeson two-stage reeds in the ol' Merc. It runs in the mid 60's GPS. Not bad for an old Ranger. I hope you find this info. helpful. Regards!

   My .02.. from Toonafish  1/25/2008 10:50:00 AM
 I have owned my 391XT for almost 2 months. I have a 200 /3.0 Rude on it and it will run 63 mph GPS with the engine sitting all the way down on the transom, full live wells and 40 gallons of gas. I just had a 10" jack plate added but haven't had a chance to run the boat yet. I am expecting to pick up at least 200-300 rpm and 3-4 mph.

I have spoken to several other owners of 390 series hulls that are getting mid-to-upper 60's with their boats. All have jackplates on them so it must make quite a difference.

As for ride, I wouldn't call the 391 a poor ride by any means, but it won't compare to some of the 21 foot boats out there. I can say, compared to my 373V, the 391 is a MUCH better ride and like other's have said above, this boat fishes better and is more stable than most other brands out there.

If it is in good shape and the engine checks out, I would go for it!


   4 Blade from Jeff Hahn  1/25/2008 10:52:00 AM
 To follow-up on slug-go's comments, Yes, a 4 blade is a definite plus on the 390 Series hulls. If you go with a jackplate, stick with a 6 incher. Anything larger will void the transom warranty.

Jeff Hahn

   391 from JoePA #10479  1/25/2008 10:56:00 AM
 Max, I have a 392, same as the 391 but a dual console, and it is like everyone says. The ride...well it depends on the driver too! Yes it's not a 522 but for a 19' boat it's doesn't do too bad either! As far as speed. I can run upper 60's all day long. I'm running a 200 Johnson with a 10" plate and 24" Tempest plus. Boat has a good holeshot, top speed and great bow lift. A 24 trophy works well too. Storage is good and plenty of room in the back for 4 batteries, charger and whatever else you can stick in there! One thing to check out is on the back lid for the batteries the fuse panel. Pull a fuse and check to see if the fue panel is corroded. Mine was and I was chasing all kinds of electrical problems till I found the panel bad. Good luck and keep us posted if you get it!


   Warranty... from Toonafish  1/25/2008 1:03:00 PM
 I checked with Scott @ Ranger and my 1997 391XT isn't covered under any warranty on the hull or transom and I would guess your's won't be either ! I went with the 10" plate.


   Great info, thanks to all who responded from max (  1/25/2008 1:08:00 PM
 Now my blood is really pumping. I guess its time I did my part to turn the economy around. Come on "W" where is my check!! Thanks again. Additional posts with info are still welcome.

   Yeah, the 391V is a fine boat... from Jon_Mac #10584  1/25/2008 7:25:00 PM

I've had mine since new in '94. Powered it with a Merc 150XRI as B.A.S.S. Federation had a 150HP limit in their tourneys at that time. No complaints at all though, as I didn't buy the boat for speed. Propped with a Quicksilver High Five...no plate...top end on a flat day is only about 58 but the hole shot with the 5 blade prop is nearly instant and it bites the turns real well.

Love my boat...would take a lot to make me part with it. Not tons of bells and whistles but a very stable, roomy boat to fish and one that I've yet to be apprehensive in in rough water. Would most definitely buy a 391V again.

Feel free to email if I can give you any more info: jonmac391v@comcast.net

Tight Lines!! John



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